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Ellie GouldingGenre Specific: Brand Image

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Ellena Jane “Ellie” Goulding, born 1986 is an English singer and song-writer.

In 2010, Ellie won the Critic’s Choice Award at the Brits, and also released her debut studio album ‘Lights’. Her cover of Elton John’s song “Your Song” rocketed to number two of the charts and in 2011 she proceeded to perform the song at the wedding reception of Prince William and Catherine Middleton at Buckingham Palace.

Pictured (left) is Ellie’s logo. Her logo uses capital letters which emphasises her name. Using black and white highlights that she doesn’t require bright colours to attract her audience, and this reflects her as being simplistic ad down to earth. The main logo includes Ellie Goulding's initials which shows that she is well known and does not always have to use her full name, due to the fact that people will recognise her simply from her initials

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This is a screenshot from Ellie’s website. Her website reflects her personality and her style as the colour scheme is a light blue, and has a consistent gold/brown font. The simple, light colour shows her minimalistic style, and helps to reinforce the representation that Ellie is a sophisticated and positive artist.

Directly underneath her name are links to where you can access her music e.g. ITunes, Spotify etc, and this is a convention of her genre.

Ellie’s website links to another site where you are able to purchase her merchandise. She sells items such as: T-shirts, Hoodies, sports bras, hats, keyrings, posters, and much more. The T-shirts range from sayings e.g. “DON’T PANIC” and “DELIRIUM” to graphics of Ellie transferred on.

The merchandise on offer reflects her personality and her brand image, and as a results ensures that all the products are recognisable as hers.

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When searching for “Ellie Goulding” on google under “News”, this is what appears. Recently, Ellie has been under speculation over Prince Harry, and there has been many articles written about her accusing her of carrying Prince Harry’s baby. This is not good for her brand image and presents her a slightly troublesome, and a little untrustworthy.

Ellie has also appeared on magazine covers such as flare and balance (pictured right). She tends to stick to classy shoots/covers, which presents her as sophisticated and ‘safe’, resulting in her remaining an appropriate artist/role model for a variety of ages. She openly speaks about her personal troubles for example anxiety, which makes her appear honest and also kind.

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How Are Artists In Your Genre Presented?

Artist within the pop genre can be presented in a multitude of ways. However Ellie Goulding who I have researched is predominantly presented as kind, honest, and positive. Other artists in the pop genre such as Rihanna are presented as mischievous, confident, and edgy, however every artist is different, and the genre cannot be generalised to one limiting specific personality type.

The most common association of the pop genre are artists such as Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, and Katy Perry, who are all presented via brand image in a similar way.