Elia Windows 10 journey. Gilles Flisch TMD.Net Manager. Elia & Owner @GFlisch4U

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Transcript of Elia Windows 10 journey. Gilles Flisch TMD.Net Manager. Elia & Owner @GFlisch4U

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EliaWindows 10 journey.Gilles Flisch

TMD.Net Manager.Elia & Ownerhttp://www.arc4u.net @GFlisch4U

We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows and loving Windows.

Satya Nadella

Elia opportunities.

Infrastructure point of viewDevelopment point of viewUser point of viewMicrosoft EdgeTiles, notificationsPen controlsApp 2 App communicationContinuum

Infrastructure DevelopmentUser.Gilles FlischInfrastructureIE6, 8, 10, 11Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows10Touch experience.Hybrid world.Windows 7 end of live.OSBrowserWindows10OS & Browser MigrationsEvery 2 Microsoft OS. Balance between Cost, functionalities and security. Microsoft OS adoption.

Windows XP 32 Bits.Windows VistaWindows 7 64 Bits + IE 8 => IE 10 => IE 11.Windows 8.x => Surface Pro3 users but used as Windows 7. Lack of good Office Touch applications. Users are pleased with the device. Mobility becomes important (Multiple sites).Windows 10Windows 10 => latest OS for a while.More professional touch apps Office & One Note. Pen integration.Scaling (Low & High resolution screen ).Hybrid PC user adoption (Surface Pro 3).

Windows 8.x apps were not there with great touch applications.The screen scaling should be better in Windows 10.7DevelopmentClassic world still supported.Universal Apps.Business/Company Store.Push NotificationTouch/Pen Cortana

Html 5.XamlDevelopment Strategy.New concepts.Change Mgt.B2B.B2C?Kerberos.OAuth2.0 (AzureAD & Adfs 4).BYO Windows10 Device.

Classic world.Windows 10SecurityPrepare the future.Development TechnologiesBackend. .Net => From 2.0 to 4.5.2. From Synchronous to Async programming. From Kerberos to ADFS and SAML 2.0 federation.Front End (Windows7). WebMVC 5.0, WebApi (Rest), TypeScript, AngularJSFrom Silverlight to Html 5.0. Client WPFFrom Silverlight to WPF.Development Strategy90% Development are XAML based.10% are html based.Web is costly: Browser migration cost (Testing and fixing). Complex GUI are difficult. Javascript lisibility. Standard in perpetual evolution. Very easy to deploy.Xaml (Wpf/Silverlight). Very stable. Can do complex GUI. Local cache easy. Deployment is more difficult.Silverlight => deprecated. Can do complex Gui. Deployment is easy (Web based).

Windows10 Universal Windows AppNew possibilities, new way of thinking applications.Bring what your smartphone has in your business applications:Notifications.Tile.Background tasks: Network connectivity. Time based. Raw notifications.Fast application start.Inform the user if something happens.User will work on an app if necessary!Open when needed.Data caching by push notification => fast application start.11Windows10 Universal Windows AppMultiple screen and resolution: Show less when less space. Avoid LOB applications with all in one page.Multiple devices / Input experiences. Tablets (commercials, fields). Hybrid (Directors, mobile persons). Traditional desktop. Phone (Adoption?). Feature based (Nfc/Gyroscope/Gps/).=> One code.

Windows10 Universal Windows AppXaml. Very stable. Can do complex GUI. Local cache easy. Deployment is centralized and easy (Business store).

Xaml as an Elia choice => our developer skills are xaml based.13SecurityUWP & authentication. Kerberos and Wcf (netTcpBinding is supported). OAuth2 deeply integrated in the OSAzure AD to join devices (SSO).ADFS 4 (available with Windows Server VNext: 2015/2016? SAML 2.0 not supported (WS2007FederationHttpBinding)Already supported in ADFS 3 (Windows 2012R2).Wcf is open source. We try to convince them to implement SAML 2.0.=> Prepare your Windows 10 Security journey. Move to OAuth2 in your company!

Prepare the future.Windows10 is what we expect from a modern OS but now this is a reality. Infrastructure integration with a lot of questions: AD integration / Business store? Azure AD:BYO Windows 10 devices?Azure Cloud Services and SSO.ADFS is a MUST.Development: Push Notifications. Tiles New Layout rendering based on screen resolutions. Feature based development.User & Project leader should be educated to embrace those new features!

Multiple OS Integration?Replace B2B web application based by native apps?

Xamarin is the Xaml answer to target IOS/Android/Windows.Xamarin.Forms is the way to develop with a higher level of abstraction.Not yet ready for Windows10 UWP => Next version of Forms?

Need extra code to encounter specific OS => extra costs.Dedicated developers, another way to develop, more systems to know,Less maintenance (browser evolution, html story).

Windows10Start menu, one windowing system, continuum.

The change from Windows 7 and Mac OS X experience is important => Change must be prepared.

Bring what we expect from a modern application.

Kerberos will be smoothly replaced by OAuth2 and Claims based token.Far from what we know with Windows7Less confusing than Windows 8.SecurityUWPTHANK YOUFOR YOUR TIME