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  • 1. Created by Javier Burgos Contractions Hes Theyre Isnt cant

2. is not will am are Tryit! have 3. am 4. I a m nice. Imnice. 1 2 3 1 2 5. I a m nice. Imnice. 6. I a m nice. Imnice. 7. is 8. Heisbig. Hesbig. 1 2 3 1 2 9. Heisbig. Hesbig. 1 2 10. Itisred. Itsred. 11. Sheishome. She ishome. 12. Sheishome. She home. is 13. Sheishome. She home. is 14. Sheishome. She home. is 15. Sheishome. She home. is 16. Sheishome. She home. is 17. isSheishome. Shes home. 18. HeisHes sheisshes Itis Its 19. whereis thereis theres hereis wheres heres whenis whens 20. not 21. Hecannotgo. Hecantgo. 22. He can not go. He can not go. 23. He can He can not go. not go. 24. He can He can not go. not go. 25. He can not go. He can not go. 26. He can not go. He can not go. 27. He can not go. He can not go. 28. He can not go. He can not go. 29. He can not go. He can not go. 30. He can not go. He can not go. 31. not go. He cant He can not go. 32. not go. He cant He can not go. 33. go. He cant He can not go. 34. will not wont 35. are 36. Theyarenice. Theyrenice. 37. We are smart. We are smart. 38. We are smart. We are smart. 39. We are smart. We are smart. 40. We are smart. We re smart. 41. We are smart. We re smart. 42. We are smart. We re smart. 43. We are smart. We re smart. 44. We are smart. We re smart. 45. Youarecute. Yourecute 46. will 47. Hewillrunfast. Hellrunfast. 48. Theywill Theyll 49. Iwill Ill 50. wewill shewill youwill well shell youll 51. have 52. Theyhavegone. Theyhave gone. Theyvegone. 53. Ihave Ive wehave weve Youhave Youve 54. isnt Icandoit. Canyou ? 1- 10 11- 20 21- 30 55. A B C Theywillgohome. Theylgohome. Theyllgohome. Theyllgohome. 56. A B C Heisaniceboy. Hesaniceboy. Hesaniceboy. Hesisaniceboy. 57. A B C Itisnotright. Itisnotright. Itisnotright. Itisntright. 58. A B C Weareinthecar. Wereinthecar. Wereinthecar. Wreinthecar. 59. A B C Iaminmychair. Iaminmychair. Iminmychair. Iainmychair. 60. A B C Sheisatschool. Shesisatschool. Shesatschool. Shes atschool. 61. A B C Theyareatschool. Thereatschool. Theyreatschool. Theyreatschool. 62. A B C Itisonthetable. Itsonthetable. Itisonthetable. Itsonthetable. 63. A B C Weareatschool. Wereatschool. Wereatschool. Wreatschool. 64. A B C Ihaveabigtoy. Iveabigtoy. Iaveabigtoy. Ihaveabigtoy. 65. A B C Ihavebeenlate . Ivebeenlate. Iavebeenlate. Ihavebeenlate. 66. A B C Theywillgotoo. Thellgotoo. Theyllgotoo. Theylgotoo. 67. A B C Hewilldoit. Heldoit. Heilldoit. Helldoit. 68. A B C Sheisnothere. Sheisnthere. Sheisnthere. Sheisnthere. 69. A B C Sheisnothere. Shesnothere. Shesnthere. Shesnothere. 70. A B C Wearenice. Weenice. Werenice. Wearenice. 71. A B C Hewillgofirst. Hillgofirst. Helgofirst. Hellgofirst. 72. A B C Theywillnotgo. Theywillntgo. Theywontgo. Theywontgo. 73. A B Iamgoinghome. Amgoinghome. Imgoinghome. Imgoinghome. C 74. B Theyarenothome. Theyarenthome. Theyarenthome. Theyarethome. A C 75. A Theyarenothome. Theyrenothome. Theyarenothome. Theryrenothome. B C 76. Wewillgonow. Wellgonow. Welgonow. Willgonow. A B C 77. Sheissmart. Shessmart. Shessmart. Shessmart. A B C 78. Isitnotnicetoday? Isitntnicetoday? Isntitnice today? Isntitnicetoday? A B C 79. Whereisthecar? Whersthecar? Whereisthecar? Wheresthecar? A B C 80. Whenisrecess? Whensrecess? Whensrecess? Whesrecess? A B C 81. Thatisallfornow. Thatsallfornow. Thatntallfornow. Thatsallfornow. A B C 82. Whereisthedog? Wheresthedog? Whereisthedog? Whersthedog? A B C 83. Whenistheparty? Wherestheparty? Whenstheparty? Whenrstheparty? A B C 84. Sheisnothappy. SheInthappy. Sheisnthappy. Sheisnthappy. A B C 85. Wewillhavefun. Wewillavefun. Willhavefun. Wellhavefun. A B C 86. Heistall. Hestall. Heistall. Heisstall. A B C 87. WhereisBill? WheresBill? WheresBill? WhereesBill? A B C 88. Thatwillbetheday. Thatlbetheday. Thatllbetheday. Thallbetheday. A B C 89. Hewillnotgo. Hewilltgo. Hewantgo. Hewontgo. A B C 90. Yes ! 91. Lookagain No ! no no 92. Hopeyouhadfun !