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Test amd Review


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Electrical Certification Test and Review

This test is based on the L999 National Electrical Code@, aresource of over 20000 electrical test questions, and dozens of

electrical books and articles. Each Code question is researchedusing electronic versions of the 1999 NEC@ and the 1999

IYEC@ Handbook including the cross reference to the 1996hl-Ec@.

This booklet consists of 20 tests with 20 questions

Answers and explanations + text reference to the 1999 I\[ECis located behind each test

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l .

Test Taking Tips

Calculate the time per question as soon as you start your test. This is

important so you will not spend too much time on one question. Ifthr." are 70 questions and an allotted time of four (4) hours, then the

time per question is 4 x SQ minutes divided by 70 or 3.4 minutes per

qu.rtiott. If there are 70 questions worth one point each and 3

di"gr"-t worth 10 points each, then find the time allowed per point.

tlrii woutd be (4 x 60) divided by 100 or 2.4 minutes per point. Thenallow 24 minutes (10 x2.4) for each diagram and2.4 minutes perquestion.Answer the easier questions first. Leave the more difEcult ones andmark them so you can go back to them. Do not spend too much timeon one question. This is a classic mistake!Answer all questions even if you have to gUess. Remember you have

a 50 percenfchance of getting a trre false question correct by simplyguessing.Read.t.h question carefully. Do not skim over questions. Read eachword!Find out if the test is open book. If it is, index your Code Book andpractice using the indexes. Index the Book before begiffIing your

studies.o lndex Table 250-L22 for finding equipment grounding wire

sizes.o lndex Table 250-66 for finding grounding electrode and

bonding jumPer sizes.o Index Table 8 in Chapter 9 for finding circular mil areas,

dimensions of bare conductors, and DC resistance ofConductors.

o lndex Section 240-6 for finding the standard circuit breaker andfuse sizes.

o lndex Table 430-148, Table 430-150, and Table 430-152 forsizing motor circuits.

Practice looking up Code questions. You should be able to find theanswer to any single answer Code question in less than 3 minutes.More complex questions, especially calculation problems, requiremore time and more Code sections.Begin your examination by unloading the formulas onto a blank piece

of paper. This is perfectly legal and saves time later when you may

not be able to remember the particular formula.


J .


l - JI 6.

7 .

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8. For each and every question try these four steps.o Locate the given infonnation in the question.o Locate any unknown infonnation necessary to solve the

question.o Locate the ''KFY' word or phrase in the question.o If you cannot find the answer using the "KEY", and it is a Code

question search the Code index for ttre "KEYrr word.9. After completing the test go back and scan it to make sure you have

answered every question and have not skipped pages or blanks.lO.If a question requires the use of a Table, be sure and read the notes to

the table. Also remember each Table has a Section number the sameas the Table number. The section will have additional infonnationpertaining to the Table.

1 l.It is strongly recommended that you study no more thaa2 hours perday and shrdy for about 40 hours prior to taking the journeymanelectrician test, and about 80 hours for the master electrician test.

l2.Be careful about writing formulas in your Code Book. If you areallowed to use your own Code Book at the exam, it may be checked tomake sr:re that it does not have mirterial written in it, or you may begiven a Code book to use.

l3.If you are allowed to bring a calculator to the exam buy one and bringit.

l4.Get plenty of rest before taking the test. It is also a good idea topractice looking up Code questions for one hour just before taking theTest. This increases test scores by as much as ten percent for somepeople

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^ , I

Must Know List for Taking Electrician's Examinations






Know Ohm's Law and the Power formula. The Basic electrical theory pag€ covers

these fairly well. Buy Ugley's or Ferm's for a more thorough coverage. Know

everything on the Theory page as a minimum.Know how to hookup nine lead star and delta wound induction motors.

Know how to solve turns ratio transformer problems.Know how to hook up three and four way switches.Know how to determine motor branch cirpuit and feeder protection and wire sizes.

Know key Sections in the Code. These include:l. Article 100 is definitions.2. Article 90 purpose and scope of the Code.3. Artiole 110 rules for electrical installations such as work clearance and

equipment space rules.Article 210 for branoh oircuit calculations.Articte 220 for service and feeder calculations.Article 230 for services.Article 240 is for overcurrent protection.Article 250 is for grounding.Articte 300 for general installation rules and methods.Section 300-5 for burial dePths.Article 310 for ampacity tables.especially Table 310-16 with notes.

Article 318 for cable traY.Articles in Chapter three for raceways.Article 348 for EMT.Article 346 for zugrd Metal Conduit.Article 430 for motors.Article 440 for refrigeration equipment and motor-comPressors.Article 450 for generators.Article 490 for high voltageArticle 501 for Class I, Division I and2locations.Article 600 for signs.Know that for commercial building a 20 ampere outside sigrr circuit is

required and the load is 1200 volt-amP€res.know that emergency and standby Power systems requirements in Articles

700, 701, and702. These are extensions of Article 445 on generators.

know that for Hospitals there are additional requirements for emergency

power in Article 517.25. ifuow that Appendix D has examples for load calculations and motor

circuits. Read and studY them.26. Know that conduit and conductor dimensions areas, etc., are in Chapter nine,

but for all conductors of the same size the fill tables are in Appendix C.

27. Know that Class 2, Class 3, and Class I circuits and other "low voltage"

requirements are in Article 725.28. Know Article 305 for Construction site and temporary wiring.

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Basic Electrical Theorv

Series Direct Current Circuit Rules

Rule #1: The same current flows through each part of a series circuit.

Rule #22 Total Resistance of a series circuit is equal to the sum of theindividual resistances.

Rule #3: The total voltage across a series circuit is equal to the sum ofthe individual voltage droPs.

Rule #4: The voltage drop across a resistor in a series circuit isproportional to the size of the resistor.

Rule #5: The total power dissipated in a series circuit is equal to thesurn of the individual power dissapations.



RESTsTANCE = ff"*".


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Parallel Direct Current Circuit Rules

Rule #1: The same voltage exists across each branch of a parallelcircuit and is equal to the source voltage.

Rule #2: The current through a branch of a parallel network isinversety proportional to the amount of resistance of thebranch.

Rule #3: The total current of a parallel circuit is equal to the sum ofthe currents of the indMdual branches of the circuit.

Rule #4: The total resistance of a parallel circuit is equal to thereciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of the indMdualresistances of the circuit.

Rule #5: The total power dissipated in a parallel circuit is equal tothe sum of the individual power dissapations.





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G l




R r - l + 1 + l * . . . . . . e t cRI R2 R3



R(1) t 'R(2)Rr = R( t )+R(2)




PRoBr.EMs! ou lesrs)



t2pogtER - r XR



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_ 8 2PO!{ER -




















Page 10: Electrical Certification Test.PDF





POWER = E x I x POWTR FACTOR (ron snrer's PEASE)

powER = E x I x 1.132y- PO!{ER FACtrOR (ronrmsr PEA.SE)



VOLT-AI'{PER.ES = E x I (ron srNer.e euaso)

VoLT-AMPE,RES = E x I x 1.132 (ron rmna rnnse)




IIORSEPOI{ER = t.232 x vol,ts x,rrMPERES x gtr'ptctexcY x

(for three Phaseoowerfacjqtmotors |



(for rhree phase motors) 1J32x voLTS x EFFICIENCY x POWER FACTOR



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-f Ltn. 3


a , & 8 l - 3 & e I 4 & 5 & 6

i - 3 t - 4 & , 7 , 5 & 8 , 6 & 9 l






r & 7

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Page 13: Electrical Certification Test.PDF





Ep voltsTp Turns

Es vo l ts '

Ts Turns

Ep - T-pEs Ts

WhereEp is primary voltageEs is secondary voltageTp is number of turns in p.imatyTs is number of tums in secondary

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Maximum Horsepowerfor NEMA-RatedMotor Starters

lls I Zsg l2o8t2so l46ots7sVolt iVol t lVol t

t oo rrv-lr --[G--P

t . ) i 10

i r i r . t j rons ;2s


NEMA and other organizations have established standards of enclosure construction for control equipment.In general, equipment would be enclosed for one or more of the following reasons:

L Prevent accidental contact with live parts.2, Protecl the control from harmful environmental conditions'3. Prevent explosion or fires whictr might result ftom fre electrical arc caused by the control.

Common types of enclosures per NEMA classification numbers are:

N E M A I . G E N E R A L P U R P O S E

The general purpose enclosure is intended primarily to prevent accidental contact with the enclosedapparatus. lt'is iuitabte for general purpose applications indoors where it is not exposed to unusual servicecirnOitions. A NEMA I encloiure serves as protection against dust and light indirect splashing, but is notdusttight.


This enclosure is intended to provide suitable protection against specified weather hazards. A NEMA 3enclosure is sui+rable for applibtion outdoors, on ship docks, canal and construction work, and forapplication in subways and tunnels. lt is also sleet-resistant.


Page 15: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

This enclosure protects against interference in operation of the contained equipment due to rain, and resistsdamage from exposure tdsbet. lt is designed with conduil hubs and extemal mounting, as well as drainageprovisions.


A watertight enclosure is designed to meet the hose test described in the following note: "Enclosures shallbe tested'by subjection to a stream of water. A hose with a one inctr node shall be used and shalldeliver atleast 65 gilons per minute. The water shall be directed on the enclosure ftom a distance of not less than 10feet and ior a pehoO of five minutes. During this period lt may be djrected in any_o-ne or more directions asdesired. Therd shall be no leakage of water into the enclosure under these conditions.'

A NEMA 4 enclosure is suitrable for applications outdoors on ship docks and in dairies, breureries, etc.


These enclosures are generally constructed along the lines of NEMA 4 enclosures except they are made ofa material that's highlf resistai'rt to corrosion. For this reason, they are ideal in applications sucfi as pap€rmills, meat pacrung, tertllizer and cfiemical plants where contaminants rr'rould ordinarily destoy a steelenclosure over a period of Ume.


These endosures are designed to meet the application requirements of the National Electrical Code forClass I ha'ardous locationi. ln this type of equipment, the circuit intemlption occurs in air.

"Class I locations are those in which flammable gases or vaPorc are or may be present in the air inquantities sufftcient to produce explosive or Qnhbble mixtures.'


These enclosures are designed to meet the application requirements of the National Electrical Code forClass ll hazardous locations.

"Class ll locations are those which are hazardous because of the presence of combustible dust."

The letter or letters following the type number indicates the particular group or grgups of hazardous locations(as defined in the National Electri6it Code) for which the enclosure is designed. The designation isincomplete without a Euffx letter or letters.


The NEMA 12 enclosure is designed for use in those industries where it is desired to exclude such materialsas dust, lint, fibers and f,yings, ol see page or coolant see page. There are no conduit openings orknockouts in the enclosure, and mounting is by means of flanges or mounting feet.


NEMA 1 3 enclosures are generally of cast construction, gasketed to permil use in the same environmentsas NEMA 12 devices. ThJessential difference is that, due to its cast housing, a conduit enty is provided asan integral part of the NEMA 13 endosure, and mounting is by means of blind holes, rather than mountingbrackets.

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Electrician Practice Test 1

In Class 1, Division 7 locations, conduit seal shall be placed a maximum ofinches Jrom an enclosures lor arc producing devices.

r - { 1 2

(' b) t8

r c124c' d) 30

What length is requiredfor the pullbox in the diagram below? The box isused with 480 volt conductors.

ay 32 inches

D24 inches

c; 48 inches

d) anY length

Pull Box froruncjer 600 voh circuitconductors hlo.4 and lcr.rQer

* Lenerth ->






Page 17: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

? Whut is the load that can be usedfor the semice calculationlor o dwelling'

unit when the Range has a nameplote rating of 13 KV?

r a ; 1 3 k wr b) 8'4 hr/

? c ; 8 h a "

t- d) none ofthe above

/ What size equipment grounding conductor is requiredfor a circuitprotected with a 50 ampere circuit breaker?

l^ a) No' 12 coPPer

' b) No' 1o coPPer

t* c) No' 8 coPPer

5. What is the highest voltagefor a Class I power limited circuit?

r a; 1'000 volts

(^ b; 3o volts

. c1 24 volts

r d) None of the above

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6. What is the missing voltage in the sketch below?

a; 120 volts

U; 120 volt's

c1 1200 volts

d; 12,000 volts

120 votts1 00 Turns

Vottage is

1 ,000 Turns

Wtat size Rigid Metal conduit is permittedfor thefollowing 9 conductors?4 THVN #1, CU, 2 RHll/ (covered) #8 CIl, 3 RHW (covered) #6 Ca

a1 1 1/2 inch

U; 1 1/4 inch

e 1 Il2 inch and 1 1/4 inch

d) None of the above

lV'hat is the el/iciency of a motor which draws 4,5 kilowatts from the line

and delivers 5 horsePower?

r a) 80 Percent

c 5;83 Percent

(- c) 90 Percent









Page 19: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

9, Power Factor con be defined as:

r a) True Power divided by Apparent Power.

' by Apparent Power divided by True Power

' s1 Appatent Power divided by volts x amperes

t n What is the powerfactorfor a three phase system operating when the'' t"

wafirneter reads 6,000 watts, the voltneter reads 208 volts, and the ammeterreads 20 amperes?

c a) .90 or 90 Percent

r u; 1.0+ or 104 Percent

(' c) .83 or 83 percent

t f Mtat is the powerfactor of a 8000 watt load connected to a 240 volt ACL L '

single-phase circuit if the current is 36 amperes?

c a) '8 or 80 Percent

c b) .93 or 93 Percent

r c; 1.0 or 100 Percent

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t ). For theJigure below tf No. I or larger conductors are installed in the'-'

raceways dimension X shall be _inches minimwn The box is rcedlorsplices and doe not have the cubic inch dimensiotts marked on iL

a) 18 inches

b) 16 inches

e 24 inches


- . 4

Page 21: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

73, For the 4-wal Switch, which is the correct hookup?

r a ; D t o T , E t o & F t o T , G t o s

c b ; D t o S , E t o & F t o T , G t o W

c c ; D toR,E toT , F to s , G to w

4imy s'rvfuhTo 4-Way Sw

Page 22: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



, ,t A dwelline has a floor areaof 2200 sq. ft., exclusive of an unfnished ceilarr-ic

not adaptalle for future use, unlinished attic, and open porches. Appliancesare a lj-kW range and a 5.5-kW, 240-V dryer. Assume rzmge and dryer kW

ratings equivalent to kVA ratings in accordance with Sections 220'18 and

2z}-lg.Computed Load [see Section 220-101

Fill in the following information:

General Lighting Load: sq. ft. at - VA per sq. ft. =


Number of Branch Circuits Required:GeneralLigbtingLoad: VAI l20V:-A

: General Lighting Load: YA I 120 V : - A

-.i ThiJrequires_ 15-A 2-wire or- 20-A,2-wire circuitsSmall Appliance Load: 2-wire, 20-A circuitsLaundry Load :One 2-wire, 20'A circuit

one additional bathroom 20 ampere circuit is also required.

Minimum Size Feeder Required :General Ligbting - VA


Small ApplianceLaundryTotal 11100 VA

VA at 100% 3000 VAVA - 3000 VA = VA at o/o is

Net Load - VARange - VADryer- VANet Computed Load - VANet Computed Load for 1201240-V, 3-wire, single-phase service or

y A l 2 4 0 V = _ ANet computed load exceeds 10 kVA.conductors to be - A.

Would require service




Calculation for Neutral for Feeder and Service:Ligbting and Small Appliance Net Load

Ranee: VA at 70Yo is 5600 VADryer i -�VA at 70% isTotal - VA

Computed Load for Neutral:V A / 2 4 0 V = A



Page 23: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

What is thetinal computed loadfor the neutral in the above loadcalculation?

r a1 65'9

r b) 63'7

r c1 loo

r d ) 1 1 1

15. The correc't hookupfor the 3-woy swilch below is:

r a 1 A t o X , B t o z , c t o Y

r b ; A t o Y , B t o x . c t o zr c ) A t o Z , B t o Y , C t o Xr d ; A t o Z , B t o X , C t o Y


To 4-way Switch&iiay s'sribh

Page 24: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

16.Connect the delta wound 480 vott motor leadsfor the high voltage windings

in the diagran below.

(* a7

g_7, 4-6,9-9, 54

r' b) 4_7,5-9, 6-9

c c; 4-9, 6'8,5'7

Page 25: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

77, Find the correct size ventilated cable troyfor the diagram below.

