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  1. 1. PAINcaused by todays healthcare- charged environment Confusion. Healthcare Increases. Sustainability. Wellness Program Modernization & Clarity.
  2. 2. 41% of the $2.8 Trillion spent on healthcare in 2011 was spent unnecessarilymade NO positive impact. 31% of a companys workforce make up 85% of its benefits cost. Help CAPTIVE members TAKE BACK CONTROLof unmanageable healthcare and related costs
  3. 3. FALSE STARTINGa wellness program has consequences
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE #1 system optimization Every organization is dependent on the efficiency of each of its individual systems, and their ability to work as a cohesive unit. Discovering potential weaknesses allows you to strengthen your organization as a whole, thereby maximizing output, employee satisfaction and bottom lines.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVE #2 clarification of Healthcare Reform (ACA)
  6. 6. OBJECTIVE #3 decrease healthcare premiums & related expenditures The role of the CEO is to enable people to excel, help them discover their own wisdom, engage themselves entirely in their work, and accept responsibility for making change. --Vineet Nayar
  7. 7. OBJECTIVE #4 promoting sustainability & growth
  8. 8. OBJECTIVE #5 employee prosperity
  9. 9. FUNDAMENTAL #1 risk management strategy the systematic process of understanding, evaluating and addressing todays healthcare risks to maximize the chance of objectives being achieved and ensuring organizations, their stakeholders and population are sustainable.
  10. 10. FUNDAMENTAL #2 examining your benefits package Taking advantage of modern benefit products that help control costs & save i.e. CAPTIVE
  11. 11. FUNDAMENTAL #3 investing in the future In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable. --Robert Arnott
  12. 12. FUNDAMENTAL #4 champion of the cause
  13. 13. 1. Traditional & Alternative Medical Theory 2. Physical & Occupational Therapy 3. Fitness 4. Nutrition & Supplements 5. Stress Management & Bodywork 6. Personal & Strategic Coaching FUNDAMENTAL #5 wellness ideology | long-term behavior change
  14. 14. OVERVIEW: A healthcare-focused consulting company that addresses all desired objectives and fundamentals of a successful corporate wellness program, delivering the organization a risk management strategy with valuable intelligence on how to proceed with programming that will deliver maximum financial and human impact.
  15. 15. FOCUS: Healthcare Reform (ACA) Compliance, Analysis of Claims and Claims Integration, Population Health Screening Management and/or Analysis, Customized Blueprint On Wellness Program and Modern Strategies TIMELINE: Depending on status of Population Health Analytics, 2 4 months VALUE to PROFESSIONAL: Quality Control, Relieving Analysis Burden, Unique Value Proposition, Boast Prospects Confidence, Wellness Minimum Requirements, System Optimization RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY VALUE to CLIENT: Unbiased Wellness Auditing, System Optimization, ACA Compliance Review, Promoting Maximum Employee Prosperity & Sustainability, Reassuring Members of Control to Enhance Dividend Payouts
  16. 16. A good partnership presents a value-add for both sides: COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE PROFESSIONAL: In offering a Healthcare-Focused Risk Management Analysis Product, any professional is furthering its existing quality control of applicant vetting, while relieving burden; and is positioning itself on the forefront of todays ever-changing healthcare environment in terms of customized HR solutions, healthplan, wellness and ACA. Reap a financial reward and professional prowess by partnering with ELM in its revenue-sharing program.