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Work is something you do, not a place you go: flexible working means creating a a workplace model that enables communication and collaboration regardless of location or device.Done well, flexible working creates sustainable competitive advantage in the form of top talent retention and a reduction in the fixed-cost for property.

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  • 1. Enabling Productive Flexi Working 1

2. An End-to-end Challenge Functionality Serviceability TECHNOLOGYReliability Performance AttitudesCommunity CULTURE Visibility Development Measurement Management PROCESSOccupationalMotivation Health Fundamental shift to an outcomes-based culture Work is something you do, not a place you go Flexible working disassociation of job from location 2 3. Drivers & Approaches ITHuman Resources Property Self-ProductivityWorkforce Passive workplaceActive workplaceRetention Optimisation Optimisation Complimentary to full Flexible working Privacy & focus option Mandated, invested office facilitiescapabilityin shared workplaces office extension / DR (ie. hot desking)3 4. How We Got Here?Remote Access Hot Desking Flexi-working ExtendedWorkplaceProperty Workplace OptimisationOptimisationFormal, effectiveHumanFlexibleResources Workplaces StrategicInformation Worker ObjectivesTechnologyMobility Alignment4 5. Flexible Working Is Not Remote AccessNon-Mobile CasualSemi-Mobile Highly Mobile Multi-LocationStaticDay Extender Office-Office RoadwarriorTeleworker On SiteHome or AboutVarious Sites Everywhere On Site or HomeOccasional Use Routine Routine > 1 day/wk Remote Access Hot Desks Remote Access TeleworkSolution ExperienceBusiness HomogenousSeamlessObjective SimpleFlexibleEquipped Deterministic Accommodating Enabled Robust Inclusive Empowered 5 6. The Tools That Flexi-workers Need On-Site Teams Face-to- Meeting WhiteAppsRepository Email Voice LocalFaceRooms boards Network Distributed Teams Face-to- Meeting WhiteApps RepositoryEmail Voice AudioVideoScreen Presence IM Expertise CollaborationLocalInter-SiteFaceRooms boardsConferenceShareTools NetworkNetwork Remote Workers Apps RepositoryEmail Voice AudioVideoScreen Presence IM Expertise CollaborationLocalSecure MobilityConferenceShareTools Network Access EnablementLocalBasic Virtual ConnectivityCollaborationCommunication Collaboration 6 7. Key Technologies Secure MobilityApplications Access Connectivity for Enablement Installation,Configuration& SupportVideo Presence Sharing Tools Collaboration for Productivity and Effectiveness7 8. Collaboration is Critical8 9. Broad Solution SetsBroadband SecurityDeviceApplication CollaborationWired / less Cloud (None) Private CloudSoft ClientPrivate VPN ClientBYODLocal (Personal)HandsetReimbursedAppliance COPELocal (Corporate) Terminal Corporate TerminalVDI / VXIIndependent123 4 5 PrivateCorporate? / BYOD9 10. Best Practice Perspective Collaboration Toolset / Strategy Voice Email PresenceIMVideo Collaboration Expertise ToolsUC AppsCustomerLaptop UserVirtual Desktop User with VDI BackpackBroadband Appliance Wifi PhoneVoiceVideo AppsInstalledManaged Chair 10 11. Anticipated Experience Same workflow / productivity capabilityVideo Presence CollaborationVideo Presence Collaboration Tools ToolsSame number & profileExtension MobilitySame wireless network details Seamless AssociationHome Always-on access to Corporate NetworkHome No special setups / login / adapters / cables Remote Workspace Touchdown Station 11 12. Top Flexi-working TipsClarify your drivers, objectives and outcomes Identify Teleworkable functions Determine capability & self-sufficiency ofusers [= Support]Align required the business experience tosolution sets Protect sustained employee engagementCollaboration Everywhere.Teleworkers are team members too Flexible Working > Teleworking > Remote Access12