{^ a; 6 inches

r b) 12 incbes

r c) 18 inches

' d)24 inches

Gr,sr 4/€ rElultloon4nctoteeblea Eacf i cabl ,e lag incfi es iar dierns er


- Und'f, drra rnultiaon€tucto"I cables. E.=ctr +s{'e ;s

\ r incn in ,risrraer

\\ l

\ l

18.Find the voltage across the 5 ampere load afier the neutral is opened Botltloads are resistive and the powerfactor is 1.0.

(- a; 180 volts

c b1 120 volts

' c; 0 volts

24O v.ah J 129 v€{: l 3€rv i€.

Page 26: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

, O Find the size of inverce time circuit breaker requiredfor thefeederr '/t

protecting theJoltowing polyphase induction moton. These motors are'Design

B and-have a S-erviii Factor of 1.15 and are individually protected

with inverse time circuit breakers.

c a; 150 amPere

r- b) 175 ampere

r c; 200 ampere




Page 27: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

20. How many cubic inches is requiredfor thefollowing box? AII conductorsare No, 11 and there are no iiternal clamps,

r { Qcubic inches

(^ b) 16 cubic inches

(- c) 18 cubic inches

' d) 20 cubic inches

Page 28: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test L


#l b (18) Conduit seals shall be installed within 18 in. from the

enclostue. Only explosion proof unions' couplings, reducers,

elbows, cappea elbbws, and conduit bodies such &s L, T, and X

types not larger than the fiade size of the conduit are permitted

ut.t seal. Text Reference section 501-5(a)(1)

#2 a (32 inches) tn sfraight pulls, the length of the box shall not

be lesi than eight times the trade diaureter of the largest raceway'

Text Reference sectio n 37 0'28(aX 1 )

#3 b (8.41n ,) 8 kw + 5 percent of 8 kw is 8'4 kw'Text Reference section table 220-19 Note 1

#4 b CIo. 10 copper) Table 250-122 lists aNo. 10 copper for a 50ampere circuit breaker. Text Reference section 250'L22

#5 b (30 volts) class 1 power limited circuits shall be suppliedfrom a source ihat has Lrated output of not more than 30 volts and1 00 0 volt-amperes. Text Reference sectio n 7 25 -21 (a)

#6 c (1200 volts) l20A/oltage: 100 /1000;voltage = (120 x 1000 )/ 100, voltage : 1200 voltsText Reference section Basic Electrical Theory


Page 29: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#7 c (l % inch & | y4 inch) Problem: What size Rigid Metal conduit is

permitted for the following 9 conductors?+ nrw}I #12 cIJ,2 RI{W (covered) #8 cu, 3 RITW (covered) #6 cu

From Table 5:Area of #12 TIIV/N is .0.133 x 4 = .0532Area of # 8 RI{W covered = .0835 x2: .167Area of #5 RHW covered = .1041 x 3 = .3123

Total area: .5325 sq. inches

tn Table 4 for Rigrd Metal Conduit find the first number larger than .5325 thatis 0.610 in column for over 2 wires 40%-This corresponds to L ll4 inch conduit.A I I/2 inch conduit would also satisff the requirement.Answer: C both I l/4 and 1 l/2 nch conduits can be used.

Text Reference section Chapter 9 Table l, Table 4, & Table 5

#8 b (83 percent) efficiency: (5 x 746watts) / 4,500 wattsBasic Electrical Theory in aNutsheLl See HandoutText Reference section Basic Electrical Theory

#9 a (True Power divided by Apparent Power) True Power :

watts, Apparent poweFvolt-amperes. PF : watts/ volt amperesText Reference section Basic Electrical Theory

#10 c (83 or 83 percent) PF = 6,000 I (208*20*1.732)Text Reference section Basic Electrical Theory

#11 b(.93 or 93 percent)PF:8,000 I (240 volts x 36 amperes)Text Reference section Basic Electrical Theory

#12 c (24 inches) Use larger of (6 x 3) + 3 +3 : 24 inches or (6 x2)+2+l + 1:16 inches. DimensionXshal lbe24 inches.Text Reference sectio n 37 0'28(aX2)

#13 b (D to S, Eto R, F to T, Gto W

Page 30: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


#14 b (63.7) This problem is alnost identical to Example D1(a) in AppendixD of the 1999 Code. This dwelling has a floor arcaof 2200 sq. ft., exclusive of anrrnfinished cellar not adaptable for future use, unfinished attic, and open porches.Appliances are a 12-kW range and a 5.5-kW, 240-V dryer. Assune range and dryer kWratings equivalent to kVA ratings in accordance with Sections 220-18 aad220'1 g.Computed Load [see Section 220-l0l

General Lighting Load: 2200 sq. ft. at 3 VA per sq. ft. = 6600 VA Minimum

Number of Branch Circuits Required[see Section 210-11(e)(1)] General Ligbting Load: 5600 VA / l20V: 55 AThis requires for:r l5-A 2-wire or three 20-A" 2-wire circuitsSmall Appliance Load: Two 2-wire,20-A circuits [see Section 210-11(cX1)]Lar:ndry Load:One 2-wbe,20-A circuit [see Section 210-11(c)(2)]Batlrroom Branch Circuit: One 2-wire,20-A circuit (no additional load calculation isrequired for this circuit) [see Section 210-11(cX3)]

Minimum Size Feeder Required [see Section 220-10]General Lighting 6600 VASmall Appliance 3000 VALaundry 1500 VATotal 11100 VA3000 VA at 100% 3000 VAI I100 VA - 3000 VA: 8100 VA at35Yo is 2835 VANet Load 5835 VARange (see Table 220-19) 8000 VADryer (see Table 220-18) 5500 VANet Computed Load 19,335 VANet Computed Load for 1201240-V, 3-wire, single-phase service or feeder19,335 VA ,240 V = 80.6 ANet computed load exceeds 10 kVA. Section 230-42@) would require service conductorsto be 100 A.

Calculation for Neutal for Feeder and ServiceLighting and Small ApplianceNet Load 5835 VARange: 8000 VA at70%o(see Section220-22) 5600 VADryer : 5500 YA at70%(see Section220-22) 3850 VATotal 14,550 VAComputed Load for Neutral1s,28s v A I z4oy = 63: e Text Reference section Appendix D,example D1(a)

Page 31: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#15 c (A to Z, B to Y, C to X) See Diagam

&vay svribh

To 4-way Switch

#16 b (4-7,5-8, 6-9) Text Reference section Basic ElectricalTheory See Diagrarn

Page 32: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Over 4/o mul t lconductorc a b l e s . E a c h c a b l e l s2 I n c h e s I n d l a m e t e r


#17 b ( l2_tqshes

Text Reference section 318-9(a)(2) and Table 318-9

#18 a (0 vol ts) R for 15 a load :120115:8 ohms; R for 5 a load :12015

: 24 Neutral open l: 240 /(8 + 241 : 7 .5 a; E across 5 a load :7 .5 ax 24 --

180 volts see diagram

NeLJtra l or grounded conductor

SolutionProblem: Find the voltage across the 5 ampere load after the neutral is opened.

First find the resistance of each load:l5 ampere load:Vol ts : 120R : E / IR: 120 volts / l5 amperesR: 8 ohms5 ampere load:R: 120 volts / 5 amperesR:24 ohmsWhen neutral is open the two resistors are in series and the Total Resistance is 8 + 24 or 32 ohms'

The voltage is240 volts across the two resistors in series.To find the curent after the neutral opens:I= 24Q volts / 32 ohms[ = 7.5 urmperesThe voltage across the 5 ampere load that has a resistance of 24 ohms is:E = l x RE = 7 .5 ampere x 24 ohmsE : 180 voltsAnswer: 180 vols

Page 33: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#19 b (175 amDere) see di


Problem: Find the size of inverse rime circuit breaker required for the feeder protectingthe following polyphase induction motors. These motors are Design B and have aService Factor of I .15 and are individually protected with inverse time circuit breakers.

This is a motor feeder circuit. There is a motor feeder Example D8 in Appendix D of theCode.

Motor Circuit Conductors, Overload Protection, and Short-Circuit and Ground-FaultProtection(see Sections 240-6, 430-6,430-22,430-23,430-24, 430-32,430-34,430'52, and 43042,Tables 430-150 and 430-152)

Feeder Short-Circuit and Gror:nd-Fault ProtectionThe rating of the feeder protective device is based on the largest branch-circuit protectivedevice plus the sum of the full-load currents of the other motors [see Sections 240-6 anda30-62(a)lFor the 5-hp motor FLA is 7.6 'mperes from Table 430-150.For the 15-hp motor FLA is 21 arnperes from Table 430-150.For the 40-hp motor FLA is J) ernpercs from Table 430-150.52 x 1.25= 65 amperes65 + 2l + 7.6 = 93.6 arnperes

The branch circuit protective device for the 40 hp motor is based on Table 430-152 is 250percent times 52: 130 amperes. By Section 240-6 the next larger standard size CB is150 amperes.Then for the feeder Circuit Breaker: 150 + 2l + 7.6 = 178 amperes.The nearest standard fuse that does not exceed this value is 175 A [see Sections 240-6and 430-62(a)1.

Answer 175 ampere Circuit Breaker.

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#20 b (16 cubic inches) see di

Problem: How many cubic inches is required for the following box? Allconductors are No. 14 and there are no intemal clamps'

Conductor Count Switch :2

' Gror:nding conductors:1

Conductors that originate outside the box and terminate or are spliced in the

. box:5' Total:8


't The cubic inch area required by Table 370-16(b) for a No. 14 is 2 cubic inches.

-i The cubic inch capacity required is 2 cubic inches x 8 or 16 cubic inches.


") Answer is 16 cubic inches.i

. .

Page 35: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


(b) Box Fill Calculations. The volumes in paragraphs (1) through (5), asapplicable, shall be added together. No allowance shall be required for smallfittings such as locknuts and bushiirgs.(1) Conductor Fill. Each conductor that originates outside the box andterminates or is spliced within the box shall be counted once, and eachconductor that passes through the box without splice or termination shall becounted once. The conductor fill, in cubic inches, shall be computed usingTable 370-16(b). A conductor, no part of which leaves the box, shall not becounted.Exception: A:r equipment grounding conductor or conductors or not over fourfixnue wires smaller than No. 1.4, or botb shall be permitted to be omitted fromthe calculations where they enter a box from a domed fixture or similar canopyand terminate within that box.(2) Clamp Fill. Where one or more internal cable clamps, whettrer factory orfietd supplied, are present in the bo6 a single volume allowance in accordancewith Table 370-16(b) shall be made based on the largest conductor present inthe box. No allowance shall be required for a cable connector with its clampingmechanism outside the box.(3) Support Fittings Fitl. Where one or more fxhrre studs or hickeys are presentin the bo>r, a single volume allowance in accordance with Table 370-16(b) shallbe made for each type of fitting based on the largest conductor present in thebox.(4) Device or Equipment Fill. For each yoke or strap containing one or moredevices or equipment, a double volume allowance in accordance with Table370-16(b) shall be made for each yoke or strap based on the largest conductorconnected to a device(s) or equipment supported by that yoke or strap.(5) Equipment Grounding Conductor Fill. Where one or more equipmentgrounding conductors or equipment bonding jr.mpers enters a box, a singlevolume allowance in accordance with Table 370-16(b) shall be made based onthe largest equipment grounding conductor or equipment bonding jumperpresent in the box. Where an additional set of equipment grotrnding conductors,as permitted by Section 250-L46(d), is present in the box, an additional volumeallowance shall be made based on the largest equipment grounding conductor

in the additional set. Text Reference section 370-16; Table 370-16(b)

Page 36: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 2

I. In the diagram below the total resistance is and the value of R3 is

a) 20,10.7 ohms

b) 20,19.7 ohms

c) 20,20.7 ohms

d) 10,30 ohms



l a

1 0 o h m s I = 6 amperes

R t =itoialreslslanc e)

) Wat is the ampacity of 12 No. 12 THHN copper conductors in a I0feet long-'

EMT raceway where there are 9 current carrying conductors and the ambienttemperature is 42 degree C? (Select nearest answer)








10 amperes

15 amperes

i 8 amperes

22 amperes

120 volts 20 ohms

I '^"TlR2

10 ohms

Page 37: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

2 lVhat is the allowable ampacity of each No. 6 THW copper conductor if therero

are l0 current carrying conductors in a 21 inch long rigid conduit nipple in a

room where the antbient temperature is 55 degrees C? (Select nearest answer)

r a) 65 amPeres

r b) $J amPeres

(^ c) 50 amPeres

r O 44 amperes

/ Find the size EMT nipple required to enclose 3 each 500 kcmil THHN'rr

conductors bethteen wo Panek-

c a) 1 1/2 inch

r b) 2 inch

r c) 3irch

' d) 3 1/2 inch

( What size rigid steel conduit is requiredfor 1 each 4/0 XHHV/ and I eachcro

No. 3 bare iquipment grounding conductor if the raceway is 12feet long?

c a) I ll2 inch

r- b) 2 inch

(. c) 2 ll2 inch

(- d) 3 inch

' e) 1 inch

Page 38: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

. 6. Junction boxes shall be '

C a) accessible

'. (- b) readily accessible

r .; visible

(- d) inside removable Panels

. i

n The type of lampholder required in a branch circuit in scess of 20 amPeres/' ,ioi6, ' '.

c a) brass

l- b) Porcelain coated

(- c) not an interchangeable tYPe

' d) heavY dutY

g. Ilnless an ucepted load as speciJied by the Code, a 56 ampere load shall be

protected bY a -fuse.

t- a) 50

r b) 60

r* c) 70

(- d) 80

Page 39: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

O fn a washdown area a metollic rucewoy shall be spacEd not less than"

inchfrom the walls.

r a) l l8

c b) l l4

(- c) l/2

c d) 314

I n Given: Three (3) 500 kcmil Type THHN copper conductort in a raceway atL v'

70 degrees C. The maximum allowable current in each conductor b -amPefes.













t I Alixture that weighs more than -pounds shall be supported^ f independentty of the outlet bon

r a ) 4 0

r b) 50

c c ) 6 0

r d ) 7 0

Page 40: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7 2. An AC-DC general use snap switch may be used wilh inductive loads at

-percent of its amPere rating at the applied voltage'

c a) 40

c b ) 5 0

e c ) 7 0

(- d) 80

, 2 When utilized as ou&ide bronch circuib andfeeden, overhead conductottt "'

fo, 600 volts or less, for spans up to 50 feet, shall not be less than


(- a) No. 14

c b) No' 12

r c) No' 10

r * O N o . g

t / Conductorc of light and power systems of 600 volts or less may occupy tlterq'

ioit enclosire, without regard to whether the individual circuits are AC or

DC, only where all the conductors are -'

c a) insulated for the ma:cimum temperature within the enclosure.

,^ insulated for the maximum voltage of any conductor within the,

b) enclosure'

c) insulated for the maximum of 300voits

r' d) none of the above

Page 41: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I < When utilized in overhead services, without any excePtions, conductont Jo

shalt not be smaller than No. coPper'

r a ) 1 4

c b) 12

r c ) 1 0

. - o 8

7 A MAde electrodes must have a resistance to ground not to uceedru'

ohms when used alone

c a) 5

c b) 10

{ - c ) 2 5

{- d) 30

t 7 Disregarding all exceptions, the sum of the cross-sectional area of allr . .

conductors i"-i n:i*ay sh'all not *cied percent of the interior

cross-sectional area of the wireway'

c a) 20

' b ) 3 0

r c ) 4 0

r d) 60

Page 42: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

tRGiven:Nine(9)No.!AVG.THHNcopperconductorsinacondui tat304 v' degrees C. Wltat is the maximum atloiitte ampacig in each conductor?





a) 33 '3

b) 38's

c) 40'0

d) ss

t O The minimum total circuit ampacity reeuyl!lo supply an air conditioningL "

mobr compressor unit which-corro rs 81500 volt amperes of power at a

l inevo l tageof2 l0vo l ts isamPeres .Se lec t thec loses tanswer .

















