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ELEMENT WIZARD By James, Eleanor, Calum, Josh and Niamh.

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ELEMENTWIZARDBy James, Eleanor, Calum, Josh and


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About Our appWe are Spectrum, our app is aimed at students preparing for end of year exams, GCSE’s of even A-level. It can be used at any time in revision sessions, on the bus to school or when you get home from school. This app is easy to use has a simple but creative design. It will include every bit of detail you need so it will be very helpful.

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Background SituationIn our situation, we find that people pay incredible amounts of money on apps that crash a lot and don’t provide the information that people require. The apps don’t have reliable resources and so aren’t useful.

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Problem• You are studying for your GCSE’s, A levels or

end of year exams and you need to know some detailed research into a few elements. It is taking you hours because of time wasting app and websites.

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• How can you get a reliable source of the periodic table where you can find out key information?

Problem Question

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Key Insights Statements• Our app aims to help students and scientists

that are struggling with using the periodic table correctly

• We make it easier for students to understand the periodic table and how it works. The outcome of our app are hopefully to make science easy for learning students

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Mini Elevator Pitch

Our Elevator Pitch is located here:

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User Profiles• These people are usually too busy in their

social lives to waste time on apps that don't provide information. They need key information that will give them what they need to succeed. A lot of people are on a budget with time and money so need one source of where to find most elements at a cheap cost.

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Competitors or alternative solutions• There are a very few, expensive apps on the

market that we have looked at. The layout and design is not professional which makes it hard to navigate around. The most important thing they don't provide is detailed information. They don't include any information for most of the elements and its shows the lack of time put into the app.

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MVP user stories and feature chosenAlex, our friend, made a comment on how the periodic table can often be hard to understand and work on with ease. He said our app would make it a lot easier.

Our app can display lots of information about different elements, combine different elements and we are now working on an engine that will balance equations!

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Key Wireframes

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Feasibility• I think our app would be quite easy and

simple to make as it doesn’t really require much coding apart from the transitions and different menus used in the engine.

• The only ‘hard’ part would be finding the information which we would get from third-party sites.

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Business Case• Our app is free to use but to access some

features you would need to pay a small amount such as £0.69 for access to the combining function and possibly more depending on how many people are using the app.

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Marketing Strategy• Our app is advertised on all iOS Devices via

iAd and is also being advertised on the App Sotre courtesy of Apple Inc.

• We plan to advertise and distribute our app on Reddit and hopefully in the future the Android Store and Google Play.