Enabling Africa Innovation to shape Africa’s Future

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2. Enabling African Innovation to Shape Africas Future Mark Rotter Operations Director Microsoft 4AfrikaInnovationWorld-Class SkillsAfrica Com Cape TownNovember, 2013Affordable Access 1 3. Sustainable Investment2 4. INNOVATION Smart applications, for Africa, by AfricansWORLD-CLASS SKILLS World-class skills for employability & entrepreneurshipYouthSMEsAFFORDABLE ACCESS Devices for consumers and relevant web services for SMEs 3 5. What do I look for ? Connection : How does this tie stuff together in a simple way ?Outcomes : How will this drive outcomes sustainably ?10s of millions of devices into the hands of African youth 1M African SMEs onlineRelevance & Impact : Answers the So What ?Execution : Ready with double and triple clicks.200k People trained for employability 4 6. Innovation Smart applications, for Africa, by AfricansDevCamps, incubator & hub partnerships~90 new African apps per monthGoal: Bring to market and help African startups monetize their innovations and ideas, and allow them to make the right connection with investors.5 7. What does a 4Afrika supported Startup look like?Innovation & Relevance Innovative idea, in line with fast growing sectors: Technology Health Education Agriculture Consumer Youth SMEBusiness Growth PotentialInspirationalA clear business model, with an addressable market:An inspiring story to other startups Drives new device sales in the 1st year Appeals to local audience Uses cloud services on the backend In existence for a min. of 1 year Annual return less than < $ 1Million Potential of commercialization in foreign markets, and minimal amount of active clients Inspires regionally and beyond Unique innovation Able to attract local and foreign investment 8. Problem Statement: Despite significant investments in drugs, health workers, and infrastructure, health indicators are worsening or stagnating. . because of poor management of resources. Solution : A national health systems management solution for 5K clinics KenyaImpact: Real-time transparency into $1B of government and donor drugs budget Save 30-60 hours of nurses time per year, per clinic => $5M Eliminate $18M of drugs overstock Minimizes commodities waste, estimated at $40M per year Material impact on patient care and outcomesMicrosoft Impact: Increases device access at clinic level, more in the ecosystem Drives cloud usage Technical support health worker jobs Total alignment with national objectiveDevelopment 11/19/2013ProcurementDeployment 4Afrika Top Apps 7 9. Enabling African Innovation to Shape Africas Future Thank you! Questions ?8