) n Given: An ollice building .ttas.a required.general tjshtins load of 50'000

- v' volt amper"i. Tt , general tighting'toad i supptied by a single phase' 230

vo lt feeder circ uitThe minimum calculate d- iurrent in the feeder circ uit

ungroundeo'i*i conductors rs_ amperes. select the closest anEwer'









Page 43: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



o Resistance of n resistors in parallel is found using the formula:

l/RT = liRl + 1lF.2 + 1/R3.....+1lRn

o Resistance of two resistor in parallel is found r:sing the productover the sum formula:

RT= (R1 x R2)/(R1+R2)

o Resistance of n resistors in series is found using the formula:

RT = Rl + R2 + R3 ......+Rn

Using the above ntles:Rt: 120 volts i 6 amperesRt = 20 ohmsThe resistance of Rl, R2, and R3 in parallel is Rt minus 10 ohms minus 5 ohmsor 5 ohms.The resistance of Rl and R2 in parallel is (10 x 20) / (10 + 20) or 6,7 ohms.Then5ohms=(6 .7 xR3) l (6 .7 +R3)5(6 ,7 +R3)= 6 .7 xR33 3 . 5 + 5 R 3 = 6 . 7 x R 36.7R3 - 5R3= 33.5R3 (6.7 - 5) = 33.5R3 = 33.5 I 1.7R3 = 19.7 ohms

Page 44: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#2 c (18 amperes) The derating factor for 9 c1tlrent carryingconductors in a raceway is 70 percent, and the ambient deratingfactor for 42 degrees C. is .87. Ampacity of THHN No. 12 is 30amperes. ,7 x.87 x 30 : L8.27 Elmperes.Text Reference section 310-15(b) table 310-16 and coffectionfactors at bottom of table and Table 3 1 0- 15(bx2)(a)

#3 d (44 amperes) THW ampacity is 65 amperes. The ambientderating factor is .67 .67 x 65 : 43.55 uunperes Text Referencesection 3 10- I 6 and conection factors at bottom of table

#4 b (2 inch) The area for 3 -500 kcmil THHN conductors is 3 x.7073 -2.1219 For 60 percent filI using the.8 round offmethodrequires a 2 inch EMT. Text Reference section 348-8; Chapter 9,table 1 notes 4 and 7, Table 4, and Table 5

#5 b (2 inch) Area of 4 410: 4 x .3197 :1.2788; arca of No. 3 is.053 . 1.2788 + .053 : 1.3318 sq. in. requiring a2 inch rigidconduit with a 40 percent area of 1.363 sq. in. Text Referencesection 346-7; Chapter 9 Table I,4,5, and 8

#6 a (accessible) Conduit bodies, junction, pull, and outlet boxesshall be installed so that the wiring contained in them can berendered accessible Text Reference section 37 0'29

#7 d (heavy duty) Where connected to a branch circuit having arating in excess of 20 amperes, lampholders shall be of the healy-duty type. Text Reference section210-21(a)

#8 b (60) The next larger size permitted by Code is 60 amperes.Text Reference sectio n 240-3(0; 2a0-6(a)

#g b (Il4) Standard practice is to keep electrical equipment ll4inch of the surface in indoor locations that may become wet.Text Reference section 300-(6)

Page 45: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#10 a (249) By Table 310-16(bottom) the derating factor for 70degrees C in the 90 degree C. column is .58. .58 x 430 A. :249

amperes. Text Reference section 310-16 and derating table atbottom of page

#11 b (50) A fixture that weighs more than 50 lb (22.7 kg) shall besupported independent of the outlet box unless the outlet box islisted for the weight to be supported.Text Reference section 410-16(a)

#l2b (50) A form of general-use snap switch suitable for use oneither ac or dc circuits for controlling Inductive loads notexceeding 50 percent of the ampere rating of the switch.vwText Reference section 3 80- 17 4(b)(2)

#I3 c (#10) Open individual conductors shall not be smaller thanthe following: For 600 volts, nominal, or less, No. 10 copper orNo. 8 aluminum for spans up to 50 ft (15.2 m) in length and No. 8copper or No. 6 aluminum for a longer sPffi, unless supported.Text Reference section 225-(a)(l)

#t4 b (insulated for the ma:<imum voltage of any conductor withinthe enclosure) Text Reference section 300-3(cXl)

# 15 d (8) The conductors shall not be smaller than No. 8 copper orNo. 6 aluminum or copper-clad aluminum.Text Reference section 230-23

#16 c (25) A single electrode consisting of a rod, PiPe, or plate thatdoes not have a resistance to $ound of 25 ohms or less shall beaugrnented by one additional electrode of any of the typesspecified in Sections 250-50 or 250'52.Text Reference section 250-56

Page 46: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

:. , .

' # I7 a (20) The sum of cross-sectional areas of all containedconductors at any cross section of the wireway shall not exceed 20

: percent of the interior cross-sectional area of the wireway.

. j #18 b (38.5) By Table 310-15(bX2) the derating factor for 9

conductors in ataceway is 70Yo. .70 x 55 = 38.5 amperes.

! Text Reference section Table 310-16; Table 310-15(bX2)(a)

' #Ig a(44.3) I : plE:8500 VN 240 volts - 35.4 amperes. Frornu:r

Table 440-32 125 pet cent of 35 .4: 44.3 amperes'

#20 a(208) I - P / E; 50,000 I 240 volts :208 Etmperes.. Text Reference section Appendix D

Page 47: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 3

a , , i a h i , r m ' r r a r . N O . 3v u J - 4 l \ u l t u J s l .

I Given: Three (3) 500 kcmit THHN conductors in a raceway at 70 degrees F-t'o

H/hat is the maximum ollowable current k each conductor if the

terminations and equipment is rated at 90 Degtees C?




(- a)




2. F-texibte cord muy be used in oll of thefollowing locations ucept --







to replace permanent wiring



Class III, Division 2

Class II, Division I

Unclassified areas at a buik storage plants

r a )

{- b)r c )

r d )

? Wen a conduit nippte having a maximum lengtft not to exceed 24 inches isJ'

installed, the nippii shall be permined tu beJilled to -percent of its total

cross sectional area

c a ) 3 0

c b )

r c )

c d )

4, Drums of gasoline may be stored in what type of outdoor area?












Page 48: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

6. The maximum allowablefiAfor conduit and tubkgfor 3 or more conductors,not lead covered is

5. The interior of paint spray bootlts ore considered

c a )

r b )

(- c)

c d )

Class 1, or Class 2, Division I

Class 1, Division 2

Class II, Division I

Class II, Division 2

c a )

r b )

r c )

c d )

7. In a conduit seal, the minimum thickness otthe seoling compound, exceptwhere rced in cables, should in no case be le5,s than






(- a)

r b )

(' c) 518'

r- d) 3/4u

Given: A 30 hpr 3-phase,160 volt, continuous duty induction motor with asembefactor of 1.15 and a temperature rise of 40 degrees C. The maximumrating otthe required separate overload device is_ amperes.

' - a )

r b )

c c )

r d )

l l4u






Page 49: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

o Given: Measurement across a 3-phase squirrel cage motor atfull load are7o

460 volts and 65 amperes. What should the honepower rating be rcing the


c a ) 3 0

r b) 40

r c) 50

r d) 60

t n Refer to theligure below. Given the circuit shown What is the current in theL v'

neutral conductor?

r a )

c b )

. c )

r d )


12.5 a.naperes

6.25 amperes

4.2 amperes



u2a t AJ t n

7 7 .

1 ,OOO \A/atts

5oo \A/a.tts

N e u t ra l

I | 12O vA(- l l

' l l l' ' : : = : : : : : : = = : = = = : : : : = : : : : : : : : - '

Given: A 25footfeeder tap. The ampacity of the tap must be at least -tha,t of thefieder conductor or overcunent protectionfrom which il is









Page 50: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t ) The normal current allowed on a coyiper bw in an Awiliary Gutters is'- a'

11000 amperes per squsrc inch. The nuntber of amperes which a 2 1/2 x 1/4inch square copper bus may carry under thse conditions it- amPercs.

c a )

r b) 750

r c) l,'000

c d) t'250

t ? Given: A 240 volt conductor has a total length of 500feet and supplies dz r '

bad of 10 arqperes. The conductor has a resistance of 1.15 ohms per 1'000feel The total wltage drop in the conductor circuil conducton ispercent Select the closest answen

r d) n

| / The maximumftxture weight that may be supported by the screw sltell of a'Tc

hmpholder is pornds.

75 .

t- 16' d) r\r

Where a cable is installed through bored holes in woodioists, wherepossible, the hoks shall be bored so that the edge of the hole is not less than

inch(es) from the nearest edge of the wood member.

r a )

r b )

r c )

r d )




/- a)

c b )

r c )



1 0

r a )

c b )

r c )


L v 4

L U 2


Page 51: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

:- . :

76. The minimum lighting toad requiredfor the general Eghting (only) of achurch huitding having ou&ide dimensions of 100t by 200' is - volt-amPefes.

c a )

r b )

c c )

r d )






r b )

r c )

r d )

I p Given: A 240 volt, 20 amPere two wire branch circuil If the ,ruEimumr 'r'

ailowable voltage drop through the circuit conductors is 2,4 volts, what is

the maximum allowable resistance of the circuit conductorc?

t 7 The minimum size copper equipment grounding conductfor groundingr / '

equipmcnt hmting a 10 ampere automatic overcurrent device in the circuitahead of the equiPment isNa



1 0

1 2

r a )

(- b)

r c )

c d )

12 ohms

1.2 ohms

.48 ohms

.12 ohms

Page 52: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I O The combined load oif two, 230 voltftxzd heaters on a 30 antlrere branch^ " circuit shalt not qceed kilowot&, Select the closest dnsreen

(' a) 2.4

r b )

(- c)

(^ d)

)n Outlet boxes mounted in combustible walls or ceilings must be mounted so-v' that thq will be set back not more than a msimum of -kchfrom theftnished surface.

) . )






0 (must be flush)









Page 53: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


Electrician Practice Test 3

. - Qu iz Number : No . 3

. _ #1 d (447) the correction factor at the bottom of Table 310-16for 70 degrees F. is 1.04 for 90 degree rated insulation such as

I fHHN. 1.04 x 430 amperes : 447amperes.Text Reference section Table 310-16 & Temperature deratingfactors at bottom of table, and section 110-14

#2 c (to replace pennanent wiring) Text Reference section 400-7 ,., 400-8

#3 d(60) Where conduit or tubing nipples having a maximumlength not to exceed 24 n. (610 mm) are installed between boxes,cabinets, and similar enclosures, the nipples shall be pennitted to

" be filled to 60 percent of their total cross-sectional axea.Text Reference section Chaptet 9, Table 1 note 4

#4 d (Unclassified areas at a bulk storage plants.) This permission- is given for bulk storage plants and they are defined in Section

5 1 5- I . Text Reference section 575-2

#5 a (Class l, or Class 2, Division 1) The following spaces shall'

be considered Class I or Class II, Division I locations, asapplicable: The interiors of spray booths and rooms.Text Reference section 51 6-2(a)

#6b (40%) By Table 1 in Chapter 9,40 percent. Text Reference4, section Chapter 9, Table I

* #7 c (5/8") In a completed seal, 1[s minimum thickness of thesealing compound shall not be less than the trade size of the

r sealinE fitting ond, in no case, less than 5/8 in. Text Referencesection 501-5(cX3)

d . i

Page 54: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#8 d (60) 125 percent of 40 is 50 amperes, but Section 430'34allows a 140 percent maximum overload. Text Reference sectiontable 430-150; Sections 430-32(aXl); 430-34

#9 c (50) By Tabl e 430-150 a 50 horsepower motor has a fulI loadamperes of 65. Text Reference section 430-150

#10 d (4.2 anperes) Cunent through 1000 watt load : L,000/120-8.3 amperes; Current through 500 watt load : 500/120 = 4.L7amperes. 8.3 - 4.I -- 4.2 amperes. Text Reference section BasicElectrical Theory

#11 b (Ll3) Also, the tap conductors terminate in a single circuitbreaker or a single set of fuses that will limit the load to theampacity of the tap conductors and shall be protected. TextReference sectio n 241 -2l. (bX2)

#L2b (625)Amperes : (2.5 x .25) x 1,000: 625 amperesText Reference section 37 4-6(a)

#13 a (3) E:IxR; E:l0 x (500/1,000)xl .45 : 7 .25 volts; percent-(7.251240 ) x 100 - 3 percent Text Reference section BasicElectrical Theory

#14 b (6) A fixture that weighs more than 6 lb (2.72 kg) or exceeds16 in. (406 mm) in any dimension shall not be supported by thescrew shell of a lampholder. Text Reference section 4L0- 15(a)

#15 b (I %) If this requirement cannot be met, standard *nail

plates* can be used. Text Reference section 300-4(aX1)

#16 c (2000) 100' x 200' - 20,000 sq. ft.,By Table 220-3(a) 1 VAper square foot is required for churches. 1 x 20,000 :20,000 VA.Text Reference section Table 220-3

Page 55: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#17 c (10) By Table 250-122 a40 ampere OCPD requtues a No. 10copper equipment grounding conductor. Text Reference sectiontable 250-122

' #1 8 d (.12 ohms) R: El I;R: 2.41 20; R - .12 ohms . The 240

is (2.41240 )x 100 = I percent. Text Reference section review DCTheory

, +19 b (5.5) .8 x 30 :24 €rmperes. 24x230:5520 watts;'i

5520/1000: 5.5 lcw. Text Reference section a2a-3$)

-.'' #20 d(0 must be flush) In walls and ceilings constucted of woodor other combustible material, boxes shall be flush with the

. finished surface or project there from Text Reference section3 7o-20

Page 56: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



Electrician Practice Test 4

1. Refer to theJigure below. What is wrong with the grounding rod illwtrated?

r a) It is not 10 feet long.

(- b) It requires a gror.urd ciamp

r c) It is not 30 inches deep

f d) There is nothing wrong, according to the Code



Grounding Electrode Conductor

Soi l t2 f t . deep

I8 ft. long by 'll2 inch diameter solid copper rod

Page 57: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

) Which of thefollowing is not a standardfnse or inverse time chcuit breakera'


r a )

. . c )

c d) 55

? fn general, a continuous dttty motor rated at more than I horsepower shall be"'

protected by a sqarate overload daice rated at no more than - percentof the motor nancplatefull-load current rating.




r a )

r b )

r c )

r d) 125

,t Where direct buried conductors or cab:les emergefrom the ground they shallac

be protected by enclosures or raceways. In no case shall the protection berequired to uceed - inches belowJinished grade

r a )

r b )

r c )

r d )

{ Given: Three resistorc (R1, H, and R3) are instuAed in a series circuit Thev'

power used by.R/ ts 100 watts and the power used by M is 75 watts. The totalpower used by the circuit is 225 wat6. Then the power used by resbtor RJ it











1 1 5

l 2

l 8






Page 58: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Refer to thefigure below. The total rcsbtance Rt isclosest answen

ohms. Sekct the6.

c a )

r b )

r c )

r d )

r a )

. . b )

c c )

(- d)



grognded by running a ground from the range frame to the outletbox, wrapping the ground around the cord and then grounding itto the outlet box.


grounded by a 4-wire cord containing the two hot leads, theneutral, and a green grounding conductor. (the range requires a 4-wire cord)grounded at the range by bonding the grounded conductor to theftrnge frarne.

1 5


7 Given: Afree standing electric range b rated n0n40 volts and requires ar t

neutral connectionfor the 120 vott timer and lights. The range is equippedwitlt 3 wire cord with No. 8 copper condaclors ond a 3 prone plugfor two hot

leads and neutraL The rangeframe shall be permitted to be -'

PE15 ohrns

Page 59: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

9. The Code requires at least two stnall appliance branch circuibfordwellings, These small appliance circuib shall be assigned a load of

volt-amperes each when calculatingfeeden and service entrancerequiremen&.

r a )

r b )

c c )

f* d)

I0. T:"*^*{*efollowing

receptacles may be connected to the small appliance

| | A metal underground water pipe in direct contact with the earth for at least1 1'

il feet has traditionally be:en a preferred groanding electrode For all newconstruction, a metal underground waler pipe is -.

r a )

. - b )

(- c)

c a )

r b )

. ^ c )

(- d)



I 500


receptacles for electric clocks in the kitchen

garage ceiling receptacles for garage door openers

hallway which are close to the kitchen

still the preferred grounding electrode, by itself, whenavailable.still an acceptable grounding elechode, but it must besupplemented by at least one additional grounding electrode.

no longer accepted as a grounding elechode

accepted as the only grounding electrode when buried at leastthree(3) feet below the surface.

t 2 Thermal insulation shall not be installed within inches of a recessedL -' figMfirture enclosure unless the recessed ligfutirture is identiJied assuitablefor dbect contact with insulatiort


(- b)

r c )

r d )




Page 60: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



t ? The No. 12 or 11 grounded conductor of a bronch circuit shall be identifrcdt J a

Dv a w,re.

white or gxay color or three continuous white stripes on othera) than green insulation

t I The Code deJines ttcontinuous loadtt as o load where the maximum currentz "

is upected to continuefor at least -,

c b )


r d )

green color or bare copper

yellow color

black color

r a )

r b )

l- c)

r d )

one hour or more

two hours or more

tfuee hours or more

twenty four hours a daY

c a )

r b )

i .c)

' d )

76. Outlet boxes mounted in non<ombustible walls or ceilings must bemounted so that they will be set back not morc than a moximum ofinch trom th e Jin is hed s urface.

t < For calculating the me,imum nwnber of conduclors allowed in an outlett '"

box the volume requiredfor each No. 12 conductor it- cubic inches.














