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Transcript of EMBA- business communities, attracting distinguished guest speakers and business leaders. Global...

  • EMBA-Global Graduating class of 2021

  • “The EMBA-Global programme gave me the academic knowledge that I was missing, even after 10 years of experience in international roles as an entrepreneur, a management consultant and a department manager. When walking into the programme, every single hour that we spent in class opened my mind and helped me look at things in a different way.”

    Florent Breton (EMBA-Global Americas & Europe), Senior Manager, North America Business Operations, Tesla

    | 2 EMBA-Global | Graduating class of 2021

  • The world-leading EMBA-Global programme is designed for experienced professionals who seek to develop the skills, knowledge and networks to operate as successful global leaders anywhere in the world.

    Global reach The EMBA-Global programme has two streams. EMBA-Global Americas & Europe is offered in London and New York by London Business School (LBS) and Columbia Business School (CBS). EMBA- Global Asia extends the programme’s reach to Hong Kong and Shanghai, with the addition of the University of Hong Kong to the partnership.

    Global perspectives The content and delivery of EMBA-Global means that the programme is truly worldwide and significantly different from other top Executive MBA programmes. Taught by internationally renowned faculty, students benefit from unique insights and gain a truly international perspective. Each school takes advantage of its location to draw upon the surrounding business communities, attracting distinguished guest speakers and business leaders.

    Global format The programme format is designed to allow students to balance their academic commitments with demanding careers and busy personal lives. In part one, core classes are taught in four- or five-day concentrated teaching periods, alternating monthly between campuses. This allows students to fully immerse themselves in the learning and networking opportunities of the host city. In part two, EMBA- Global students have access to the electives of all three schools, enabling them to customise their learning to their interests and organisational goals.

    Global network The EMBA-Global programme gives global business leaders a unique opportunity to learn with and from an extraordinarily high-calibre and diverse cohort. Both EMBA-Global streams include a wide range of nationalities, industries and cultures, enabling all participants to develop a broader global perspective and foster professional relationships and networks around the world.

    EMBA-Global Graduating class of 2021

    Class profile

    Class size 87

    Average work experience 12 years

    Women 25%

    Countries represented 29

    Cities represented 61

    Nationality by region

    Job function

    Sector breakdown

    North/Central America 27%

    Asia 24%

    Europe (excl. UK) 23%

    UK 9%

    Middle East/Africa 7%

    South America 5%

    Oceania 5%











    General Management




    New Business Development

    Project Management


    Operations Management

    Professional Services


    Finance/Accounting 36%

    Industry/Manufacturing 10%

    IT/Telecommunications 10%

    Energy/Engineering 9%

    Consulting 7%

    Advertising/Media/PR 7%

    Architecture/Design 5%

    FMCG 3%

    Leisure/Retail 3%

    Pharmaceuticals 3%

    Other 7%

    EMBA-Global | Graduating class of 2021 3 |

  • “The global nature of the programme really appealed. It was an amazing opportunity to expand my mind not only through the classroom but through the people I was meeting. The diversity – racial, gender, industry and personality – is amazing.”

    Laura Huddle (EMBA-Global Asia), Head of New Business, APAC, Eventbrite

    | 4 EMBA-Global | Graduating class of 2021

  • Sultan Alenezi

    Saudi Arabian Global Director SABIC Jubail, Saudi Arabia

    Passionate leader with broad expertise in engineering, project management and procurement. Led global growth, project design and execution with CAPEX of US$5bn. Currently leading an international, multicultural team in three continents, serving 60 manufacturing and compounding plants in over 40 countries.

    Matt Altshuler

    American Business Services Manager LabWare New York, USA

    Data-driven, results-oriented CPA professional. Consolidated and harmonised project management office for US$100m professional services company. Designed and implemented several global operational and accounting software solutions. Led geographically diverse team as general manager for Asia-Pacific region through periods of rapid growth and cultural change.

    Michaela N. Ambrojewitch

    Bulgarian / American Senior IT Test Manager Brussels, Belgium

    Software engineer consultant with 16 years' experience within the IT teams of multicultural companies across several sectors. Excellent communicator, team player and goal- oriented professional. Contributed to the accomplishment of medium to large IT projects, leading to reduction in expenditure and an increase in product performance and competence.

    Philippe Andurand

    French Technical Lead ServiceNow Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Led a 10-member support team with responsibility for responding to challenging issues and boosting team morale. Facilitated regular meetings to speed up resolutions. Analysed background data and provided solutions to reduce the number of incoming incidents. Previous experience in IT application management and space engineering.

    Rauf Aghayev

    Azerbaijani Chief Financial Officer Nobel Oil Services (UK) Baku, Azerbaijan

    Finance executive focused on strategic development, financial planning, business analytics and M&A within a multi-segment business. Results- driven manager with energetic leadership style. Skilled at investment evaluation, corporate governance, fund management and building relationships with investors and business partners. Passionate about business growth into new territories.

    Adam Akhriev

    Russian Head of Export LUKOIL Lubricants Moscow, Russian Federation

    CEO of multinational energy company subsidiary, trading in 20 markets throughout the Middle East, achieving 13x EBITDA increase, 50% sales growth and 7% market share growth. Strategically sharp with exceptional problem-solving and leadership skills. Experienced working across large territories and negotiating with representatives of various nationalities at high levels.

    All nationalities are self-declared.

    The EMBA-Global programme brings together an elite international network of business professionals. Through the world-renowned faculty and unique global curriculum, students have exclusive access to the most illuminating ideas, ground-breaking research and innovative international business practices. Whether they choose EMBA-Global Americas & Europe or EMBA-Global Asia, students are equipped with the tools to create the future of global business.

    EMBA-Global class profiles

    Key EMBA-Global Americas & Europe EMBA-Global Asia

    EMBA-Global | Graduating class of 2021 5 |

  • Jose De La Rosa

    Peruvian / American Vice President Barclays London, UK

    Experienced accountant and project manager. Led a multimillion-dollar cross-functional project, improving technological capabilities and driving standardisation, benefiting American, European and Asian users. Previous experience as a product controller managing financial reporting, coordinating and implementing finance roles offshoring to Johannesburg and Chennai from high-cost locations.

    Antonio de Raho

    Italian Research and Development and Asia-Pacific Sales Director Bitron Ind. China Co. Ltd. Qingdao, China

    Experienced technical manager with a customer-focused view of business. Developed technical teams in the machinery, durable and consumer goods sectors across Europe and Asia with the ultimate goal of expanding business through innovation. Awarded with positions in business development and sales due to an advanced ability to drive revenue growth.

    Monica Domingues

    Canadian / Portuguese Contract Manager Imperial Oil Ltd. Calgary, Canada

    Senior procurement professional with extensive cross-functional knowledge. Currently managing a strategic oil and gas portfolio with US$500m annual spend. Core capabilities in negotiation, long-term strategy, project management and leading international teams. Skilled in continuous improvement projects to increase efficiency, maximise value and align with global strategic initiatives.

    Kirill Doronin

    Russian Chief Financial Officer Level Group Moscow, Russia

    Finance professional and part-owner of development company which sold the greatest number of residential units per year in Moscow. Launched a number of development companies from startup to leading position among construction companies in Russia. Organised finance and economic function along with purchase and IT process.

    Zhongzhi Chen

    Singaporean General Manager Country Garden Real Estate Development Huai'an, China

    Extensive experience in real estate development and project management. Currently working for one of the world’s largest real estate developers, managing a project in east China worth billions of yuan.