Engage! MSLGROUP Employee Survey Infographic

Engage! MSLGROUP Employee Survey Infographic
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We recently asked our employees what they think of us and learnt that 92% are ready to go the extra mile and that 78% are proud to work with us. Read more about what makes MSLGROUP a great place to work.

Transcript of Engage! MSLGROUP Employee Survey Infographic

  • 1. PeopleStrategicMeticulousSocialAgnosticMobilityEngagementTeamworkLearningUnboundStorytellers GlobalPassionPleThinkersLeadersand We Love What We DoWhat do our people think of us?Results fromour annual employeeengagement survey:75% participated in 201378% are proud to be85% participated in 2014at MSLGROUP And Heres WhyEntrepreneurial74%feel encouragedto innovateSpirit agile92%are willing to gobeyond therequirements oftheir job77%say performanceis recognizedRomain Vezirian | Senior Digital Account Supervisor, USA82%feel they haveI've been a part of MSLGROUP since 2009 and thesehave been the best years of my career. Here,management helps young professionals reach theirgoals and share ideas - it's an amazing experience.Diversityat Workopportunities to workon interesting andchallenging projects74%believe teamworkand cooperationare recognized86%sayMSLGROUPembraces diversitycreativePankaj Desai | Senior Vice President, CREATIVE+, IndiaI feel extremely honoured to be a part of a group that isdriven by its vision and mission. The creativity, thedynamic mix of expertise from across the world, thetrust factor, the freedom to chase ones beliefs all makeit a great organization to work for.idea100+ employeesgot to experience a short-term,mid-term or long-term transferin the last 12 monthsGlobalInspirationBatrice Seguin | Planner, BrazilWorkwith UsInspiringWorkplaceAwardsUSA INDIAin USA, India,Sweden in 20142014 Employee Engagement Survey conducted by MercerReputationSSE EmployerImageBarometer 2013SWEDENwww.mslgroup.comWe arePassionPerformancePromiseCreativeUnboundValueValueValueValueTrustedGlobalGlobalDiversity Fair-PlaySocialAlways-OnAlways-OnFuturistsMeticulousInsightsPurPlePurPlePur-CitizenshipGrowthGrowthSocietySocietySocietyChannel-AgnosticChannel-IntegratedDigitalMobile ContentMobileContentDevelopmentCollaborationInnovationEntrepreneurshipNimbleNimbleMultitudesDoersDoersDoersDoersDoersFamilyFamilyFamilyFamilyBusinessAt MSLGROUP, no matter where you are working, youwill benefit from a huge network, which will help you toshare pitches, news, ideas, and solutions in youreveryday work. It enriches a lot. Erasing boundaries.Enhancing the collaborative culture.Check out what our employees are up to on Pinterest Stay in touch for our current vacanciesTWB-MSLGROUP MSLGROUP/Careers