J t+

Page 61: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t Z Screr*shell lamphoWers shall be wired so thgt ttle'' ' '

connected to the scret+t-shellcondtrctor is

c a )

r b )

r c )

' - d )









outside dimensions of

inside dimensions of

heigbt of

number of rooms in

78.Enclosuresfor overcurrent devices in damp or wet locations shall bemauinUd so there is at least - inch alr space between the wall or othersupport surface.

r a )

c b )

c c )

r d )

, A Are least _inches offree conductor shall be left at each outlet and" '

switch pointfor splices orfor the connection ofJirtures or devices.

r a ) 5

r b) 6

' c ) 7

r d) 8

20. In determini?8.!o-:d o1th.1,volt'aTlere Pe: squarefoot basis thethe building shall be usedfor eachfloor.









Page 62: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 4


#1 c (it is not 30" deep) Where rock bottom is encountered, theelectrode shall be driven at an oblique angle not to exceed 45degrees from the vertical or shall be buried in a trench that is atleast 2%ft(762 mm) deep. Text Reference section250'52(c)

See Diagram

Grounding Electrode Conductor

a ft . tong by 1/2 inch diameter sol id copper rod

#2 d (55) 50 amperes and 60 amperes are standard fuse and

circuit breaker sizes but 5 5 is not. Text Reference Section240-6(a)

#3 d (125) Text Reference Section 430-32(aXl)

#4b (18) Direct-buried conductors and cables emerging from theglound shall be protected by to a point at least 8 ft above finishedgrade. In no cas; shall the protection be required to exceed 18 in.below ground. Text Reference Section 300-5(d)

a .

Page 63: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#5 b (50) 225 -75 - 100:50 watts TextReference SectionBasicElectrical Theory

#6 a (9.4) Basic electrical theory. Rt - (Rl x R2)/ (Rl + R2); RT: (25 x 15) I (25 +15) : 9.4 ohrns Text Reference Section BasicElectrical Theory: Product over the sum.

#7 c (grounded by a 4-wire cord containing the two hot leads, theneutral, and a green grounding conductor. the range requires a 4-wire cord) A new change no longer allows ranges to be groundedwith he grounded conductor in new installations. Text ReferenceSection 250-142

#8 b (two (2) single pole circuit breakers, tied together) In dwellingunits, a multiwire branch circuit supplying more than one device orequipment on the same yoke shall be provided with a means todisconnect simultaneously all ungrounded conductors at thepanelboard where the branch circuit originated. Text ReferenceSection 210-4(b)

#9 c ( 1 500) Text Reference Secti on 250-142

# 10 a (receptacles for electric clocks in the kitchen)Also the small appliance branch circuits can supply Receptaclesinstalled to provide power for supplemental equipment and lightingon gas-fired ranges, ovens, or counter-mounted cooking units. TextReference Section2l0-52(bx2) Exception No. 1

R215 ohms

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# 1 1 b (still an acceptable gounding electrode, but it must be

supplemented by at least one additional glounding elecfrode.)Because plumbers keep replacing metal pipe with plastic pipe the

metal underground water pipe is no longer a reliable undergloundgrounding electrode. Text Reference Section 250-50(a)

#12 b (3) Thermal insulation shall not be installed above a recessed

fixture or within 3 in. (76 mm) of the recessed fixhre*s enclosure,

wiring comparfment, or ballast unless it is identified for contactwith insulation, Tnrc IC. Text Reference Section 410-66(b)

#13 a(white or glay color or three continuous white stripes on

other tlan green insulation.) Ax insulated grounded conductor of

No. 6 or smaller shall be identified by a continuous white or

natural g;ay outer frrish or by three continuous white stripes on

other than green insulation along its entire length. Text Reference

Section 200-6

#14 c (three hours or more) Continuous Load: A load where the

maximum culrent is expected to continue for 3 hours or more'

Text Reference Section Article 100

#15 b (2.25)No. 2 requires 2.25 cubic inches per Table370-16(b)Text Reference Section Table 370-16(b)

# 1 6 b (I I 4") Text Reference S ectio n 37 0-20

#17 b (grounded) For devices with screw shells, the terminal for

ttre gfo*ded conductor shall be the one connected to the

screw shell. Text Reference Section 200-10(c)

#18 b (114") Text Reference Section240-32;373'2(a)

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# 1 9 b ( 6 ) t l e a s t 6 i n . ( | 5 2 m m ) o f f r e e c o n d u c t o r ' m e a S u r e d f r o m � �the point in the box where it emerges from its raceway orcable sheath, shall be left at each outlet junction, ffid switchpoint for splices or the connection of fixtures or devices.Text Reference Section 300-14


# 2 0 a ( o u t s i d e d i m e n s i o n s o 0 T h e f l o o r a r e a f o r e a c h f l o o r s h a l l b e �computed from the outside dimensions of the building,dwelling unit, or other area involved. Text Reference Section220-3(b)

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Electrician Practice Test 5

7 The circuit conductor that is defined os being intentionally grounded is the1'


r a) grounding

' b) grounded

r c) equiPment grounding

r d) grounding electrode

2. Class II location are those that are hazardous because of the presence of

a) ignitable vaPors

r u; iPitaule fibers

c c) combustible dust

r d; combr:stible liquids

2 ff tbee resistorc with values 5, 10, and 15 ohms respectively are connected inJc

iaraltet, tlrc combined total resbtance b- ohms. Select the closestanswef,

c a) o '4

r b) 2'3

c c) 2'7

r d) 3o'o

/ The wiring in a 200foot long branch circuil measures a total resistance ofzo

0.5 ohms. What is the resistance per 1,000feet?

r a) 0'5 ohms

r b) 1'o ohms-'

C) l'') OnmS

,- 5.0 ohms' d )

5. The maximum total voltage drop on bothfeeders and hranch circuits to the

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farthest outlet should not sceed Percent of the supply voltaga

r a ) 2

r b ) 3r c) 4

. ^ 0 s

The maximunt voltage drop on either afeeder OR branch circuit to the

farthest outlet should not sceed -percenl

c a ) 2

( _ b ) 3

r c) 4

r o sFor dwelling uni,6, the Code requires a minimum of -for the kitchensmoll appliance load.

r a) one l5amPerecircuit

r b) two 15 amPere circuits

r c) one 20 amPere circuit

c d) two 20 amPere circuits

Generally, equipment grounding conductors No, 6 and smaller shaU beidentifrcd by -.

. ^ d )

r e )

green color unless it is bare

green color with one or more yellow stipes trnless it is bare

barE conductor

bare or Individually covered or insulated equipment groundingconductors shall have a continuous outer finish that is either green orgreen with one or more yellow stripes except as permitted in thissection.

All of the above



r a )

(^ b)

c c )

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O Rod and pipe grounding electrodes shall not be lcss than -feet in"


r c) 8

r d) 10

I n Every dining room of a dwelling unit requires receptacle outlets to beL v'

installed so that no point along thefloor line in any wall space more than

feet, measured horizontallyrfrom an outlcl

r a ) 6

(. b) 7

e c) 8

d) l0

I t Listed liquidtightJtuible nonmetallic conduit installed in lengths longer11'

then -feet shaU be secured every -feel

r a ) 6 ' 3

{" b) 6 ' 4 l l2

(- c) 6'66

f 6 ; 1 0 , 1 0

t ) Generally, noncurrcnt-carrying metal parts of electrical equipment shoul.dr a'

be kept at least _feet awayfrom lightning rod conductorc in air and 3

feetfront tightning conducton in concrete, or shall be bonded to thelightning conductors.

r a) 6

' b ) l

\ t














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| ? Branch+ircuit cond,uctott supplykg a shgle motor which operates wtder'r' J'

continuous duty shall hary an ampacity not less than -percent of themotor full-load c urrent rating.

c a )

r b )

r c )

' ^ d )

74. The naximum number of overcurrent devices (other than those provided inthe mairc) in a single cabinet of a lighting and appliance panelboard shallbe

r a )

r b )

r c )

c d )

, < The totol load on any overcurrent device located in a panelboard shall not'' "'

uceed _percent of iB rating where in normal operation th.e load willcontin@r-3 hours or more.


1 1 5







c a )

c b )

c c )

c d) 125

76, Liquid-tightfluible metal conduit may be used in




(' a)

c b )

(^ c)

(- d)

areas that are both exposed and concealed

areas that are subject to physical damage

4 ll2 nchtrade size

5 inch trade size

Page 70: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

| '7 The maximum size offlexible metallic tubing that mny be used in anyr t o

construction or installation is -.

t 9 Where conductors of less than 600 volts emergefrom the ground they shallr 1)o

be protected by enclosures or raceways that dendfrom below grade to a

point at lcast -feet aboveJinished groda

r b )

r c )

r d )

c a )

c b )

' c )

c d )




1 "


1 0



I O The total number of quarter bends allowed in one run of rigid nonmetallicr "

conduit shall not exceed -.

l ' a' a ) 1

' b ) 3

{ - c ) 4

|-' d ) J

20. Wtere ungrounded conductors of minimum size No. -or larger enter

a raceway m a cabinet, tlrc conductors shall be protected by an insulated


c a )

c b )

c c )

' d )





Page 71: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 5


# 1 b (grounded Grounded Conductor. A system or circuitconductor that is intentionally grounded.) Test Reference sectionArticle 100: grounded conductor

#2 c (combustible dust) Class tr locations are those that arehazardous because of the presence of combustible dust TestReference section 500-8

#3 c (2.7) For the 5 and l0: (5 x 10) I (5 + 10): 3.3:3 in parallelwith l5 is (15 x 3.3) / 15 + 3.3) :2.7 ohms Test Reference sectionBasic Electrical Theory

#4 c (2.5) 1000 is 5 times 200 so resistance is 5 x .5:2.5 ohmsTest Reference section Basic Theory

#5 d (5) 5 percent total: 3 percent for feeders or 3 percent forbranch circuits. Test Reference sectionzl0-l9(a) FPN No. 4 ;2L5-c(b) FPN No. 2

#6b (3) Test Reference section2L0-19(a) FPN No. 4; 215-2(b)FPN No. 2

#7 d (two 20 ampere circuits) In addition to the number of branchcircuits required by other parts of this section, two or more 20-ampere small-appliance branch circuits shall be provided.Test Reference section 2L0- 1 1 (cX 1 )

#8 e (atl of the above) Test Reference section 250-1 19

#9 c (8) Rod and pipe electrodes shall not be less than 8 ft (2.44 m)in length Test Reference section 250-52(c)

Page 72: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

# 10 a (6) In every kitchen, family, dining, recreation, living room'parlor, library, den, sunroom, bedroom, receptacle outlets shall beinstalled so that no point along the floor line in any wall space isrnore than 6 feet from an receptacle.Test Reference sectio n 210-52(a)

#11 a (6, 3) Test Reference section 35 L-23(a)(5) and 351-27

#12 d (6) Separation from lightning protection conductors istypically 6 ft (1.83 m) through air or 3 ft (0.92m) through densematerials such as concrete, brick, or wood. Test Reference 250-106FPN No. 2

#13 c (I25) Branch-circuit conductors that supply a single motorused in a continuous duty application shall have an ilmpacity of notless than 125 percent of the motor's full-load current rating asdetermined by Section a30-6(a)(1). Test Reference section 430-22(a)

#I4 c (42) Not more than 42 overcurrent devices (other than thoseprovided for in the mains) of a lighting and appliance branch-circuit panelboard shall be installed in any one cabinet or cutoutbox Test Reference section 384-15

#15 c (80) The total load on any overcurrent device located in apanelboard shall not exceed 80 percent of its rating where, innormal operation, the load will continue for three hours or more.Test Referense section 384-16(d)

# 16 a (areas that are both exposed and concealed) Test Referencesection 351-4

#17 d (1") This seems very small, but it is what the Code says. TheMinimum Bend Radii is 17 LlZ nches! Test Reference section34e-10(b)

Page 73: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#18 c (8) Text Reference section 300-5(d)

#19 c (4) Text Reference section34T-L4

#20 b (a) Where raceways containing ungrounded conductors No.4 ot larger enter a cabinet, box enclosure, or raceway, theconductors shall be protected. Text Reference section 300-a(f)

Page 74: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Etectrician Practice Test 6

I Fountains that have water common to a swimming pool do not need toro

comply with all of the swimming pool requirements.

(- a)

c b )

) The walls of a botted or welded mctal pool may serve as the common bonding- a




{- a)

r b )



' a )

r b )

4, The -minimum depthfor any underwater lightingJirture is 4 ittches below


1 Steel junction boxes may be wed to supply underwaterfrxtures when they are-"

connected by conduit to theforlorming shell

S GFCI protection is requiredfor arty branch circuit that supplies underwater*

ftxtures operating at over LS-volts.

{- a)

(_ b)

r a )

r- b)







6. Receptacles located within 20feet of a swimming pool require GFCIproteurcn.



r a )

{- b)

Page 75: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7. A storable swimming pool must not haye any dimension over 12feel

r a )

r b )

8. In a data-processing room the disconnecting meons must be near the sit






? a )

c b )



c a )

c b )

fipe NMC cables is permitted to connect data-processing equipment byunderfloor wiring.

r a )

r b )

The bottom of a sign must be at least 12 feet above an area accessible tovehicles.

r a )

r b )

Electric srgzs using incandescent lamps must be marked with the maximuntallowable watlage of lamps.



9. A disconnecting means must be providedfor all data-processing equipmenl








c a )

r b )

Page 76: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

A lightingJirture is permifled in a clothes closet if an |&-inch clearance is

mahilainedfrom the storage area-

(- a) True

r b) False

An AC general use snap switch mrut not be used to control a tungsten'

/ilament lamp loads,



7 5. Junction boxes must be accessible'



c a )

r b )





r a )

r b )

78. Fluible metallic tubing may not be used in lengths over 5 feel



r a )

r- b)

7 6. A duptu receptacle in a box reduces the number of allowed conductors by



' b )

7 7. Edison-basefuses are acceptablefor standard installations.



c a )

c b )

Page 77: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t O EMT installed in the ground in cinder concrete must hm'e a protective layerL " of noncinder concrete at least 2 inches thich

F(' a) True

r b) False

20. The lorgest size NM cable has No. 2 copper conductott or No. 2 aluminuntconduc'tors.

r a )

r b )



Page 78: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 6


#1 b (false) Text Reference Section 680-50

#2 a(true) there are other common bonding grids, too. TextReference Section 680-22@)

#3 b (false) Must be copper, brass, suitable plastic, or otherapproved corrosion-resistant material. Text Reference Section 680-I2(a)

#4 b (false) Lighting fixtures mounted in walls shall be installedwith the top of the fixture lens at least 18 in. below the normalwater levei of the pool, unless the lighting fixture is listed andidentified for use at a depth of not less than 4 in. Text ReferenceSection 680-20(a)

#5 a(true) ground-fault circuit intemrpter shall be installed in thebranch circuit supplying fixtures operating at more than l5 voltsText Reference Section 680-20(a)

#6 a (true) all 125-volt receptacles located within 20 ft' (6.08 m) ofthe inside walls of a pool or fountain shall be protected by aglound-fault circuit intemrpter. Text Reference Section 680-20(a)(3)

#7 b (false) Storable Swimming or Wading Pool. Those that areconstructed on or above the ground and are capable of holdingwater to a murimum depth of 42 in. (1.07 m), or a pool withnonmetallic, molded polymeric walls or inflatable fabric wallsregardless of dimen. Text Reference Section 680-4

Page 79: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#8 a (t'r:e) The control for these disconnecting means shall begrouped and identified and shall be readily accessible at theprincipal exit doors. Text Reference Section 645- 10

#9 a (tnre) The FryAC equipment must also be disconnectedText Reference Section 645-10

#10 b (false) There is a long list of wiring methods, but NMC isnot in the list. Text Reference Section 645-5(dX2)

# I I b (false) Sien or outline lighting system equipment shall be atleast 14 ft (4.4 m) above areas accessible to vehicles unlessprotected from physical damage. Text Reference Section 600-9(a)

#I2 a (tnre) Signs and outline lighting systems with incandescentlamp holders shall be marked to indicate the maximum allowablewatiage of lamps. Text Reference Section 600-4(b)

#13 a(tue) Text Reference Section 410-8

#14 b Text Reference Section (3 84- A(a)

#15 a (true) Conduit bodies, junction, pull, and outlet boxes shallbe installed so that the wiring contained in them can be renderedaccessible without removing any part of the building TextReference Secti on 37 0-29

#16 a(true) Text Reference Section 370-16(bX4)

#17 b (false) Fuseholders of the Edison-base type shall be installedonly where they are made to accept Type S fuses by the use ofadapters. Text Reference Secti on 240-52

#18 b (false) 6 ft. Text Reference Sectio n349-5

Page 80: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

L .

t :

#L9 a(true) In cinder concrete or cinder fill where subject to

g j pennanent moisture unless protected on all sides by a layer of non

cinder concrete at least 2 n. (50.8 mm) thick or unless the tubing isI at least 18 in. (457 mm) under the fill'

'. Text Reference Section 348-5(3)

r, #20 a(nue) The power conductors shall be sizes No. 14 through

No. 2 with copper conductors or sizes No. 12 throughNo.2 wittrL: aluminum or copper-clad aluminum conductors.

