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Transcript of Ellis Middle School Dress For Success Dress Code

  • Ellis Middle SchoolDress For SuccessDress Code

  • Dress For SuccessResearch shows that school uniforms:Improve student learningImprove disciplinePromote school safetyEllis Middle School wants students to focus on academics and achievement while in schoolThe school dress code is described in the following slides

  • Short Sleeve Tops Button downShirts MUST have a collar Polo shirtsColors include white, red or navy

  • Long Sleeve Tops Button DownColors include white, red or navyPoloTurtleneckShirts MUST have a collar

  • SweatersCardiganColors include white, red or navyCrewV-NeckSweater MUST have a collar underneath

  • Layering TopsUndershirt cannot be longer than top shirtShirt MUST have collarUndershirt MUST be white, red or navy

  • Shirt SizeShirts need to be the correct sizeIf shirts are too large or too long, you will be asked to tuck them in.If shirts are too small or too short, you will be asked to change.

  • BottomsSlacksLong or CapriNO RUBBER BANDS!Colors include navy and khakiJumpersLonger than fingertipsShorts Only during 1st & 4th QuarterSkirtsLonger than fingertipsSweatpants, denim and overalls are NOT acceptable.

  • Pant SizePants must be fitted at the waistPants may be no more than one size too big or too smallPants must be hemmed at least one inch off the ground.

  • What is wrong with these pictures?Black on the shirtLogo printed on the shirtYellow on the sweaterCollarless shirtBaby blue color sweater

  • What is wrong with these pictures?Not solid khaki colorNot solid red colorKhaki color sweater

  • ShoesFlip-flops and slippers are not allowed

    Shoes and laces must match

  • HeadwearBandanas, hairnets, do-rags, and hats are not allowed

    Hats must be removed when entering the building

  • WARNING!If you are not following this dress code, you may receive a minor. Remember that three minors become a major.

    You will be sent to the office to change So, be sure to Dress For Success!