Enhance performance by benchmarking your bench strength

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Executive Briefing on How to Plan for Sucess and Succession through Benchmarking Ben

Transcript of Enhance performance by benchmarking your bench strength

  • 1. Have You Benchmarked Your Bench Strength?

2. YourStrategicPlan Is in PlaceYouve carefully collaborated with your team to craft thevision, values, mission, goals, objectives and strategies 3. Have You Determined What ItWill Take To Get You There?Your Vision Requires an Adequate TalentPool, Not Just for Today, but for Tomorrow! 4. Have you determined the requisitetalent pool to get you from where youare now to where you want to be?5 5. Have YouDetermined that You Have theBench StrengthYou Need to Achieving Your Vision andGet YouFulfilling Your Mission Depends There? on Having the Right People inKey Strategic Roles 6. Do You Have Adequate Bench Strength to Get You There? http://webmail.presentationpro.com/Login.aspxHave You Benchmarked Your Bench Strength? 7. Have You Benchmarked Your Bench Strength? We refer to our bench While we benchmarkstrength in terms of great, business performancegood, adequate, strong compared to other But those terms carry little organizations, thismeaning approach doesnt work for The real question is,benchmarking humancompared to what?performance dimensions 8. How Can You Benchmark the Job? 9. To Benchmark Human PerformanceDimensions, Let the Position SpeakBy letting the position speak, our job benchmarking process enables you to assess the role to determine the behaviors, motivators, values, personal skills, competencies and taskpreferences required for superior performance 10. How to Create the Position Benchmark Identify key positions to be benchmarked Identify key stakeholders who know the position Key stakeholders complete the positionbenchmark online (with a link we provide) Review the benchmark and compare talent tothe benchmark Determine the gaps and devise a strategy forclosing them 11. Benchmarking Your Bench Strength provides solid metrics forreal performance management The Benchmark describes the performance outputs of all currentpositions against which to measure your talent pool to plan targetedcoaching and training The Benchmark identifies the requirements for new hires 12. How Will Your SuccessAs A Leader Be Measured? 13. ipsheradLe esfinDe h atWWill Your Success Be Successfully Maintained By Your Successor? 14. Benchmarking for Succession Planning Benchmarking Your Bench Strength provides a foundationfor succession planning The Benchmark provides criteria for succession planning in allkey roles By benchmarking senior roles, senior management can developsuccession plans to ensure that their success is maintained bytheir successor 15. For More InformationJob Benchmarking Tools Dr. Donald M. Carmont Dr. Shayne G. Tracy HRXL Associates Professional Development Associates drcarmont@rogers.comdrtracy@rogers.comwww.hrxl.com www.drcarmont.comwww.executivecoachworx.com Succession Planning Dr. Donald M. Carmont John SzoldHRXL Associates CEO, Planning For Succession Inc.drcarmont@rogers.com www.PlanningForSuccession.comwww.hrxl.com www.drcarmont.com jszold@PlanningForSuccession.com