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Transcript of English170 Week8 Part1

  • 1. Case Report Week 8, Part 1

2. Reminder

  • Slideshare.net/janegriffith

3. Today

  • Hand in emails
  • Case Report Introduction
  • Grammar Quiz Preparation
  • Memos returned

4. Grammar-rama

  • Agreement
  • Active/Passive

5. 4. Subject-verb agreement

    • Subject and verb must agree in gender and number
    • Subject and antecedent must agree in gender and number.

6. Subject-verb agreement:

    • The samples on the tray in the lab needs testing.
    • High levels of air pollution causes damage to therespiratory tract.

7. Subject-verb Agreement

  • Whats an indefinite pronoun?
    • Anybody
    • Anyone
    • Each
    • Either
    • Everybody
    • Neither
    • Nobody
    • No one

8. Subject-verb Agreement

    • Indefinite pronouns are treated as singular
    • Example: Each of the students has a textbook now.
    • Example: Everybody who signed up for the tours is able to go.
    • What about collective nouns?

9. More Agreement

    • Example:When someone has been drinking, they are likely to speed.
    • Example:Every runner must train rigorously if they want to excel.
    • Example:If a medical student wants to get a job, he must study every day.

10. Ways to Fix Agreement Errors

  • Replace the plural pronoun with he or she or his or her.
  • Make the antecedent plural.
  • Rewrite the sentence completely.
  • Example:
  • When someone has been drinking, he or she is likely to speed.
  • When drivers have been drinking, they are likely to speed.
  • A driver who has been drinking is likely to speed.

11. Try It!

  • Each of the students were taking the quiz at the time.
  • When a client comes to our office, we need to direct them to the secretary.
  • The report on the various schools is disconcerting.

12. Case Report

  • What is a case report?
    • Clients case file
    • Facilitys daily log
    • Case notes
    • Intake interviews

13. What is Reported?

  • Changes in behaviour (especially risk-taking, criminal, or self-harm)
  • Every step of a treatment plan
  • Justifying your own actions/decisions
  • Meeting accreditation, licensing, and legislation

14. Reporting Example

  • Page 3

15. Reporting

  • What needs to be reported?
  • What are insignificant details?
  • What is confidentiality?
  • Why must confidentiality be maintained as a family support worker?
  • Who is the audience of a case report?

16. Reports

  • Short paragraphs
  • Active voice
  • Headings
    • Parallel
    • Page 10-14
  • Bullets
    • Parallel

17. Report Writing

  • Objectivity
  • I had an appointment today with Tim. He is inappropriate and rude to me as per usual. He still cant seem to find a job and I wonder if he is even bothering to try.

18. Objectivity

  • I had an appointment today with Tim. He swore several times directly at me and grabbed my shoulder at one point (which also occurred during our last appointment, as detailed in my report from January 26). He is still unemployed and has not followed through with the two phone interviews our ministry arranged for last week. He has not attended the resume workshop on February 1.

19. Objectivity

  • 5-6

20. Active/Passive

  • Verbs: voice is either active or passive.
    • Active: subject of sentence=perfomer of verb
    • Passive: subject has something happen to it

21. Grammar-rama: Active vs Passive Voice

  • Active: The Montgomery College Board of Trustees reached a decision.
  • Passive: A decision was reached by the Montgomery College Board of Trustees.
  • Active: I hit the dog.
  • Passive: The dog was hit.

22. Active/Passive

  • Use active as much as possible except:
    • Performer is understood, unimportant, unknown
      • My car was stolen!
      • The gardens at Camosun are maintained frequently.
    • Focus is on action, not on performer
      • A silo was erected in the middle of the field today.

23. Active/Passive

  • Use active as much as possible:
    • More direct
    • Honest
    • Concise
    • Clear

24. Try These

  • Self-reliance and tolerance of difference is developed during the teenage years.
  • Important knowledge about how to get along successfully in the world was learned by having to keep my own accounts and pay rent on the pedicab.
  • I was entertained with unfamiliar stories of incidents and individuals.
  • A more tolerant and respectful view of the world was acquired because of my peddling summer.

25. Try It!

  • Page 7

26. Quiz Next Class

  • Agreement
  • Active/passive

27. Persona