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  • 1. Tall Shoes for Men - Sneakers with aPlatform Sole

2. There are male celebs whofall in love with tall women at least, women who aretaller than they are. Theseguys find themselves in apeculiar position. Theyrepaired with women theycan really look up to. 3. For those well-known men, who findthemselves being photographed inpublic with their ladies, getting tallerbecomes a necessary evil. One methodthats becoming very popular is wearingsneakers with a platform sole. 4. Musicians like Bono andMick Jagger have theirown unique challenges.Mick is 5 10, but hisgirlfriend, LWren Scott,is over 64. Mick choosesdiscreet tall sneakers forpublic appearances. Bonois 57 and opts forplatform shoes that makeno attempt to concealtheir boost to his height.His choice let him seeeye-to-eye with AngelaMerkel in a recent face-to-face meeting. 5. Height increasing shoes, then, arent just forthe guy who stands a bit shorter than most.Theyve become an important part of todaysfashion look for everybody who wants to be infashion. 6. Sneakers as height shoescan be either subtle orplainly visible. The choicefor most men ends up beingsubtle, as designers chooseto create a look that doesntcall attention to the stealthbenefit of adding a fewinches in height to thewearer. The message getsspread by word of mouth. 7. GuidoMaggi has created a line of sneakers that meet both desires: superbstyling and an additional 3 inches in height for the wearer. Ready forsummer 2013 GuidoMaggi Sneakers. 8. www.GUIDOMAGGI.com