Text Reference Section 336-30(b)i

t _ ;

E . ,

t .


t -

l . :

Page 81: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

1 i

L r


l i

:t r

t .

Etectrician Practice Test 7

l. Type fuIV cable is rated 2,001'volt or higher.

r a) True

,^ b) False

) Open wiring on insulators above 6feetfrom theJloor does not require-'



r a )

r b )

3. Cable troy systems mtut not be used in hoist ways.



r' Flexibte metal conduit may be used to protect conductorc emergingfrom theground and run on a Pole"

r a )

r b )

r- a)

r- b)












t . . :

S (Jnder normal conditions, direct buried cables must be buried at least 24,


(- a)

r b )

6 A No. 6 copper conductor in a vertical raceway must be supported at leastv'

every 80feeti , .



L :

Page 82: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7. Conductors of size No. l for generol use moy not be run in paralleL

r a) True

c b) False

g. A connection of aNa E conduc'lor to a terminal can be by means of apressure connec'tor ot soWer lug.

r a) True

r b) False

O At least 1 Inches offree conductor must be lelt at each outlet to connecl"


c a) True

r b) False

I n Holes in studsfor cobles mut be in the center and not less than I inch' v'

from the nearest edge of the stud

r a) True

,- b) False

7 7. The smallestJirture wire permitted by the Code b size No. 18.

r a) True

' b) False

| ) Ftsibte cords may not be used if they are concealcd behind building walls,1-'

ceilings orfloon.

c a) True

c b) False

Page 83: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

j t


.a i


t " i

€ ,

G 4

t ? When six current<arrying conductorc are installed in a raceway, ther J'

maximum load cunent of each must be reduced to 70 per cenl



I4. A No. 11 grounded conductor in a circuit must have a white or natural gray


r a )

r b )

r a )

r b )

t ( A feeder tap less then 25feet long does not require overcurrentprotection ifr Jc

tie ampacity oytn" tup conductors is ot least one-half of theompacity of the

feeder conductorc.



r a )

r b )

t 6 A conductor in a general circuit with an ampacity of 731-amperes may be4 v'

protected by an 8h0-ampere.fuse.

L'1 17. A three-phase air conditioner must be directly connected to a recognizedwiring method



r a )

r b )



c a )

r^ b)

t R An attachment plug and receptacle may disconnect cord-connected^ v'

household rifrigerating equipmenl





r a )

. - b )

Page 84: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

19. Type AC cable must not be used to connect motorc to their supply,

r a) True

.- b) False

20. fhefrqmls of stationary motorc supplicd by metal+nclosed wbing must begrounaea.

c a) True

c b) False

Page 85: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

1 . .

a ;

t -

\ ,


l ,


Electrician Practice Test 7


#l a(true) Type MV cable is a single or multiconductorsolid dielectric insulated cable rated 2001 volts or higher.Text Reference Section 326-l

#2b (false) Conductors within 7 ft (2.13 m) from the floorshall be considered exposed to physical damage. TextReference Section 320-14

#3 a (true) Cable tray systems shall not be used in hoistways or where subject to severe physical damage. TextReference Section 3 18-4

#4 b (false) Direct-bwied conductors and cables emergingfrom the ground shall be protected by enclosures orraceways extending from the minimum cover distancerequired by Section 300-5(a) below gade to a point at least8 ft (2.44 m) above finished grade. Where the enclosure orraceway is subject to physical damage, the conductors shallbe installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate metalconduit, Schedule 80 rigid nonmetallic conduit, orequivalent. Text Reference Section 300-5(d) and section3 s 0-s (6)

#5 a (true) In general the requhement is 24 inches withmany other depths given. Text Reference Section 300-5and table 300-5

#6 b (false) Text Reference Section 300-19(a) and Table300- 19(a)

t . .


Page 86: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#7 a (true) Aluminwn, copper-clad aluminulll, or copperconductors of size No. 1/0 and larger, comprising eachphase, neutral, or gfounded circuit conductor, shall bepermitted to be connected in parallel (electrically joined atboth ends to form a single conductor). Text ReferenceSection 310-4

#8 a (true) Connection by means of wire-binding screws orstuds and nuts that have upturned lugs or the equivalentshall be permitted for No. 10 or smaller conductors only.Text Reference Section 1 10- A(a)

#9 b (false) 6 inches, not 4 inches. Text Reference Section300- 14

#10 b (false) 1 1/4 inches from nearest edge. TextReference Section "CENTER"

# 1 1 a (tnre) Text Reference Section 402-3 and Table 402-3

#1,2 a (true) Text Reference Section 400-8

#13 b (false) 80 per cent, not 70per cent. The Note 8 to the1996 NEC is now a new table in the 1999 Code. TextReference Sestion 3 10- 15(bX2Xa)

#I4 b (false) There are other rules, too. Text ReferenceSection 200-6(a)

# 1s b (false) 240-21(2)

#16 a (true) Text Reference Section24A-3@)

Page 87: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

. - :


" #77 a (true) A room air conditioner that is rated three phase. ; or rated over 250 volts shall be directly connected to a* \Miring method recognizedin Chapter 3, and provisions of

. Art 440 Part G shall not apply. Text Reference Section440-60

". #18 a (true) Text Reference Section 422-16

t#19 b (false) Text Reference Section 333-4

#20 a (true) Text Reference Section 43 0-142

1.. .

Page 88: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 8

A disconnecting meansfor a 2,300-volt motor must be capable of beinglocked in the open positiott



r , i

t.. -

L -


r a) True

c b) False

) The branch circuit overcurrent device mt y serve as the disconnecting means-'

for, motors roted less than one horseltower.

c a) True

r b) False

3. A motor confioUer must open all condactors to the mator.

c a) True

r b) False

In general, enclasuresfor motor controllers mtnt not be used as iunctionboxes.

r a) True

r b) False

Heating panehJor de-icing must not exceed a rating of l20'watts/square


r a) True

c b) False

Excess leads of heating cables must not be cuL






r a )

r b )

Page 89: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



In most cases, heating cables installed on ceihng boards must be secured atintemals not exceeding 16 inches.

(^ a) True

r b) False

Conductors located above a heated ceiling are considered to operate in a40'C ambicnl

r a )

r b )

9. The non heating leads of 120-volt space heating cables are yellow,

(- a)

r b )

70. unit switches may disconnect a heater if other means of disconneclion areprovided.





r a )

c b )

A cord and plug may be the disconnecting meansfor a wall-mountedelectric oven.




c a )

r b )

12. Dishwashers mrry be connected with Type SPflexiblc cords.





r a )

r b )

Page 90: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t ,


l . ;

t .



t ;

73. F'Iexibte cords are permitted only to supply portable appliances.

c a )

c b )

74. Toasters may have live parts exposed to contacl

r' a) True

r b) False

t < A surge arresterfor a 180-volt system required a connecting conductor ofr'

No. 14 copper or larger.

r^ a) True

' b) False

t 6 If a generator operates at 115-volts or more, protection of live parts is' v'

required when the generator is accessible to unqua$ied persons.

(' a) True

c b) False

17. The nominal voltage of a lead-acid battery is 2.0 volts per celL

r a) True

(' b) False

t R A capacitor operating at 300-volts must be dischorged to S0-volts or less^ v'

within one minute after it is disconnectedfrom the supply.





, ^ a )

(- b)

Page 91: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I q Capacitor circuit conductors must have an ampacity at least 125% of the^ ' ' rated currcnt of the capacitor.

r a) True

r' b) False

20, Potential or voltage transformers installcd indoors require primaryfuses.

(' a) True

(' b) False

Page 92: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I Electrician Practice Test 8

, Af[swERES' #l a (tnre) Text Reference Section 430-127

i - ,

#2 b (false) For stationary motors of 1/8 hp or less, the branch-circuit

I overcurrent device shall be permitted to serve as the disconnectingmeans. Text Reference Section 430-109(b)

I ' #3 b (false) The controller shall not be required to open all- conductors to the motor. Text Reference Section 430-84

[ ,- tl4 a (tnne) Enclosures for motor controllers and disconnecting meansshall not be used as junction hxes, auxiliary gutters, or raceways for

iconductors feeding through or tapping off to the other apparatusunless designs are employed that provide adequate space. Text

i Reference Section 430-10(a)

" #5 a (tme) There are also heating panel requirements for spaceheating in Article 424. Text Reference Section 426-20

L #6 a (true) Excess leads of heating cables shall not be cut but shall besecured to the tmderside of the ceiling and embedded in plaster or

i other approved material, leaving only a length sufficient to reach thejunction box with not less than 6 in. (I52 mm) of free Text Reference

, Section 42443(c)l . ' l

#7 a (true) Cables shall be secured by means of approved stapling,L tape, plaster, nonmetallic spreaders, or other approved means at

either intervals not exceeding 16 in. (406 mm) or at intervals not

i, exceeding 6 ft (1.83 m) for cables identified for such use. TextReference Section 424-4I

; 48 a (true) Wiring located above heated ceilings shall be spaced notless than 2 n. (50.8 mm) above the heated ceiling and shall be

r considered as operating at an ambient temperature of 50oC (I22'F).Text Reference Section 424-35

Page 93: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#9 a (tnre) Text Reference Section 424-35

#10 a(true) A unit switch(es) with a marked "ofP'position that ispart of a fixed heater and disconnects all ungrounded conductorsshall be permitted as the disconnecting means required by this articlewhere other means for disconnection are provided. Text ReferenceSection a2aa9@)

# I 1 b (false) Text Reference Section 422-16@)(3)

#12 b (false) Buitt-in dishwashers and trash compactors shall bepermitted to be cord- and plug-connected with a flexible cordidentified as suitable for the purpose in the installation instructions ofthe appliance manufacturer. TextReference Sectio n 422-16(bX2)

# 13 b (false) Text Reference Section 400-7

#14 a(true) Appliances shall have no live parts normally exposed tocontact other than those parts functioning as open-resistance heatingelements, such as the heating element of a toaster, which arenecessarily exposed. Text Reference Section 4224

#15 a (true) Line and ground connecting conductors shall not besmaller than No. 14 copper orNo. 12 aluminum. Text ReferenceSection 2580-21

#16 b (false) Text Reference Section 445-6

#17 a (true) Text Reference Section 480-2

# 1 8 a (true) Text Reference Section a60-6(a)

# l9 b (false) 135% is the requirement. Text Reference Section 460-8(a)

#20 a (true) Text Reference Section 450-3(c)

Page 94: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t l

4 , . . '

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Electrician Practice Test 9

7 The branch circuit loadfor a l2-kilowatt electric range h a dwelling is 8'z'


r a )

c b )

2. An appliance always requires a dbconnecting means.

r a )

c b )

? A lfu-ampere branch circuit nuy supply severalfrxcd elcctric space heaters inv'

a dwelling,





r a )

r b )

/ The rating of the overcufientprotective devicefor a circuit supplying aa'

hermetic. motor<omprnsor may not qceed 225% of the rated load cuftentunder any circumstances.



r a )

r b )



S To measure the area of a dwelling to iletermhe the lighting load, the ou8ider'

dimensions, including the garage, are tued

c a )

. - b )

6 lJnder no circumstances can the continuous load supplied by a branch circuitv'

uceed 80% oJthe branch circuit rating.





c a )

c b )

Page 95: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7. A 2D+mpere bundry circuit is always required h each dweUing unil

(- a) True

r b) False

f, Branch circuit conduc'totrr supplyingftxcd resistive type space heaterc mustv' be roted at 125% of the heatcr load.

r a) True

r b) False

O Thefeeder load shall not be kss than the sum of the loa^ on the brqrch'' circuit alter any applicabte denandfactors havv been opphed

r a) True

.^ b) False

, n When the standard calculation method is used, the minimumfeeder load- "' fo, a household elec:tric clothes dryOr is 51000 wafrs.

c a) True

c b) False

t I The optional calculation methodfor a dweUhg unit may be rced when the^ ^' semice is a two-wire, 120-volt sentice.

r a) True

r b) False

| 7 The optional calculation tnethodfor multi-family dwellings does not apply^ -' tu dwellings'whose uni8 have neither electric space heoting nor air-conditioning.



c a )

r b )

Page 96: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

73.The semiceenfiance equipnentfor a one-family dwefiing, if rated 200'

amperes and hstalled indoiorc, mwt be illuninated

c a) True

r b) False

The worhhg clearance infront of live parts, operating at 120-vol6' must be

at least three feel74.

c a )

c b )

7 5. The minimum headroom around a motor control center must be 6'feel

r a) True

r b) False

t 6 On a switchboard with bns bars, normally, phose B would have the highest' v'

vohage to ground in a high'leg delta arrangemcnL

' a )

r b )

7 7, A 211-arnpere panel board may suppty a 200-ampere noncontinuous load

c a) True

c b) False

t R A lighting and appliance branch circuit panel board has 10% or more of its1v'

overcurrent devices rated 30'amperes or less.







r a )

(^ b)

Page 97: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I g. The terminal bar is .not bonnccted to the neutral bar in a ponel bo,ard notrced as service equipmenl

r ^\ True8,,

f r(' b) False

20. Transformers rated over 35,000-volts must be installed in a vault

c a )

c b )



Page 98: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

L :

t ,





Il ,


L .


t . '




Electrician Practice Test 9


#L a (tnre) Text Reference secti on 220-19, Table 220-1.9

#2 a (true) Text Reference Section 422'30

#3 b (false) Text Reference Secti on 424-3(a)

#4 a (tnre) Text Reference Section 440'22(a)

#5 b (false) Text Reference Section220-3(a)

#6b (false) Text Reference Section 384-16(d) Exception

#7 b (fatse) Text Reference Section 220-52(f) Exception

#8 a (true) Text Reference Section a24-3(b)

#9 a (true) Text Reference Section220-10

#10 a (true) Text Reference Section220-18

#11 b (fatse) Text Reference Section220-30

#12 a (true) Text Reference Section220-32(a)

#13 a(true) Text Reference Section 110-26(d)

#14 a(true) Text Reference Section 1 10-26(a)

#15 b (false) Text Reference Section 1 l0-26(e)

#16 a(true) Text Reference Section 384-3(f)

t _

Page 99: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#17 a (true) Text Reference Section 384-16(a)

#18 b (false) Text Reference Section 384-1a(a)

#19 a (true) Text Reference Section 384-20, details n250-24(5)

#20 a (tnre) Text Reference Section 450-21(c)

Page 100: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test 10

I. Thefeeder neutral may be smaller than the ungrounded conductors in some


r a )

r b )

2. An indivitlual branch circuit mty supply only one outlel

r a )

. - b )

3. A 3T-ampere branch circuit may supplyfixed lighting units in a dweuing,

r a) True

{- b) False

/ fn general continuous loads on branch circuits may not esrceed 75% of thea'

roiog of the branch-circuit rating.

' a) lrue

t ^ F r' b) lalse

S Heovy-duty type tamp holders are required on branclt-circuits having a,

rafing in excess of 20-amPeres.





r a )

. - b )

6, The branch-circuit rating is determined by the conductor ampacity.





t,,c a )

c b )

t .

Page 101: Electrical Certification Test.PDF




The woil switch controlled lighting outlet required in dwelling unit kitchensmry be a receptacle oatlet in lieu ota lighting outleL

(- a) True

r b) False

Receptaclc outlets in bathrooms oldweiling unin require ground'falhc i rc uit inten upte r p r ote ctio n.

r a) True.

(' b) False

[Inless it is bare, an equipment grounding conduc'tor must always beidentitfied by a continuous gteen color or a continuous grben color with oneor more yellow sfiipes;

c a) True

c b) False

t n If a muhi-wire branch-circuit has a branch-chcuit protective device thatt'vc

ipr eoch ungrouniied contductor simultaneo,usirylnidi'A can suppty tne-to-line loads..

c a) True

f' b) False

7 7. The denandfactorfor three kitchen unit loads in a restaurant is 90%.

