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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. What is “ Emotional Intelligence and Why Does it Matter? . EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEFINITION - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Africa Now and After


What is Emotional Intelligence and Why Does it Matter? EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEFINITION emotional intelligence refers to the capacity for recognition our feelings and those of others for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions well in ourselves (Colemen 1998)/

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEFINITION The ability , the capacity, skills and self perceived ability to assess and manage ones emotions and those of others and the group


The complex ability to regulate our impulses, empathise with others and be resilient in the face of difficulties .

The amount of communication between the rational and emotional centres of the brain .The 4 steps and Skills of Emotional Intelligence

4 componentsSELF AWARENESS & SELF REGULATIONSELF MOTIVATIONSOCIAL AWARENESSSOCIAL SKILLSSELF AWARENESS- know thyselfKnowing ones internal state, preferences, resources and intuitionsEmotional awareness- recognizing ones emotions and their effects Independence- the ability to be self directed and self controlled in your thinking and actionsSELF AWARENESS -Know thyselfAssertiveness- ability to clearly express your thoughts and feelings, stand your ground and defend your positionSelf regard- ability to appreciate your perceived positive aspects and possibilities, as well as accept your negative aspects and limitationsFeel good about yourself- no arrogance

SELF AWARENESSSelf actualization- ability to realise your potentials, becoming involved in pursuits that lead to rich, meaningful lifeOpen to candid feedback, new perspectives, continuous learning and self developmentSELF REGULATIONSelf control- managing disruptive emotions and impulses and keeping them in checkTrustworthinessAdaptability- flexibility in handling changeTaking personal responsibilitySELF MOTIVATIONAchievement driven- striving to meet or improve a standard of excellenceCommitment and aligning with the goals of the organizationReadiness to act on initiativesOptimism- persistence in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacksSOCIAL AWARENESSEmpathy- skill at sensing other peoples emotions, understanding their perspective and taking active interest in their concernsPolitical/ organizational awareness- ability to read the organization's emotional currents and power relationshipsSOCIAL AWARENESSService orientation- ability to recognise and meet customers needsDeveloping others- sending what orders need to develop

4.SOCIAL SKILLS- managing othersVisionary leadership- the ability to take charge& provide compelling leadershipHave influenceCommunication- ability to listen and send clear, convincing and well tuned messagesChange catalyst- ability to initiate new ideas and lead team to a new directionSOCIAL SKILLSConflict management- ability to de escalate disagreements and orchestrate resolutionsBuilding bonds and teams- nurture instrumental relationships

CAN IT BE LEARNTTIPS AND CREATING THE CULTUREDevelop a learning organizationSet clear goalsBreak goals into manageable stepsPractice what you learn and readReceive feedbackLearn the art of listeningTips.An emotionally intelligent organization- no disparity between the values it proclaims and those it livesOptimism- the driving force behind emotional intelligenceQuotesEmotional intelligence is not about being emotional, its about being smart with your emotions

it is not the strongest of the species who survive, nor the most intelligent, but those who are most adaptive to change -Charles Darwin


THE TOP TEN Characteristics of an effective manager, personality, behavioural skills and innovative techniques Confident, professional and approachable Committed, creative and compassionateDecisive, courageous and responsive (not reactive) integrity earns rather than demands respectListens and maximises power of observationsEffective communicators skilled in verbal and non verbal languages.A motivator inspires creativity and achievement sets expectations: insists on civility, accountability and performance Delegates with confidence, keeps staff engaged and recognises achievementA role model always consistent and Walks the Talk

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