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www.foundry.elkem.com Product Development/ Research and Development As well as our well known cus- tomer service, our team of engi- neers is also responsible for R&D within the foundry area and, over the years, has developed such well known products as Ultraseed®, Superseed® Extra and Preseed™. These have revo- lutionised the way irons are produced today as end users ask for thinner wall sections, higher strengths and new alloys. In addition, our research has given us a unique insight into the effects of our specialist alloys on such requirements as machinabil- ity and mechanical properties. This combination of solution based products and services is highlighted by our theme of “Solution through Partnership worlwide”. It is our goal to provide our customers with the solutions for today’s challenges and we invite you to join forces with us to create a profitable partnership. Ask us for more details or visit our website at www.foundry.elkem.com Elkem AS Foundry Products Division Postfach 5211 Majorstuen NO-0303 Oslo, Norwegen Elkem Solutions through Partnership – Worldwide

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Product Development/ Research and Development

As well as our well known cus-tomer service, our team of engi-neers is also responsible for R&Dwithin the foundry area and, over the years, has developedsuch well known products asUltraseed®, Superseed® Extra and Preseed™. These have revo-lutionised the way irons areproduced today as end users askfor thinner wall sections, higherstrengths and new alloys. Inaddition, our research has givenus a unique insight into theeffects of our specialist alloys onsuch requirements as machinabil-ity and mechanical properties.This combination of solutionbased products and services ishighlighted by our theme of“Solution through Partnershipworlwide”. It is our goal to provideour customers with the solutionsfor today’s challenges and weinvite you to join forces with usto create a profitable partnership.

Ask us for more details or visitour website atwww.foundry.elkem.comElkem AS Foundry Products DivisionPostfach 5211 MajorstuenNO-0303 Oslo, Norwegen

ElkemSolutions through Partnership –Worldwide

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Elkem Worldwide

Products.Elkem's continued commitmentto research into cast irons has ledto the development of highlyspecialised products to resolveissues within the industry. Super-seed® Extra, for example, hasbeen designed to improve tensilestrengths in grey iron castings,whilst Ultraseed® reduces shrink-age problems in ductile irons.

With our own production plantson every industrial continent,Elkem is your local partner able to give you fast and accuratesupport on both supply andtechnical service issues. In part-nership with the foundry industryElkem will provide solutions toyour challenges. Thus, Elkem isyour worldwide partner.

Foundries worldwide are facingnew challenges. Thinner wallsections, higher strengths andincreased service requirementsbeing amongst those issues mostcommonly encountered.Elkem recognises that irons haveto be produced within tightercontrols and has systematicallyexpanded it's product portfolio to meet these challenges.

In addition to our traditionalrange of inoculants and nodu-larisers, Elkem can supply toferrous foundries:• specialist inoculants to resolve

specific casting problems• specialist nodularisers tailor-

made for more demanding applications

• preconditioners to ensure goodcasting quality

and to both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries• efficient and cost effective

ladle linings• cost effective foundry process

control systems• charge alloys, ferrosilicon,

recarburisers and other materials

Specialist nodularisers, over 120chemistries are produced byElkem, are available to suit everyladle geometry, pouring tempera-ture and casting section thick-ness. In-the-mould nodularisers,materials designed for thin sec-tion castings and alloys designedto help prevent shrinkage areamongst this range. Elkem’snodularisers are produced to verytight chemical and size specifica-tions to ensure maximum consis-tency, minimum consumptionand optimum effectiveness inuse.

New product ranges added to theElkem portfolio are Elcast® inserttablets for grey and ductile ironproduction. These cast productsare available in a wide range from20g to 20kg and are regularlyused by reputed foundries on allcontinents.Preseed™, one of our latest devel-opments was created based onfundamental research into themechanisms of graphite nucle-ation.Preseed™ has proved to be ahighly successful preconditioningagent leading to improvedgraphite morphologies, highertensile strengths and reducedporosity.

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Today, castings are becomingmore complex and demandingand the production challengesrequire solutions where closeteam working between customersand suppliers is required. Elkem has continued to expandit’s team of highly skilled foundrysupport staff and these are nowbased locally on each continent.Their main function is to providea back-up service to our local,well trained sales representatives.These engineers have geographicresponsibility and thus an in-depth knowledge of most cus-tomers’ processes and proce-dures. This enables accurateassessment of production issueswithin the customer.

Our laboratories in Norway havethe most state-of-the-art facili-ties for examination ofcustomer’s cast iron samples,including a scanning electronmicroscope, and may be regardedas the most comprehensiveindustrially-owned center of it’skind in Europe.

With the ability to offer adviseand support to our customers,Elkem is truly your partner inproviding Metal Treatment Solu-tions.

Metal Treatment Solutions

ElkemSolutions through Partnership –Worldwide

Supplementary Products.Speciality Alloys/Charge materialsElkem Foundry Products Divisionhas established Mill Street Lim-ited as an entity to source com-plimentary foundry materials toadd to our portfolio of products.Mill St Ltd offers products suchas FeSi, FeCr, FeP, FeS, magnesiummetal, mischmetal, FeMo etc.

Elgraph® is a rapidly soluble re-carburiser, ideal for both furnaceand trim applications and is alsoavailable from Mill St Ltd.

Prokem™ ladle linings are avail-able in powder form for easyapplication. Prokem™ powderrequires no ramming and verylittle curing, thus saving consid-erable time and energy in replac-ing a ladle lining.

In conjunction with Pico Techno-logy, Elkem has developed a cost-effective process control systemfor cast irons. Based on thermalanalysis, this new system willdeliver fast, accurate and record-able information on the state ofiron before casting. At a fractionof the cost of competitive sys-tems, Elkem has made thermalanalysis affordable to all foundries.

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ElkemSolutions through Partnership –Worldwide

Elkem’s long-term commitmentto the iron foundry industry isbest demonstrated by the man-agement decisions to producealloys for the industry on threecontinents.Elkem Foundry China has beenestablished to produce topquality MgFeSi alloys for thedomestic Chinese and Far East

industry, Chicoutimi has theability to provide a rapid anddiverse service to our customersin this important market.With growth in the ductile ironsector forecast for the nextyears, Elkem has made an strate-gic investment of over € 30 Millin a new, state-of-the-art facilityfor the production of magne-

markets. This ISO certified plantalso produces the new range ofElcast® cast inserts for the latestage inoculation of grey andductile irons.A comprehensive range ofMgFeSi alloys and inoculants arenow produced at Elkem’s facilityat Chicoutimi in Canada. Primar-ily serving the North American

sium ferrosilicon. Based at theElkem owned Icelandic Alloys,the supply of high quality alloysto all international markets canbe maintained and capacityincreased from the present levelsto accommodate growth in theductile iron sector.

• Shrinkage control

• Reproducibility

• Microstructure control

• Mechanical Properties

• Thermal Efficiency

• Consistent Casting Quality

• Machinability improvements

• Reliable CG iron



Speciality alloys/Charge materials




Process Control System

Ladle linings

Technical Customer Service – Your Professionals in Metal Treatment