{^ a) True

r b) False

I ? The minimum semice loadlor each mobile home site in a mobile homeL -'

park is 121000 volt-amperes,



r a )

r b )

Page 102: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


t , 2 The optional calculatbnJor computing thefeedn ol qemice logdlor at J'

scttoil would not apply to a schoot with elcctric sPace heating or aii


r a) True

r b) False

| / The rating gf recepta .c.les providing shore power for bo,ats at .marinas shall

L " not be less than 20 amPeres.

r a) True

r b) False

| < The maximum voltage dropfor branch circuig andfeeders combinedr "'

should not uceed 3% of the circuit voltage'

(^ a) True

r b) False

t 6 The size and the settingfor a circuit breaker used as an overcuryent'' ''"

protective device are identicaL

c a) True

r b) Faise

7 a Branch circuits in industrial establishments protected by 1S'ampereI / t

overcunent devices may supply load operating at 300 volts or less'

r a) True

r b) False

I R A multl-wire branch circuit protected py fuses may supply only one load, or1v'

onb line'to'neutral loads.

r a) True

r- b) False

L .


t "

Page 103: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t O A Eghting and appliance panel board is a panel board which hos more than1" 10% of ib overcuient devices rated 30 omperes or'less and have neutralconnections.

r a) True

r b) False

20. No separate receptacle load is required in guest roioms of hotets and motels.

' ^ \ I fUea ,

,A' h\ f UUSe

Page 104: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



Electrician Practice Test 10


#I a (tnre) Text Reference Section220-22

#2 a (true) Text Reference Section2l0-21(b)

#3 b (false) Text Reference Secti on 210-23(b)

#4 b (false) Text Reference Section 3 84- 1 6(d)

#5 a (true) Text Reference SectionZI0-21(a)

#6 b (false) The branch circuit rating is determined by the size ofthe overculrent protective device. Text Reference Section 210'3

#7 b (false) Text Reference Secti on 210-7(aX I )

#8 a (true) Text Reference Section2I0-8(a)

#9 b (false) Text Reference Section 250- I 1 9(a)

#10 a (true) Text Reference Section2l0- a(c)

#11 a (true) Text Reference Section220-20 and Table 220-20

#12 b (false) It is 16,000 Volt-amperes or the calculated loadwhich ever is greater. Text Reference Section 550'22

#13 b (false) Text Reference Section220-34

#14 a (true) Text Reference Section 555-3

#15 b (false) Text Reference section2l0-19(a) FPN No.4

Page 105: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#16 b (false) Text Reference Secti on 240-6(c)

#17 a(true) Text Reference Section Permissible load 2L0-23(a)

#18 a (true) Text Reference Section210-4(b)

#19 a(true) Text Reference Section 38a-1a(a)

#20 a(tme) The sarne applies to dwelling unit receptacles in livingrooms and bedrooms. Text Reference Section220-3(b)

Page 106: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t , :


t ,

Electrician Practice Test No. 11

t For dwelline unit with a 240/120 single-phase semice thefranu of a 4,500rt

watt 240/12-0 vott clothes dryer shall be grounded by wing the grounding

conductor (new in the 1999 NEC.) The minimun size copper conductor is:

r a )

c b )

r c )

). The minimum size copPer equipment grounding conductorfor a 200'ampere-'

circuit is:

No. 10

N o . 8

No. 12

? When not under concrete, rigid metal conduit must be buricd under public,

highways and streets at least:

r- a)

(- b)

r c )

( a )

f^ b)

r c )

r d )

N o . 8

N o . 6

N o . 3

24 inches

18 inches

6 inches

4 inches

a' a )

' b )


t ;

/ 120-volL 2l-ampere GFCI protected residential branch circuit may ber '


l2 inches

18 inches

18 inches

Page 107: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

5. The tisted ampaeities of 75 Degrees C. conductam in a ruc*eay must be

reduced when the ambient air temperature exceeds:

r a) 60 degrees C'

r b) 75 degrees C'

c ^r 90 degrees C.w,

r d) 30 degrees C'

Non metallic densions must be run onlyfrom circuiF with a rating of:

r a) 15 or20 arnPeres

r U; 12s volts or less

r c) 30 amPeres

When NOT using a one-shot bender, the minimum radius of the cune of theinner edge of anyfutd bend of 2-inch rigid metal conduit containing ){IIHWconducton is:



n In a straight run, 2-inch rigid metal conduit with threaded couplings may bev'

supported at intentals not uceeding:



r c )




9, The maximum size of electrical metallic tubing is:









9 1/2 inches

12 inches

15 inches

10 feet

12 feet

16 feet

r a )

r b )

r c )

Page 108: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I0. For metallic and nonmctallic, auxiliary gutterc must not beJilled to greater

t I The multipherfor bending offsets b called the -of the angle used- -'

fo, the ofiset bends.

c a )

r b )

c c )

(' d)





r a )

c b )


r d )

I2. The largest conductor allowed in a standard box without other restrictions






N o . 4r a )


c b ) N o ' 8

N o . 6

t ? An AC-DC general use snap switch mty control what inductive load as a' r '

percentage of its amPere rating?


5 0 %

7 5 %

c a )

r b )

(- c)

Page 109: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

74. Tir" o^pocity of No. 14ftxture wire is:

{^ a) 8 amPeres

r b) tJ amFeres

c c) 17 a:nPeres

I S. The working clearance between live partsfor a system operoting at 480volts is:

(' a) 3 feet

(' b) i l/2 feet

(' c) 4 feet

76. Guarding by elevationfor a 600-volt circuit requires an elevation of:

{- a) 8 feet

' b) 6ll4 feet

' c) 8 112 feet

I7. Conduit or Jittings must not rise into the bottom of a switchboard enclosuremore than:

r a) 8 inches

(. b) 3 inches

r c) 10 inches

Page 110: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t R A three-phase, three wire panel board with l0-ampere circuit breakers mayL v'

contain a number of devices with a maximum of:

r a) 42 Poles

r b) Any number of poles

r' c) 40 Poles

t O For a center line radius of 20 inches and a 45 degree bend the developedz '"

bngth of the conduit isfound by using thefollowingformula:

r a ) d l= 20 x 90 x 0 .0175.

r b) d l = 20 x 45 x 0.0175.

c c) dl -- 20 x 90 x tangent of 45 degrees

20. lor a center line radius of 20 inches and a 90 degree bend the gain


r' a) 9.5 inches

r b) 6 inches

c c) 4'lzsinches


Page 111: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

' i '

Electrician Practice Test No. 11

, #l a(No. 10) 5,00 01240:2A.8;Requires OCPD :25 or 30amperes. By Table 250-t22 a25 or 30 ampere. CB requires a No.

' 10 iopper grounding conductor. Text Reference Section Basic

f, 1 Electrical Theory Sections 220-19,240-3 and Table 250-122

L #2b (No. 6) Text Reference Section250'122

',i #3 a (24 inches) Required for under streets, highways, roads,, alleys, driveways, and parking lots Text Reference Section Table

r , 300-5 column 2

. #4 a (12 inches) True for residential branch circuits rated 120Volts or Less with GFCI Protection and Ma:<imum OvercurrentProtection of 20 Amperes Text Reference Section Table 300-5

n column 4

' #5 d (30 degrees C) Text Reference Section Table 310-16,Correction Factors at bottom of page


., #6 a ( 1 5 or 20 amperes) One of the requirements for nonmetallic.,, e5ensions is the extension is from an existing outlet on a 15- or

20-ampere branch circuit in conformity with the requirements of

{ Article 210. Text Reference Section342'3(a)

#7 b (12 inches) Correct per table 346-10 "9.5 inches this is OK for, a one-shot bender as given in tabl e 346-10 Exception. Text

Reference Section 346-10

Page 112: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#8 c (16 feet) 16 feetprovided the conduit is made up withthreaded couplings, and such supports prevent transmission ofstresses to tennination where conduit is deflected betweensupports. Text Reference Secti on 346-12(b)(2) and Tab|e 346-L2@)(2)

#9 b (a inch) Rigid can be 6 inches ma:<imum, but for EMT themaximum size of tubing shall be the -lun.. electrical trade srze. TextReference Section 348-7 (b)

#10 a (20 % ) The sum of the cross-sectional areas of all containedconductors at any cross-section of a sheet metal auxiliary guttershall not exceed 20 percent of the interior cross-sectional area ofthe sheet metal or nonmetallic auxiliary gutter. Text ReferenceSection 37a-5@)(3) for metallic, ffid Section 37aG) fornonmetallic

#11 d (cosecant) Learn Trigonomety

#12 c (No.6) Other is defined as cubic inch requirements. TextReference Section 37 0-16

# 1 3 b (50 %) Text Reference Section 3 84- 14(b)

#14 c (17 amperes) Text Reference Section Table 402'5

#15 c (4 feet) Falls under condition 3 Table II0-26(a) TextReference Section 1 1 0-26(a) and Table 1 10'26(a)

#16 a( 8 feet) By elevation of 8 ft (2.44 m) or more above thefloor or other working surface. Text Reference Section 1 l0'27(a)

#L7 b (3 inches) The conduit or raceways, including their endfittings, shall not rise more than 3 in. (76 mm) above the bottom ofthe enclosrue. Text Reference Section 384-10

Page 113: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


#18 b (Any number of poles) This is not a lighting and appliancepanel board that can have only 42 poles other than the mains. TextReference Section 384-14 and 384-15

:' #19 b (dl : 20 x45 x0.0175.) The multiplier 0.0175 is equal to

- ( 2 * p i ) I 3 6 0'

#20 a(8.5 inches)

Page 114: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. 12

7. The length of a Type S cord connecting o trash compactor must not exceed:

r a) 18 inches

r b) 4 feet

c c) 36 inches

2, Screw-shetl tamp holden must not be used with infrared lamps rated oveft

r a) 300 watts

c b) 6oo watts

r c) 150 watts

? A motded case circuit breaker mty serve as the disconnecting means for,

motur driven aPPliances rated:

c a) Not over one-half horsePower

r b) Not over one horsePower

r c) Not over one-third horsePower

(- d) All of the above if the circuit breaker is listed.

4, A 27-ampere single non motor operated appliance must not be protected at

more than:

{- a) 20 amPeres

c b) 25 amPeres

l^ c) 30 amPeres

Page 115: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

5. The minimum length of non heating leadsfurnishedfor heating cables is:

c a) 7 feet

c b) 8 inches

r^ c) 3 feet

6. The non-heating leads of 210-volt heating cable ore:

r a) Yellow(.

b) blue

r c) red

7, Wiring above heated ceilings must be spaced above tlte ceiling at least:

r a) 4 inches

r b) 2 inches

c c) 3 inches

8, The separation between heating cabks an outlet box must be at leost:

c a) 8 inches

r b) 2 inches

r c) 6 inches

C) Adjacent runs of heating cables not exceeding 2 3/4 watts[oot in ceilings"

mtnt be spaced on centers of:

c a) I 1/2 inches

r b) 16 inches

c c) 1 inch

Page 116: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

T ' ,

I n The branch-circuit cdnductots supplying a resistance heater withoul ar uc

motor rated at 16 amperes must have an ampacily of:

r a) 16 amPeres

c b) 2o arnPeres

r c) 32 amPeres

t t When a dispute or a problcm arises cgncgTning the interpretation of-ther tc

Nafionat Eiectricat iode, whici of thefoilowing would be the most Ekely to

sbtvi th'e problei? : ;' '

f a) The electrical contractor

r b) The I.A.E.I. organization

r c) An electrical engineer

r d) The chief electrical inspector

7 ) The lengtlt of a pull box used in straight pullstor No. 4 and largerr2o

coitducfo* ihiit not be liss than how many times thE trade diameter of the

largest iacewaY? :: :


r five' a )

' b) slx

' c )

' d) ten

I ? Metal plugs or plates used,with-noimetallic boxes, conduit bodies orJittingsr: - J o

shall 6e rZcessia at kast ,how far from the outer surface?

c a) i/4 inch

c b) Flush

r c) U2inch

r d) 5/8 inch

Page 117: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I4. Which of thefollowing locations is not permittedfor the rce of sudacefaceways (

r a) A drY location

r b) Concealed Under plaster

r c) Under data processing room floors.

c O In Class I division 2 locations

t S Generolly, underfloor rac:eways nro,t more than 102 millimeterx witte shatl!' -"

nave no less than how much concrete or wood above them?

c a) 2 inches

' b) 4 inches

n c) 3/4 inch

(- d) t/2 rrich

t 6 In a Class 7, Division I location a conduil passing through'into a nonL v'

hazardous location wiII harc the sealingtitting insulled where?

(^ a) On both sides of the boundarY

c b) On either side of the boundary

f c) No seal required under the circumstances

c d) At the first fitting

t 7 Boxs which are installed in walls of non combustible material will be^ ' '

installeil so that thefront edge of lhe box is nofarther back than?

{^ a) Flush

r b) ll2 nch

(- c) 3/g inch

c O

1/4 inch

Page 118: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t p Live parts exposed on thefront of a switchboard are presenl The workingr oo

,po"L in froit of the switchboard will not be less than?

r a) 24 inches

(- b) 3Oinches

c c) 36inches

a d) 42 inches

t O Whaf b fie rtnimum size of conductor which requires an insulationr '7t

bushing when entering into a raceway in a iunction box?

r a) No.6 TIIW

r b ) N o ' 4

r c) No' 10 TW

r d) No' 12

1n For a conductor at a terminal which leaves a cabinet the minimum wire2u'

bending space at the terminal slnll be how much if the conductor is a 250

MCM ionductor and leaves through wall opposite its removahle terminal?

(- a) 4 inches

c b) 4 1/2 inches

r c) 5 inches

r d) 6 1/2 inches

Page 119: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Elecfrician Practice Test No. 12

ANSWERES#1 c (36 inches) The length of the cord shall not be less than 18 in.(457 mm) and not over 36 in. (9I4 mm). Text Reference Section422-16(bXlXb)

#2 a (300 watts) Screw-shell lamp holders shall not be used withinfrared lamps rated over 300 watts, unless the lamp holders areidentified as being suitable for use with infrared heating lampsrated over 300 watts. Text Reference Section 422-48(b)

#3 d (All of the above if the circuit breaker is listed)

#4 c (30 amperes) If the overcrurent protection rating is notmarked and the appliance is rated over 13.3 amperes, not exceed150 percent of the appliance rated cturent. Where 150 percent ofthe appliance rating does not correspond to a standard overculrentdevice ampere Text Reference Section 422-I1(e)(3)

#5 a (7 feet)Part E. Electric Space-Heating Cablesi 424-34.Heating Cable Construction Heating cables shall be furnishedcomplete with factory-assembled non heating leads at least 7 ft(2.13 m) in length. Text Reference Sestion Article 424 part ESection 424-34

#6 c (red) Text Reference Section 424-35

#7 b (2 inches) Wking located above heated ceilings shall bespaced not less than 2 n. (50.8 mm) above the heated ceiling andshall be considered as operating at an ambient of 50oC (122"F).Text Reference Section 424'94

Page 120: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


#8 a (8 inches) Heating elements of cables shall be separated at :'

least 8 in. (203 rrun) from the edge of outlet boxes and junction

boxes that are to be used for mounting sudace lighting fixtures. A ''clearance of not less than 2 n. (50.8 mm) shall be provided fromrecess Text Reference Secti on 424-39

#9 a (1 V, inches) Adjacent runs of cable not exceedng23/twatts/ft (2%watts/305 mrn) $hall not be installed less than l% n.(38 mm) on centers. Text Reference Section 424-41(b)

# 10 b (20 alrrperes) The ampacity of the branch-circuit conductorsand the rating or setting of overcturent protective devicessupplying fixed electric space-heating equipment consisting ofresistance elements with or without a motor shall not be less than121%0 of total load Text Reference Section' 424'3(b)

# 1 I d (The chief electrical inspector) Text Reference Section 90-4

#12 c (eight) In straight pulls, the length of the box shall not beless than eight times the trade diameter of the largest raceway.Text Reference Section 370-28(a)(1 )

#13 a (Il4 inch) Metal plugs or plates used with nonmetallic boxesor conduit bodies shall be recessed at least Y4 n. (6.35 mm) fromthe outer surface of the box. Text Reference Section 370-18

#14 b (Concealed under plaster) Text Reference Section352-1 for metallic and 352-22 for non metallic

#15 c (314 inch) Half-ror:nd and flat-top raceways not over 4 in.(102 mm) in width shall have not less than % n. (19 mm) ofconcrete or wood above the raceway. Text Reference Section3 54-3(a)

Page 121: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t . .

t , . i

#16b (On either side of the boundary) In each conduit run leavinga Class I, Division I location. The sealing fitting shall be permittedon either side of the boundary of such location within 10 ft (3.05m) of the boundary. Text Reference Section 501-5(a)(a)

#17 d (1/4 inch) In walls or ceilings of concrete, tile, or othernoncombustible material, boxes shall be installed so that the frontedge of the box will not be set back of the finished surface morethan % n. (6.35 mm). Text Reference Section3T0-20

#18 c (36 inches) Text Reference Section I I0-26(a) and Tablerr0-26(a)

# 19 b Otro. 4) Where raceways containing ungrounded conductorsNo. 4 or larger enter a cabinet, box enclosure, or raceway, theconductors shall be protected by a substantial fitting providing asmoothly rounded insulating surface ..... Text Reference Section300-4(f)

#20 d (6 % inches) Reduce the 8 Il2 inchrequirement in Table373-(b) by two inches since there is a lay in terminal. TextReference Sectio n 37 3 -6(b(2) and Table 37 3 -6(b) with notes

t .

t . ,

Page 122: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. 13

l. (tat is the minimum number of receptacle outlets required in thefollowingaurgrunL

, ^ b )

{* c)

r d )




10 ft-|1-}1

S-, "J " r t+-a-v

4 f L

2 f l

Livirrg Room94 it . x 17 ft .

l z r t g

1 9 f t . -Ls i t . e f r , i F

The rules are found in Section 210-52. Note: These are the minimum number ofreceptacles.

