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  • 1.Allanah King Launching Learning with iPADs

2. Teacher Blended eLearning Facilitator Early adopter Photographer Geocacher Learner Apple Distinguished Educator Google Certified Teacher Blogger 3. What do you already do? 4. Knowing what app to use and when to use it. How to combine apps effectively to create and share learning. https://sites.google.com/site/initialipadsetup/tutorials Learning New Things in New Ways 5. The Still Camera 6. The Video Camera 7. Pic Collage to Blog Work Flow 8. Puppet Pals 9. Explain Everything 10. Vimeo 11. Book Creator 12. Join the VLN iPad Group 13. Reflector 14. Monarch http://www.flickr.com/photos/puuikibeach/ Our Batak House- Jane Ross ADE https://twitter.com/janeinjava Heritage photo of kids with iPads http://blogs.clc.co.nz/LearningStyles/archive/2012/06/07/class-size-and-the (unsourced) SAMR Model: Ruben Puentedura: http://www.hippasus.com/rrpweblog/ Explain Everything Example : http://www.vln.school.nz/profile/Shona.Poppe Allanahs Apps Web Site https://sites.google.com/site/initialipadsetup/ Attribution 15. Allanah King CORE EDUCATION Ph 021 688 142 allanah.king@core-ed.org Twitter : allanahk Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike