Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness through Global Partnerships

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Rimma Zhukova, iEARN Russia, Local History Project, Adobe Youth Voices

Transcript of Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness through Global Partnerships

  • 1.
  • 2. The International Education and Resource Network www.iearn.org
  • 3. is a Network of educators and students from over 25,000 schools and youth organizations of 1 million students, aged 5-19 in over 125 countries
  • 4.
    • iEARN facilitates
    • teacher& student-
    • directed
    • collaborative
    • project work
  • 5.
    • iEARN demonstrates that online education can enhance teaching and learning and improve the quality of life on the planet.
  • 6. iEARN empowers Professional Development opportunity
    • Workshops
    • Online Courses
    • Annual Conference
  • 7.
  • 8. History Quotes
    • History is a symphony of echoes heard and unheard. It is a poem with events as verses. - Charles Angoff
    • If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. - Pearl Buck
    • If we forget our history, we lose the tight contact with ancient roots . - Tomas Jefferson
    • The challenge of history is to recover the past and introduce it to the present. - David Thelen
  • 9. Local history
    • is the study of history in a geographically local context and it often concentrates on the local community . It incorporates cultural and social aspects of history. (Wikipedia).
    • is a story of people and places over time. It aims to trace the origin and growth and sometimes the decay of a local community.
  • 10. Description of the project The Local History Project is a teacher&student directed collaborative project work in which students research the history of their communities and share their findings with their global peers.
  • 11. The goal of the project
    • To enhance awareness of the significance of local history to students present lives.
    • To develop research skills.
    • To form and develop academic skills, thinking, reasoning, teamwork skills.
    • To form and develop key foreign language competences and skills.
    • To develop ICT skills
  • 12. The Local History Project
    • Project classroom activities:
    • e-mail exchange; the Local History Project forum; letters, diaries and essay writing, drawing pictures and collecting photos .
    • Expected outcomes/products: creating school sites; publishing booklets; making Power Point presentations and blogs.
    • Project language(s): any; English as the language of international communication
  • 13. The Local History Project Coordinators of the project are Shukufa Najafova, Azerbaijan, Rimma Zhukova, Russia and Scott Parker, USA In the local History Project students research the history of their own town or area and post their findings on an iEARN on-line forum (newsgroup). Students practice research skills (interviews, letters, diaries and books) and gain an understanding of the significance of local history to their present lives.
  • 14. iEARN is a tool to enhance teaching through online Professional Development courses.
  • 15. ADOBE YOUTH VOICES online course is one of numerous courses offered by iEARN
  • 16.
    • is a global project that empowers youth worldwide to comment on their world using multimedia and digital tools to communicate and share their ideas, create awareness, take positive action and effect change, develops critical 21 st century skills.
  • 17. Create with purpose AYV program participating countries are Uganda, Belarus, Romania, Oman, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Poland, Russia, Argentina, USA, Slovenia, Botswana, Egypt, China, Mexico, Israel, and Bahrain.
  • 18. The goals of the 8 week on-line course are : 1. Get a full overview of the philosophy of the AYV program Create with Purpose. 2. Gain an understanding of the value and methodologies of youth media making. 3. Gain a clear understanding of the various media formats in which youth work can be created. 4. Learn about the steps and stages to facilitating effective youth media making. 5. Explore community connections for building and engaging audiences
  • 19. Why to get involved into global I*EARN project based activities? 1 . Help develop and enhance global awareness and 21 st century skills. 2 . Are important tools of motivation and keeping students interested in learning English. 3 . Are important tools to teach students to be understanding and tolerant to their global peers. 4. Let your classroom become part of global community.
  • 20. iEARN today 2,000,000 Students 26,000 Educators 125 Countries 300 Projects 30 Languages and a million of recourses to enhance teaching effectiveness www.iearn.org