Receptacle outlets required by Section 2lO-52 for a living room shall be in addition toany rlceptacle that is part of a lighting fixnue or appliance, located within cabinets orcupboards, or located more than sYrft. (1.68 m) above the floor.


3 f r

z f r

Page 123: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

ln every living room receptacle outlets shall be installed in accordance with the general

provisions specified in (l) through (3).

it) Spacing. Receptacles shall be installed so that no poinl along the floor line in any wall

rp."" is more tlan O ft (1.S3 m), measured horizontally, from an.outlet in that space.

Iieceptacle outlets shall, insofar as practicable, be spaced :qt4 $t*._":. apart.(2) WaU Space. As used in this section, a wall space sball include the following:u- a"y tpJr. 2 ft (610 mm) or more in width (including spacerneasured around corners)

and r:nbioken along the floor Line by doorways, fireplaces, and similar openings

b. The space occupied by fixed panels in exterior walls, excluding sliding panels

2. What does thefoUowing drawing represent?

c a )

r b )

Cr:rrent trnnsformewr

Auto transformer

S ingl e -Phase transformer

Three phase transformer

r c )

' d )

Page 124: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

2 A 50 voll generator which b driven by a singlc motor is protected by theJo

or"rrurrint device protecting the motor only when the generator is deliveringno more than what percent of itsfull'load rated current?





r d )

100 percent

125 percent

1 50 percent

80 percent


)l ; '



4, The overcunent protectionfor conductors shall not exceed how manyamperes when the control circuit conductorfor the motor ls.l{o. 12 AWGcoryer and do not utend beyond the motor control enclosure?

c a) 100 'mPeres

r b) 120 amPeres

r c) 60 a:nPere

(- d) 20 amperes

Generally, what is the minimum number of overload uniF in a three phase


' a )

. b )


. d )




None€ ;

tt If the overcurrent protection rating b not marked and the appliance is ratedu'

i3.3 o^ptres or less the branch-circuit rating of a non-motor operatedappliance shall have a minimum rating of what?









150 percent of the full load rating of the appliance

100 percent of the full load rating of the appliance

20 arnperes

30 amperes

Page 125: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7, A cutout box installed in a wet location shaA be what?

r a) Rain tieht

{- b) WeatherProof

r c) WaterProof

r d) RainProof

n A junaion box used in a system rated 1,000 vola shall have a marHng on itvr

of whot?

r a) DAI'{GER




O A nonmetallic wireway and metal wire way cannot befilled to more than 20'"

percent of their cross sectional area..Wot is the maximunt number ofcurrent carryi4g conductors allowed in a metal whe way when no deratingis required?

r a ) 8 0

r b) 50

r c) 30

. - d ) 2 0

t O Metot surface raceways having splices and taps shall be permitted as longL v'

as the splices altd tops, and conductors do notJill the raceway more thanhow muclt of the area of the raceway at that point?

r* a) 40 Percent

r b) 75 Percent

(^ c) 50 percent

c d) 60 Percent

Page 126: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



t -

t .

t . ,


8 r

t I Panelboards haing an approved syrtem of organic cootings and arel f

installed outoJEflssn sholl be narked in which manner?

r a )

(- b)

c c )

(- d)

72. An effective grounded path requires which of thefollowing?


Rain tieht

Water tight

Outdoor usage

A solid metallic object

The ability to conduct fault-current

An energized source

Sufficient low impedance to limit the voltage to ground

8 feet horizontal and 5 feet vertical of grounded metalobjects ,5 fee vertical and 5 feet horizontal of gror:nded metalobjects8 feet vertical and 5 feet horizontal of grounded metalobjects8 feet vertical and 8 feet horizontal of grounded metalobjects

U.L. approved



10,000 RMS

| ? Equipment installed and likely to becomc energized shall be grounded atL^

which of thelottowing distances?

(- a)

r b )

c c )

(- d)

c a )

r b )

1 .


(* d)

c a )

r- b)r c )

c d )

t d Circuit breakers wltich ore tued to satitch 120 vollfluorescent lights on an1 "

off shalt be marked with wha listing?

Page 127: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t S According to the NEC, semice-entrance conductorc are protecied by aL'

circuit breoker if It has how many times the ampacily of the conductorforia fiip settkg? (Short circuit protection)

c a) 3 times

(' b) 5 times

(^ c) 6 times

r O 8 times

| 6 Wtat is tlrc snullest size of semice-entrance copper conducton permitedL '"

when installed in a non-metallic raceway when supplying three singlebranch circuit loads in s comrflercial building.?

r a) No' 10

c b ) N o ' 8

r c ) No '6

r d ) No '4

77. When shall the ground-fault protection system be tested?

c a) When it is installed

c b) When it is manufactured

r c) When it is insPected

c O When it is energized for the first time

I R Hnat ii the muimwn time of delay permittedfor afeeder disconnect rated1v' fu00 amperes or more on a solidly gyoundcd'vrye elecfrcal system of morethan 150 volb to ground, but not uceeding 600 volts phase-t*phase, that isNOT (1) a continuous industrial process yhgre a orderly shutdown willintroduce additional or increased ha2ardi, and (2) is also notfor aJirepump, and (3) does not have a groundfault protected service ?

' - a )

c b )

r c )

r d )

1/2 second


3 seconds

100 milliseconds

Page 128: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t '


f :

Ig. What is the minimum size rating of a 240/120 volt single phase sertticeentrance conductors supplying a singlefamily dwehing having 1200 square

feet of living space and a net computed load of 4800 KA?

r* a) 100 amperes

c b) 200 a'rnPeres

c c) 60 amPeres

' d) 3o amPeres

) n Given a singte family residence H,itlt a general lighting load of 22,500 watts.-v'

Wtat is the demand lighting loadJor the residence?

r a) 22'500

r- b) 19'5oo

r- c) 6'825

r d) 9'825

L .

Page 129: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Elecfrician Practice Test No. 13


#I a (7) Text Reference Sectionzl0-52

10 ft.


#2 b (Auto transformer)

4 f t

Uving,loom94 ft. r 17 ft.

I e t r

T . n't

I r f ,4 f r


Page 130: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#3 c (150) Generators operating at 65 volts or less and driven byindividual motors shall be considered iui protected by the OCPDprotecting the motor if these devices will operate when thegenerators are delivering not more than 150 percent of their FLA.Text Reference Secti on M5-4(c)

#4b(120) 120 amperes in Column B of Table 430'72(b) TextReference Section 430-72(b) Column B

#5 c (Three) 3, one in each phase Text Reference Section Table432-37

#6 c (20 amperes) If the overcrurent protection rating is not markedand the appliance is rated 13.3 Ernperes or less, not exceed20amperes. Text Reference Section 422-11(e)(2)

#7 b (Weather Proof) Enclosures installed in wet locations shall beweatherproof. Text Reference S e cti on 3 7 2-3 (a)

#8 d (DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE - KEEP OUT) Covers forboxes shall be pennanently marked *DANGER - HIGHVOLTAGE - KEEP OUT* Text Reference Section3T0-72(e)

#9 c (30) Metal wireways shall not contain more than 30 current-carrying conductors at any cross section. Text Reference Section362-5

#10 b (75%) Splices and taps shall be permitted in surfbce metalraceways having a removable cover that is accassible afterinstallation. The conductors, including splices and taps, shall notfill the raceway to more than 75 percent of its area at that point.Text Reference Section 3 52'7

# 1 I a (Weather Proof) Enclosures installed in wet locations shallbe weatherproof. Text Reference Section 3 84-2 and 373-2(a)

Page 131: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

a. , '

#l2b (The ability to conduct fault-current) The fault current path

shall be permanent and electrically continuous, shall be capable of

safely carrying the likely maximum fault culrent. 250-2(il Text

Reference Section 250- 1 1 0

#13 c (8 feet vertical and 5 feet horizontal of grounded metal

objects) Text Reference Section 250-1 l0

#14 c (SWD) Circuit breakers used as switches in 120-volt and

277 -volt fluorescent lighting circuits shall be listed and shall be

marked *SWD.* Text Reference Section 240-83(d)

#15 c ( 6 times ) A fuse rated in continuous amperes not to exceed

three times the amp acity of the conductor, or a circuit breaker with

a trip setting of not more than six times the ampacity of the

conductors, shall be considered as providing the required scprotection Text Reference Section 230-208

#16 b (No. 8) Minimum size is based on disconnecting means

minimum size of 60 amperes and 60 degree ampacities in Table

310-16. No. 6 has a 60 degree ampacity of 55 amperes and by

230-90(a) Exception No. 2 allows the next larger standard size

OCPD of 60 amperes. Text Reference Section230-42(b), 230-

79(d), 1 10- t4, i30-42(a),230-90(a) Exception No.2, 240-6, and


#17 a(when installed) The gound-fault protection system shall beperformance tested when first installed on site. The test shall beionducted in accordance with instructions that shall be provided

with the equipment. Text Reference Section 230-95(c)

#18 b (1 Second ) The ma:cimum setting of the ground-fault protectionsha[ be 1200 amperes, and the maximum time delay shall be onesecond for grouna-Autt currents equal to or greater than 3000 amperes.Text Reference Section 215-10 that refers to 230-95(a)

C r

t ;

a , -



Page 132: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#19 a (100 amperes) For a one-family dwelling, the servicediscorurecting means shall have a rating of not less than 100€rmperes, 3-wire. Text Reference Section 23042(b) and section 230-79(c) that requires for a one-family dwelling, the senrice disconnectingmeans shall have a rating of not less than 100 amperes, 3 wire

#20 d (9,825) First 3,000 va at 100 percent, the remainder at 35 percent.3,000 + .35 (22,500 - 3,000) :9,825 va Text Reference Section Table220-3(a) for 3 valsq. ft. and table 220-l I for the demand factors

Page 133: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


c a

\ ;

:t : l

t . ;

t r . :

\ , ,



t. ::

Electrician Practice Test No. 14

I For Interlocked-Type Armor or Corrugated Sheath Type Metal Clad Cahle'L'

bends shall be made so that the cable will not be damaged, and the radius ofthe curve of the inner edge of any bend shall not be less than shown in:

r- a) ffJ"?.d-"s

the external diameter of the metallic

c b) }".""ff*

the external diameter of the metallic

r c) il:|il:

times the external diameter of the metaliic

r Fifteen times the external diameter of the metallic' d) sheath

) How many amperes does a 831100 kilowatt load with a.8 powerfactor draw-'

in a 480 volt, three phase circuit?

(' a) 100 amperes

c b) 125 amperes

r c) 1250 amperes

r d) 1,000 amperes

? Insins the DC resistance method what is the Voltage dropfor a No. 12 copperJt

soliiconductor used on a two wire 120 volt circuit that is 200 long one-wayand draws 12 amperes? Select nearest anshter.

r- a) 12.3 volts

r b) 6 volts

- c) 9'3 volts

a d) Not enough inforrration to find the answer.

/t lVhat is tlrc moximum ratingforfastened in place cord'and plug-connectedTo

ufifity equipment that can be installed on a 20 ampere circuit if the circuit

also snpplies lighting outletsT

20 amperesr a )

a b) 16 a:nperes

12 amperes'l

Page 134: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

S What b the maximum cord and plug connected load to a receptaclc rated 15J'

amperes and iwtalled on a 20 ampere circuit?

c d )

c a )

r b )

r c )

r d )

r a )

r b )

. - c )

, - d )

r a )

(* b)

r c )

c d )

r a )

r b )

c c )

c d )


10 amperes

20 amperes

l6 amperes

12 amperes

10 amperes

6 What is the maximum size circuit rating permitted when using a dupluv'

receptacle which is rated at 20 amperes?

j What is the rtnimum load allowedfor each 2-wire laundry branch circuitt '

installed in a dwelting?

20 amperes

l5 amperes

l6 amperes

10 amperes

2,400 volt-amperes

2,000 volt-amperes

1,800 volt-amperes

1,500 volt-amperes

Blue print

Schematic diagrant

As-build drawing

One-line drawing

red-lined blue prints

.g Drawings designed to show the exact location of the installed circuit arev'

commonly referred to as a?

Page 135: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

L i

L , O Wot is the honqtower output of a 75 horsqower, three phase motor wilh'/'

a 85% efificicncy and a.80 powerfactor {the voltoge is 230 wlts and themotor draws 194 amPeres?

t . ,

c a )

r- b)

(- c)

r d )

60 Horsepower

70 Horsepower

80 Horsepower

90 Horsepower

(- a)

r b )

r- c)r

d) l6'2Kva

I I Given two 400 amperc 480 voltr S-phaser 4-wire panels connected by one'r ' '

neutraL Mrat percent of the neutral load must be takenfor theftrct 200amperes?

r a )

{-. b)

r- c)

r d) 100 Percent

| ) The minimum vertical distancefrom groundfor service-drop conductorsr -'

ratud 240,Voks, ond running over a public drive-way shall be?

10 feet

18 feet

15 feet

1.2 feet(_


L - jt n Given 5 ranges with thefollowing loads: 6 Kva,4.5 Kvar S Kva' 3.5 Kva andr '"

4 Kva. Wat is the minimum computed loadtor these household rang6when all are connected to onefeeder?

* , J

t ;

26 Kva

20 Kva

11.7 Kva

70 percent

125 percent

80 percentL , -


;E j


' b )


t i

a ,

Page 136: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

| ? It is permissibte to install l|feet semice entrance conductorc in all olthe-"'

lollowing ucept?

i^ a) Electrical metallic tubing

a b) lntennediate metal coaduit

(- c) Flexible metallic conduit

r d) zugld metallic conduit

t ,t Yhere the sewice dbconnecting meons does not disconnect the groundedrao

conductorfrom the premises wiring, you must irrstoll which of the


t a) A disconnecting link,or terminal

r b) A bonding bushing

r c) A grounding bushing

r- d) An additional ground rod

I S llhich iruulation can be usedfor conduc'tors in (1) raceways used out ofL r'

doorc, (2) in rucewtrys in concrete slabs indoorc, and (3) in raceways thatare directly buried in earth

(. a) THHN

r b) RHH

r c) )C{HW

c d) RH

| 6 Mtat b the synchronous speed in RPM ota motor with eight poles when^ v'

connected to a 100 hertz supplY?

r a) 12'000 RPM

c b) 6'000 RPM

r c) 3'000 RPM

(^ o 1200RPM

Page 137: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7 a Given four parallel 500 kcmit KIHWCLI with a 1 each 100 kcmil neutral-r nc

condicfors'per phase run in 4 each metal condui&. What should theconJiguration be Per each conduil

7 7. A megger is used to measure:

r a )

r b )

r c )

. . d )

' a )

r b )

c c )

, - d )

{- a)

c b )

. c )






insulation breakdown resistance


resistance of ground rods

all of the above

A-phase, B-phase, C-phase, Neutral in eachconduit.A,rAr4,r{ in one conduit" BBBB in one conduit"CCCC in one conduit NNN in one cooduit.

Doesn't riratter.

