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    1300 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30322 Tel: 404-727-8106

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    Table of Contents Goizueta Business School BBA Program Staff

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    Admission 6 • Application Process 9 • Prerequisite Courses 10 • General Education Requirements 10 • Pre-BBA Advising 11

    The Goizueta BBA Program Curriculum 13 • BBA Requirements 13 • Primary Area Depths 14

    o Accounting 14 o Finance 15 o Information Systems & Operations Management 16 o Marketing 18 o Strategy & Management Consulting 19

    • Secondary Area Depths 21 o Analytic Consulting 21 o Business & Society 22 o International Business 23 o Real Estate 23

    • Concentrations 25 • BBA Dual Degree Programs 28

    o BBA/MPA 27 o BBA/MSBA o BBA/Engineering

    28 29

    o BBA + QSS Co-Major 29 Course Descriptions 31 Academic Standards 59 Academic Procedures 60 Honors and Awards 66 BBA Life and Leadership 70

    • Clubs and Activities 72 • Orientation 75 • International Programs 77 • Ski Trip 77 • Case Competitions 77

    BBA Career Management Center 78 Goizueta Business Library 78 Financial Information 79 Academic Calendar 81

    Emory University is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce and complies with all applicable Federal and Georgia State laws, regulations, and executive orders regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action in admissions, educational programs and employment. Emory University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, genetic information, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and veteran’s status.

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    BBA MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Goizueta BBA program is to help our students grow intellectually, personally, and professionally so that they feel enabled, empowered, and motivated to make significant positive contributions to the organizations they serve and to society as a whole. SYNTHESIS and ANALYSIS Students will be able to integrate the functional areas of business in analyzing and solving business problems. POSITIVE IMPACT in ORGANIZATIONS Students will be able to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. GLOBAL WORLDVIEW Students will acquire a broadened world perspective. ROLE OF BUSINESS in SOCIETY Students will consider traditional business objectives in the context of community and environmental impact. LEADERSHIP Students will develop as professionals through cognitive, emotional, behavioral and relational growth.

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    BBA PROGRAM STAFF (As of May 2018)

    Andrea Hershatter Senior Associate Dean, BBA Program Director [email protected] 404-727-8106 Libby Egnor Associate Dean [email protected] 404-727-6926 Jessica Lowy Assistant Dean [email protected] 404-727-2713 Jeremy Billetdeaux Director, International Programs [email protected] 404-727-4294 Tina Giannakopoulos Director of BBA Operations [email protected] 404-727-5116 Anna Gibbons Director, BBA Admissions [email protected] 404-727-2972 Jane Hershman Director, BBA Career Management Center [email protected] 404-727-4784 Sarah Leist Associate Director, BBA Career Management Center [email protected] 404-727-5164 Kamile Lister Assistant Director, BBA Career Management Center [email protected] 404-727-8332

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    Danielle Mitchell-Damron Associate Director, Student Life and Engagement [email protected] 404-727-3433 Kelsey Parker Assistant Director, Student Affairs [email protected] 404-727-7014 Jennifer Ross Associate Director, Programming & Outreach [email protected] 404-727-2468 Asia Waller Recruiting Manager, BBA Career Management Center [email protected] April Wells Administrative Assistant/Admission Coordinator [email protected] 404-727-6926

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    Before you can decide if you want to join us, you need to know who we are. Our program consists of approximately 800 juniors and seniors who are continuing students from Emory and Oxford Colleges. Although we have our own distinctive identity, we are very much a part of Emory and share its vision and intellectual focus. What sets us apart as a professional school is that our courses center on understanding the key functions that take place inside organizations and how they impact, and are impacted by, the external environment in which they operate. Our professional orientation does not mean that all of our students have figured out what they want to be when they grow up. We know you are destined to accomplish great things, even if you have not determined your exact goals. Whether your vision for the future is in sharp focus or is still a little blurred, you will find students with similar aspirations in our community. Some of your future classmates have already planned their first career move, and possibly ones that will follow. Other prospective BBA students have absolutely no idea what they will be doing next year, or even next week. Many BBAs find themselves headed in the direction of medicine, law, politics, or the non-profit arena. Whatever path you eventually choose, the BBA program will give you an approach to problem solving and a methodology for making things happen. Of course, the business school isn't for everyone. Our curriculum is rigorous and all students are expected to come to class prepared to make meaningful contributions. Being one of us means showing you are willing to take on challenges, push yourself intellectually, and take some risks. It means doing well in freshman and sophomore classes and getting involved. If this description fits you, then the BBA program may be just what you are seeking. We invite you to take a closer look.

    APPLICATION PROCESS Our program is open to students continuing from Emory or Oxford Colleges. You are eligible to enter the BBA Program once you have earned enough credit hours to have junior standing and have completed the pre-requisites for the program. We accept applications in the semester prior to the one in which you intend to enroll. Your college record serves as a predictor of success and admission will be based on academic performance as well as leadership and engagement. In addition to seeking students with strong academic records overall, we select candidates who display academic aptitude for BBA coursework by strong performance in business pre-admission courses and who show evidence of leadership promise through involvement in diverse activities and strong letters of recommendation. You are eligible to enter the BBA Program once you have successfully attained junior standing based on your academic credit hours earned and have completed the pre-requisites for the program. You must have 56 credit hours for Spring (early) admission, and 60 credit hours for Fall admission, exclusive of PE, Health, and PACE. We accept applications in the semester prior to the one in which you intend to enroll. You may be enrolled in pre-requisite coursework at the time of application.

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    APPLICATION The BBA Program Application consists of an application form, an essay, a resume, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and one non-academic/service recommendation. We also require official, hard-copy transcripts from all institutions attended outside of Emory or Oxford. Essay topic: The BBA Program seeks students who are fully engaged in the Goizueta community and who are committed to upholding our values as set forth in the BBA Creed. Through your essay, we hope to gain an understanding of the ways in which you have laid a foundation for this during your time at Emory or Oxford College. In preparation for your essay, please read the BBA Creed below. Please choose one of the seven creed values and reflect upon its importance to you and how you have demonstrated this value during your time at Emory/Oxford. “We in business have an obligation to give something back to the communities that support us. That includes serving as an example as the way relations among people should be conducted.”—Roberto C. Goizueta The Goizueta BBA Creed is a student-driven and enacted statement depicting who we aspire to be as individuals and as a community. Members of the BBA community hold each other accountable to these principles as we pursue intellectual, professional, and personal excellence. As members of this community, we believe: RESPECT is believing that all community members are equally valuable. We pledge to honor the rights, dignity, and property of all people and to recognize the significance of each individual’s thoughts and experiences by giving each other our time, patience, and optimism. SCHOLARSHIP is the honest pursuit of knowledge. We honor curious learning and believe intellect and innovation to be valuable tools. Therefore, we are eager to stretch our capacities, embrace challenges, and continuously learn from faculty, professionals, peers, and ourselves. INTEGRITY is taking ownership of our actions, striving to be moral individuals, and having the conviction and character to stand up for our beliefs. We believe honesty, compassion, and honor are the foundations of successful group work and