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2. Empire Magazine-A British film magazinewhich is funded by theBauer Consumer Media-Their first issue wasreleased in July 1989-Sold monthly 3. Items that Empire haveincluded in this issue;Date Price Enticing textImages fromMastheaddifferent filmsWebsite Long Shot image of theCentral piece of main character in the filmtext that has thethat the magazine is mainlylargest font about (in this issue) Smaller Extras that headline come in the issue Barcode 4. Date & PriceThis is displayed on the front coverso that the customer can establishhow old the issue is and determinewhether they want to buy it or not.The price is given in pounds and USdollars as Empire is a British madefilm magazine but will also beprinted in America making itpopular over there too. 5. MastheadThis masthead is recognisablemany people as it is used on everysingle Empire front cover anduses the iconic Empire bold redcolour. Empire is so wellestablished that they dont need todisplay the full title, like the imageto the left, as people know themagazine and its title even withthe P missing. 6. Long Shot ImageThis illustrates to the customer that thischaracter is going to be the focus of thisissue. Also it is an eye catching image asthe character is wearing a shiny red andyellow suit which stands out drawingpeople to the magazine to have a lookand encouraging the Iron Man fans tobuy this issue. 7. Smaller HeadlineThis smaller headline is eye catchingalthough it is written using a smaller fontbecause it is bordered with a red circlemaking it jump out of the page more.Steven King is written using a white font asto make it stand out against the redbackground and to make this issue toappeal to his fans 8. BarcodeThis is an important item to have onthe front cover of the magazine as itidentifies the magazine when it isbeing paid for. If this was not hereEmpire would not receive anyprofits 9. ExtrasThe extras are listed using shortsnappy sentences such as AngelinaJolie hunts Oscar to briefly outlineother stories in this issue, but wordingthen using interesting, inquisitivelanguage.By writing Plus! it makes it seem likethe customer will be buying more fortheir money which encourages theirpurchase 10. Largest & most central piece of textThis technique is mainly used to encourage the fans ofIron Man to purchase this issue. By centralising thelargest piece of font it instantly draws the customersattention to it and then encourages then to read thetext that surrounds this. 11. Images from other filmsThis instantly adds more colour to the pagemaking the cover more appealing to look at. Alsowhen people see images of their favouritecharacters/ stars on the cover of a magazine theyfeel more inclined to buy it so that they can learnabout the new films that are coming out/ moreabout the actor. 12. Enticing textClaiming that in this issue there will be thefirst look at next summers new filmsmakes this magazine sound like the bestfilm magazine currently available as it isclaiming to have the exclusive knowledgeof next years film releases. Thisencourages a keen cinema goer to readthis magazine so that they know when alltheir favourite actors films are released/film sequels are released. 13. H OW I W I L L A DA P T T H E S E T E C H N I QU E S T O M Y OW N F I L M M AG A Z I N E I will make sure that I have at least one of every technique that Ihave written about above to ensure that my film magazine is of a highquality, encourages people to want to buy it and give them importantinformation.