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No, we are not E-Harmony.com for employment but, maybe we are? We are the E-Harmony for real people seeking real jobs from employers really seeking to hire. That is what we is! Yup! That is the ticket. In this issue, over 50% of the ads say call or come in person...Don't delay...don't snooze because they are going fast!


  • 18 FEB 2014


    Pizza Cooks Dough Pressers / Kitchen Prep Expeditors Greeters / Cashiers / Runners Shift Supervisors APPLY IN PERSON Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at our New Restaurant in CityScape - 11 West Washington Street in Phoenix - Next to Urban Outfitters

    NEED TO EDUCATE YOURSELF: www.pizzastudio.com

  • Eurest Dining Services, a member of Compass Group, is seeking a dedicated individual to work in a fast paced corporate dining environment that offers great quality of life. Position is full time, pay based on experience. Requires a reliable, can do attitude. EXP preferred. Full benefits available. Email of fax resume to 623.492.7657. (NORTH-WEST PHX LOCATION) ================================================================== CANTEEN ROUTE DRIVER JOB Primary responsibility is to enhance customer relations through professional, friendly customer service while you maintain working, well stocked, and clean vending machines on a pre-designated route. The driver is responsible for making machine collections, put those collections into company vehicle safe and bring back to branch office where they are counted and deposited. This person is responsible for keeping company vehicle properly stocked, completing their route within their normally scheduled hours, keeping vehicle properly maintained, and obeying all traffic laws. The driver is also responsible for accurate recording of information. Valid drivers license (standard operators license) - Ability to operate a two or four wheeled hand-truck. - Excellent customer service skills and organizations skills -

  • Able to work independently, responsible for route, work unsupervised 98% of the work day - Understands importance of meeting deadlines and commitments - Speak English well enough for basic communication - Must be able to work typical route typical day could be 12 - 13 hours, depending on schedule of stops and machines to service. - Must pass background check, driver's license check and drug test (CDL license not required. http://jobs.compassgroupcareers.com ================================================================

    FOR IMMEDIATE CONSIDERATION CALL JEFF (GM) @ 530-301-9111 TO SET UP AN INTERVIEW. MAHALO! $13-$15 depending on position and

    experience, per hour plus meal comps. You can speed up the hiring process by sprucing yourself up, educate yourself, get out their to see Jeff. MUST HAVE open availability and can get to work on time - if in doubt, please stay home.

    CASHIERS: 1-2 years fast paced restaurant experience required. We are looking for fun, upbeat people with outgoing personalities to fill these positions. While every position is important to our success as a team, this position is considered very important to the restaurant. We are NOT just looking for someone to enter orders and take payment. Open availability between (10:30a.m -9:30p.m), 7 days a week is a must. Apply in person @ 16640 N. Scottsdale Rd. -suite 103- Scottsdale, AZ 85254 ==================================================================


    We are looking for experienced COOKS. Apply in person at The All American Burger in The Metro Center Mall food court.

  • HIRING EXPERIENCED COOKS We are looking for candidates with open or flexible availability. Experience as line cook in a steakhouse and/or fine dining environment is required. Apply IN PERSON @ Steak 44 - Tuesday February 18-February 20 - 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. at 5101 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85018


    HIRING WALKING BEER VENDORS FOR THE NASCAR WEEKEND AT PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MARCH 1-2. Do not need to send your resume. Please list any prior vending, sales, serving, labor, marketing, promotional experience you have. The job pays a CASH Commission plus CASH TIPS. Our current vendors who return each race make $200+ and have a great time doing so. This job is not for everyone and requires you to get out and hustle but the pay and the experience are phenomenal. Please visit our company website at www.worknascar.com and click on the link to the NASCAR information and read through the info. After you have read through the website and can self qualify you can send me an email with "PIR NASCAR" as the subject and let me know if you can want to work Saturday, Sunday or both days. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of receipt of your email. If you do have any questions please email them to me at angela@emsvending.com. =================================================================

    CHECK US OUT AT WWW.GRASSROOTSAZ.COM TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCT. Looking for experienced servers with at least 2 years of high end full-service dining to join our team. Must be able to work weekdays and weekends. 20th & Camelback in the Town & Country Shopping Center (Next to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Chris Bianco's Italian Restaurant). 2119 E Camelback Road - Phoenix, AZ 85016. Please apply in person between 2pm-4pm. No resumes sent will be responded to. We like to meet candidates.

  • www.hmshost.com

    CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TIPSTER: Listen up! THEY NEVER PULL APPLICATIONS FROM THEIR WEBSITE UNLESS YOU ARE THE IRON CHEF AND ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE; doesnt mean that they will hire you thenthey may just want to see what is wrong with you. You need to bite the bullet on this if you want this job and really GO OLD SCHOOL after you apply online, look up their HR Office over at TERMINAL THREE at Sky Harbour Airport, and get yourself spruced up in your best AZ Casual Clothes (Trim any facial hair or shavethey are nice people but, they are old school too) and go over and introduce yourself while asking them to pull your application. If you impress them with your personality, availability and your motivation, they will. One last thing, UMOM Campers already know this but, if they hire you, it is based upon how you answer one question (both in what you say but, also, in how you say it). The question ties into motivation for the prep cooks, cashiers, hosts and a combination of motivation tied into you skill set (experience here counts) for the productions cooks and Baristas. You need to go over there with you A Game or do not waste the trip! The reason why you may want to do this can be found at www.hmshost.com.

    TIPSTER: You will not see the actual position posted on the website, apply to the closest one available THEN, when you go visit their HR OFFICE at terminal #3(YOU ARE GOING OVER, RIGHT?) have a list of the positions that you applied for. Tell this way I was interest in _____ position @ _______but, I am open to other opportunities that might be open or that you feel that I would be a better fit? DO NOTDO NOT REPLY ANYTHING!

  • That will take from a serious hero to zero with them. Remember if you dont come across as serious about doing a specific job, specifically for them, then they will not do anything for you. By using the above script you show that you are serious but flexibleI know that it is playing games with words but, it is important in how you say this.

    TIPSTER: If you have not already been to ONET to properly pad your killer resume with key words, phrases and to insure that you are showing ALL of the skills and abilities you havethen REALLY do it and reform your resume to include all thisUnless, you goy Old Lady Luck riding with you today If she isbuy some lotto tickets coming back. http://www.onetonline.org/ 35-2014.00 COOKS, RESTAURANT http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/2/35-2014.00?s=cook 35-3021.00 COMBINED FOOD PREPARATION - SERVING WORKERS & FAST FOOD http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/9/35-3021.00?s=cook 35-2011.00 COOKS, FAST FOOD http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/1/35-2011.00?s=cook 35-2015.00 COOKS, SHORT ORDER http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/5/35-2015.00?s=cook 35-3022.00 COUNTER ATTENDANTS, CAFETERIA, CONCESSION -COFFEE SHOP http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/12/35-3022.00?s=cook 35-9021.00 DISHWASHERS http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/11/35-9021.00?s=cook 41-2011.00 CASHIERS http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/3/41-2011.00?s=cashier%20fast%20food 35-9031.00 HOSTS AND HOSTESSES, RESTAURANT, LOUNGE, AND COFFEE SHOP http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/16/35-9031.00?s=cashier%20fast%20food -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    CURRENT OPENINGS NOTE: Must be able to pass a felony background check to get the required airport badge. Go Here to see what they requirements are - DON'T ASSUME...KNOW! http://skyharbor.com/about/securitybadging.html

  • COOKS AND HOST/HOSTESS POSITIONS Open availability and previous experience.$8.50-$12.00/hr. Olive & Ivy restaurant at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Th