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Elia Ceniceros

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  • Southern CaliforniaS PubliCation for the real eState ProfeSSional


    Elia ceniceros Executive Agent of the Month

  • S hes known for her hands-on approach to busi-ness and unrelenting commitment to meeting her clients needs, but at the foundation of Elia Ceniceros professional success is the steely resolve of a woman who appreciates the value of hard work in turning dreams to realities. Elia earned her real estate license straight out of high school, proving her mettle and displaying a maturity well beyond her 17 years. Today she continues to operate with a sense of deliberate optimism, an understanding that she canand will- accomplish the goals at hand.

    I had to fight for it, acknowledges Elia of her early years in the business. After graduating high school on an accelerated track, she earned her license and launched her real estate career. Her acumen and poise were undeniable, but the teenager found that some individuals couldnt see beyond her youth. Ive always been mature, but age is something you cant deny, she concedes. Not everyone was willing to give me an opportunity to represent them. Those who did, though, were thrilled to discover that their agent was incredibly professional, communicative, and determined to

    assist them in achieving their objectives. And with each successful transaction she gained invaluable knowledge and experience that would reinforce the purpose of her efforts.

    The Orange County native, born to parents who emigrated from Mexico, learned early the value of hard work. My mother and father came to the United States to create a better life for themselves and their children, Elia explains. Growing up in a traditional family, we understood the meaning of the American dream: we were raised in a land of opportunity, where we worked hard to accomplish our goals and we encouraged each other to stay focused on what was important. The values that shaped Elias world as a young girl are the ones that today drive her business. She is ethical, forthright and diligent in her work, with a sense of accountability for her efforts and for meeting her clients needs.

    Throughout the course of her 25+ year career, Elia has earned a thriving base of repeat and referral clients who appreciate her thoughtful and knowledgeable services. Though the industry has evolved significantly since her early years, she notes that some elements remain constant. One factor that never seems to change is the power of solid relationships, she observes. Whether Im working with buyers or sellers, in traditional or distressed sales, Im always maintaining a focus on understanding each clients unique needs, helping them to create a plan that will get them where they want to be. Her ability to incorporate technology while providing attentive and personalized care is a critical component to Elias successful career: she recognizes the value of the high-tech marketplace but hasnt lost sight of the individuals at the heart of every transaction.

    Elia Ceniceros Perseverance Matters

    By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer

    ExEcutivEAgEnt Magazine

  • Betty A. Parker, Elia Ceniceros, Jessica Weller

    ExEcutivEAgEnt Magazine

  • As a buyers agent, Elia offers representation designed to add value for every client, from those making their first pur-chases, to seasoned investors. While technology has made information more accessible to consumers, she says, there is notable significance in working with an agent who under-stands the pulse of the marketplace. Real estate is a highly localized and intense industry, she explains. Because I am well-versed in the inventory and have established excel-lent collegial relationships, Im often able to gain access to properties before they even hit the market. This, she notes, allows her to best position buyers to take advantage of upcoming opportunities. Once a transaction has been initiated Elia is hands-on throughout the process, offering ongoing communication and addressing her clients ques-tions and concerns. I see each transaction from start to finish, she states. My clients know that when they hire me, theyre getting me.

    Active Duty Marine Johnny Cornejo notes that his hectic schedule was no issue for Elia, who went out of her way to ensure that the first-time buyer and his wife found a home that met their needs. I appreciated the fact that, every time we met, Elia was well-prepared and provided us with

    comprehensive information on market happenings, he recalls. She cared about what we wanted, answered all of our questions and concerns, and was there when we needed her. She made us feel comfortable throughout the process. During the search, adds Cornejo, Elias objective approach ensured that we stayed focus on our long-term goals. We laid our cards on the table; she picked them up and put them in order, encouraging us to keep searching for the home that we were truly looking for. In the end, reports Cornejo, It worked out well. We found our home, and we thank Elia for her role in helping us to achieve our goal.

    When working with sellers, Elia provides customized media plans designed to maximize exposure and earn solid returns. We use every tool available, from high-end photography and videos, to online and print campaigns, to open houses and broker previews, she says. When Im representing a prop-erty, I ensure that its well-marketed to prospective buyers throughout our immediate region and beyond. Her collegial network is vast, Elia adds: I have cultivated a solid referral network throughout the country. A bilingual agent, Elia enjoys the opportunity to work with Spanish-speaking clients and real estate professionals as well.

    there is notable significance in working with an agent

    who understands the pulse of the marketplace.

    ExEcutivEAgEnt Magazine

  • Her determination is matched only by her energy. An astute negotiator, Elia notes that she thrives on the opportunity to achieve each clients distinct goals. My aim is to consistently come through, to get my buyers the properties they want or to expedite the sale of my sellers homes, all while working within their desired price points. Her unequivocal never give up attitude drives her business and her relationships, propelling Elia to identify strategic solutions for every transaction.

    During the course of a harrowing short sale, Felipe Bascope and his wife relied heavily on Elias persever-ance and professionalism. Our bank didnt seem to be concerned with completing the process, explains Bascope. It was incredibly stressful for our family. Despite the institutions propensity for dropping the ball, Elia stayed the course and kept the transaction afloat. It wasnt easy for us, and I know it wasnt easy for her, Bascope notes. There were times when we were so frustrated, all we could do was vent to Elia. It got to the point where I believe any other agent would have given up. But Elia was brass tacks, straightforward, and focused on getting us through the process. She gave us a sense of optimism, but maintained a realistic perspective on what was happening. She listened and she communicated, and we eventually completed the short sale. Were so grateful that we had such a skilled agent on our side.

    She strives to earn clients for life, and Elia appreciates the support of a team of skilled professionals whose business standards match her own. The group includes buyers agents as well as administrative personnel; the team represents clients throughout Costa Mesa, Orange County and the surrounding region in a range of transactions including short sales, REO properties and equity sales at every price point. Elias extended team includes a substantial referral base of industry-related professionals including lenders, escrow officers, contractors and designers. Im able to refer my clients to individuals who are reputable, dependable and ethical, she says. Thats important, because my service extends beyond the course of a given transaction. My clients know that they can always reach out to me when they have a need.

    Its not uncommon for clients to become friends; Elia notes that she enjoys this facet of her business. The married mother of three sons spends family time outdoors or traveling. Were active, she says. From softball and baseball, to swimming and skiing, we love to stay busy and physically fit.

    Elia looks forward to the opportunity to expand upon her thriving client base, offering knowledgeable service with a concierge-level of care.

    ExEcutivEAgEnt Magazine

    The Ceniceros Family

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