None of the above

No. 18 copper, No. 14 aluminum

No. 14 copper, No. 12 aluminum

No. l8 copper, No. 16 aluminum

N o . 2




t A In generol the minimum size conductors that can be usedfor up to 2,000L ' '

vofts for power and lighting are:

Given three (3) 300 kcmil THWN Cu conductors in (3) sets being utilized as

semice-entrance conductors, Mrat is the minimum sizefor the coppergro unding electrode conductor?




s . iI

t ii

Page 138: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t ;

' Electrician Practice Test No. 14


r . #t a (Seven times the external diameter of the metallic sheath.)Text Reference Section 334-L 1(b)

L: #2 b (125 amperes) Power (watts) : SQRT3 x Volts x Amperes x

I Power Factor, Amperes - Power / (SQRT 3 x Volts x Powert-, Factor); Amperes:83,100 / (I.732 x 480 x.8); Amperes - 125

amperes Text Reference Section Three Phase power formula inr.; Basic Theory page

r. #3 c (9.3)From Table 8 The DC resistance is (400/1000) x.193 :

0372; The voltage drop is 12 amperes x0.772 - 9.3volts

f, #4 d ( l0 amperes) The total rating of utilization equipmentfastened in place, other than lighting fixtures, shall not exceed 50

\ percent of the branch-circuit ampere rating where lighting units arealso supplied. Text Reference Section Table 210-24 and Section

. 210-23(a)

, . #5 b (16 amperes) Where connected to a branch circuit supplying, two or more receptacles or outlets, a receptacle shall not supply a

u; total cord- and plug-connected load in excess of the ma:<imumspecified in Table 210-21(bX2). Text Reference Section210-21(b)and Table 210-21(bX2)


#6 a ( 20 amperes ) Text Reference Section Table 210-24t : :

#7 d ( 1,500 volt-amperes) A load of not less than 1500 volt-r amperes shall be included for each 2-wire laundry branch circuit

installed as required by Section 2L0-1 1(cX2). Text Reference, Section 220-16(b)

Page 139: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#8 c (As-build drawing) Text Reference Section Based onexperience.#9b (70 Horsepower) hp :1.732x194x230 x .85 x.8 / 746;hp : 70.4 Text Reference Section Basic Electrical Theory

#10 c (11.7 Kva) From Colurnn C demand factor is 45%; .45 x (6+ 4.5 + 8+ 3 .5 + 4) : lL.7 kva Text Reference Secti on 220-L9 andtable 220-19

#1 1 d (100 percent) The feeder or service neutral load shall be themaximum unbalance of the load determined by this article. TextReference Secti on 220-22

#l2b (18 feet ) l8 ft (5.49 m) - overpublic streets, alleys, roads'parking areas subject to tuck haffic, driveways on other thanresidential properly, and other land such as cultivated, graa;krg,forest, and orchard Text Reference Section234'24(b)

# 13 c (Flexible metallic conduit) Flexible metal conduit not over 6ft (1.83 m) long or liquidtieht flexible metal conduit not over 6 ft(1.83 m) long between raceways, or between raceway and serviceequipment is allowed. Text Reference Section230-43

#14 a (A disconnecting linhor tenninal) Where the servicedisconnecting means does not disconnect the grounded conductorfrom the premises wfuing, other means shall be provided for thispuqpose in the service equipment. Text Reference Section230'75

# 15 c ()C{HW) Insulated conductors and cables used in wetlocations shall be MTW, RHW, RHW-2, TW, THW, THW-2,THHW, THHW-2, THWN, THWN-2, XFIHW, XF{HW-Z,ZWText Reference Section Definition of location- Wet in Article 100and

Page 140: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


[ ;

It .

t "

L ;

[ . ,

t ,

L ,

t. i

A . ;

#16 b (6,000 RPIO Sync RPM: (hertz x 120 )/ Number of Poles;Sync RPM - (400 xl20 )/ 8:6,000 Text Reference Section BasicElectrical Theory

#17 d(all of the above ) However, meggers are usually used tomeasure insulation breakdown resistance.

#18 a (A-phase, B-phase, C-phase, Neuhal in each conduit.) Therequirement to run all circuit conductors within the same raceway,auxiliary gutter, cable tay, trench, cable, or cord shall applyseparately to each portion of the paralleled installation. TextReference Section 300-3(bX 1 )

#19 b (No. 14 copper, No. 12 aluminum) The minimum size ofconductors shall be as shown in Table 310-5. Text ReferenceSection 310-5, Section 310-5

#20 d (2lo) 3 x 300 - 900 kcmil; per Table 250-66 900 kcmilrequires a2l0 copper gounding electrode conductor. TextReference Sectio n 250-66 and tabl e 250'66

Page 141: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

l .


l . ;1 .



Electrician Practice Test No. 15

Mtat is the maximum temperature rating permittedfor TW wire?

r a )

(- b)

r- c)

(- d)

140 degrees C

60 degrees C

75 degrees C

167 degrees C

c a )

r b )


r d )

20 amperes

15 amperes

25 amperes

30 amperes

' a )

c b )

A 200 Ampere overcurrent protective device reuires a No.eq uipment gro unding conducto r.

a ) 2

b ) 4?

c) 6

c d) 8

Flsibte Metal conduit not supportedfor 3 feet and used to provide

ltuibility at equipment shall be equipped with an equipment grounding





s ;

) Mtat is the mnximum sizefuse allowed on a No. 12 THHN CU conductor?

3. In general, the smallest permbsible copper service drop conductor is No. I




r.j /





(- b)

Page 142: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

6 For a high impedance grounded system the neutral cannot be smaller thanv'

No. -Copper.

c a) 8

b ) 6c

c) 4

c d) 2

7 A n0n40 Vfeeder shall have a rating of at leost Amperes to^

supply a 9 lcr'a noncontinuou load and a 12 ln'a continuous load

c a) 87'5 amPeres

r- b) loo amPeres

r c) 125 amPeres

8. Any availahle wall space in a dwelling shall be within 7' of a plugrecePtac14

r a) True

c b) False

q Switch enclosures and panelboards, under certain conditions, may be used"

as junction boxes.

c a) True

c b) False

I0. Ihnder yelain conditions, a 20' length of metal racen'oy need not begrounaetu

c a) True

r b) False

Page 143: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

7 ' which is the correct hookup conligurationfor a solidly groundqd Deltar t.

wve 1E0 vok to 20s/120 volt transformer shown below?

{ - a ) A

i _ b ) B

c c) c



1 . ,

[ -


L ,


Page 144: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t ) Conductors otdissimilar metals shall not be intermixed in o terminal or! z'

splicing connector where physical contact occuis, unless the device is

for the purPose and conditions of we.

r a) [sted

f- b) identified

r c) hbeled

t ? The semice disconnecting mearut may consist of not more than six switches1r '

or chcuit hreakers.

r a) True

c b) False

| / For dwelling uni6 the service orfeeder demand capacity necessaryforfourz "

I0 kw electric ranges is -�kw.

c a ) 1 5

(- b) t7

r c ) 19

r d) 2l

t S Wttich diagram shows the conecl connectionfor three start stop stations-:'

for a motor controller. The diagrams do not show the holding contacts.

c a ) A

( - b ) B

c. c) c

Page 145: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I A The clearance of 120/240 V semice drop conductors over residentialr u'

driveways not subject to truck traffic shatl be no less than -fL

t .


r L . . i

t . -

, - c )

7 7. Thefirst 20,000 vA of computed load in a hotel shall be assessed at


(' a)

r b )

{* c)

c d )

r^ a)

c b )

(' c)

I B. Unless

10 feet

12 feet

15 feet

18 feet




otherwise speciJied, conductors used to carry current shall be of


c a) CoPPer

- b) Aluminum


19.The copper grounding electrode conduclorfor a 350 kcmil, 120/240 V

servici iurtiilotion, ii rrn to a ground rod electrode, shall be no smaller


than No.

( _ a ) 6

r b) 4

c c ) 2

) n The smallest permissibte LISTED driven ground rod electrode made ofztt'

nonferrous materials tL- inches in diameter'l i !

l ,

1 . ;

L , ,

3 t4



(- a)

r b )

' c )

Page 146: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. 15


# I b (60 degsees c) 60 Degrees per Table 3 1 0- 13. Text Reference

Section 310-13 and Table 310-13

#2 a(20 amperes) unless specifically perrritted in (e) through (g),

the overc1llrent piotection ;hail not exceed 15 amperes for No. 14,

in ^ p"I:es forNo. 12, and30 amperes forNo. 10 copper; or 15

amperls forNo. lZ and25 anryeres forNo. 10 aluminum and

copper-clad alurn Text Reference section 240-3(d)

#3 a(tnre) Minimum Size. The conductors shall not be smaller

than No. 8 copper or t{o. 6 aluminum or copper-clad aluminum.

Text Reference Secti on 230-23(b)

#a c (6)

#5 a(true) where used to connect equipment where flexibility is

required, an equipment gfounding conductor shall be installed.

Text Reference Section 350-14 (ref: Section 350-18 Exception

No .2

#6 a(8) In no case shall the neutral conductor be smaller than No'

8 copper or No. 6 aluminum or copper-clad aluminum' Text

Reference Section 25 0-3 6(b)

#7 b (100 amperes) 1.25 x 12,000 va+ 9,000 va:24,000 va;

24,0d0 va/ 240 volts: 100 amperes Text Reference Section


Page 147: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#8 b (false) Receptacles shall be installed so that no point along ttre

floor line in any wall space is more than 6 ft (1.83 m), measured

horizontally, frbm an outret in that space. Text Reference section


#9 a(tnre) Enclosures for switches or overcurrent devices shall not

be used as junction boxes, auxiliary gutters' or raceways for

conductorJ feeding through or tapping off to other switches or

overcrurent devicJs, unless adequate space for this purpose is

provided. Text Reference section 380-3(b), and 373-8

# 1 0 a (true) Short sections of metal enclosures or raceways used to

provide support or protection of cable assemblies from physical

lu-ugr strait not ba required to be grounded. Text Reference

Section 250-86 Exceptions No. 1,2 and 3.

#11 b f t )

Page 148: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

a .

#lzb (identified) conductors of dissimilar metals shall not be

intermixed in a tenninal or splicing connector where physical

contact occurs between dissimilarionductors unless the device is

identified for the purpose and conditions of use' Text Reference

Section 110-14

#13 a(tnre) There shall be no more than six disconnects per seryice

grouped in any one location Text Reference section230-71(a)

#l4b(l7) Column I of Table 220-19 shows 17 kw for 4 ranges

not over 12 kp each. Text Reference Section220-L9, Table 220-19

Colurnn one.

# 1 5 c ( c ) The stop stations are connected in series with the start

stations and the start stations are connected in parallel'



L 1


Page 149: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#16 b (12 feet) 12 ft (3.66 m) - over residential properfy and

driveways. C 230 -24(b)

#t7 c (50) Text Reference Sectionzz}-l I and Table 220-ll

#18 a (copper) Conductors nonnally used to carry cwrent shall be

of coppei,toless otherwise provided in this Code. Where thecondu;tor material is not specified, the material and the sizes given

in this Code shatl apply to copper conductors. Text ReferenceSection 1 10-5

#19 a(6) Where the grounding electrode conductor is connected tomade electrodes as permitted in Section 250'52(c) or (d), thatportion of the conductor that is the sole connection to the GECstratt not be requhed to be larger than No. 6 copper. TextReference Section 250-66 and section 250-66(a)

#20 c (ll2) nonferrous rods, or their equivalent shall be listed andshall not be less than % in. (12.7 mm) in diameter.

Page 150: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. 16

I Each commerciat buitding and occupancy accessible to pedestrians slrall bert

provided with at least one accessible outletfor sign or outline lighting. This-outlet shall not supply any other load and shall be rated no less than -,

and the load shatt be computed at a minimum of -volt-amperes.

r a )

c b )

c c )

r d )

) In the Jield,-' parallel.



? Capacitors that contain more than - gallons ofJlammable liquid shall'

be enclosed in a vaul6 or outdoorfenced enclosure.

r a )

(- b)

(- c)

c d) 4

/t A srounded circuit conductor shall NOT be permitted to ground noncurtent-ao

ca-rrying metal parts of equipment, raceways, and other enclosures at whiclt

of the following locations

15 amperes , 1200

1500 watts, 1500

20 arnperes, 1200

30amperes, 1500

it is not permissible to connectfuses or circuit breakers in







' b )

t .c)

' d )

Service equipment on the supply side of the servicedisconnecting means.

On the supply side or withiq the enclosure of the maindisconnecting means for separate buildings

On the supply side or within the enclosure of the maindisconnecting means or overcurrent devices of a separatelyderived system

Ranges and Dryers on the load side of tlie servicedisconnecting means.

Page 151: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

j. Generally, when driving a ground rod into the ground which of thefollowingappry:

6. 6. The Life Safety Branch of a hospital emergency ekarical system shallsuoolv oower for

r a )

r b )

(- c)

(- d)

r a )

r b )

c c )

r a )

' e )

The upper end of the ground rod shall be driven to belowgrade level.The upper end of the gror:nd rod may be driven to below gradeor flush with grade but the connection to the groundingelectrode conductor shall be accessible.

The upper end of the ground rod shail be flush with grade.

The upper end ofthe ground rod shall be above grade level.

Illuminntion of Means of Egress

Exit Signs.

Alarm and Alerting Systems.

Power for task illumination, fixed equipmen! selected receptacles,and special power circuits serving the following areas and functionsrelated to patient care.

Nurse call systems

Blood, bone, and tiszue banks

Three-phase motors used for the supply water.

Single-phase fractional horsepower motors shall be permitted to becorurected to the critical branch.

r d) Communications SYsteins.

r e) All of the above and power for the generator set and elevator.

7 In a hospital electrical systenq the critical bronch of the Emergency System' '

shall suppty powerfor all thefollowing with the exception of -.

r b )

r c )

' d )

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. : .

g. Anxilia.ry g:tters are permitted to contain all of the below with the

excePtwn of --

r a) overcurrent devices'

r b) conductors

r c) busbars

{- d) sPliced conductors

9. An insulated conductor used in a switchboard shall be

r a) listed

r b) flame retardant

r rated not less than the voltage applied to other conductors or'

c) busbars with which it may come in contact.

r d) All of the above'

10. A three phase 480 volt air conditioner shall be connected

(. directly to the premise wiring system using an acceptable method^) from Chapter 3.

r b) with a 3-prong attachment plug and flexible cord

(' c) with a 4-prong attachment plug and flexible cord

(' d) with flexible cord and plug is not over 4 feet long'

t t Cabtes containing Class 2 circuils can be instuAed in the same cable tray ast' r' o

power and lightiig cables rated 6oo volts without a partition if the Class 2

circuit cablcs are

r PLTC^)

(* b)


(' c)


r d)


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t ) What is the rtnimum working space WIDTH k front of equipmentr -' operating at 120 volts AC containingfwes or circuit breakers that may beserviced while energized.

c a )

r b )

r c )

r d )

t ? In general the maximum length that 3/8 inchJlexiblc mctal conduit thatL '

can be made up in the Jield it -.

3 feet

30 inches

4 feet

None of the above

3 feet

4 feet

6 feet

None of the above - there is no maximum length.

6 feet 7 inches

6 I/2 feet

5 feet

4 feet

c a )

r b )

c c )

c d )

| / If structural mcmbers are on 5feet centers EMT can be supported^ " feetifrom a box instead of within 31feet when the EMT is runfrom a box toa structural member and there is no other method to readilyfasten theEMT within 3feel.

' " ) 4

' b ) 5

t . ) 6

I S Switches an circuit breakers used as switches shall be installed so that the1 e' center of the grip of the operating handle is not more than - above thefloor or working platform.









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| 6 Where the cbcuitry is interlocked so as to prevent operation of selected1 v' mobrc or other loads at the same time, the branch circuit conductorampacity shall be permitted to be based on -.

r 125 percent of the largest motor full arnperes plus the strm of thea) other motors firll load currents.

r. the summation of the currents of the motors and other loads to beb) operated at the same time that results in the highest total curent.

r c) 125 percent of the sum of all the loads.

| 7 An insulated grounded conductor larger than No. 6 shall be identified by- ' '

-. (Selcct the best answer)

a continuous white or natural gray outer finish or by three

r continuous white stripes on other than green insulation along its^) entire length or at the time of installation by a distinctive white

marking at its terminations.lA('

b) By tagging or other effective means.

(' c) By painting the terminals and splices white.

r d) By applyin g gray tape to the exposed areas of the conductors

t R The requirementsfor attachments plugs and cord caps shall conform to one^ v'

or more of thefotlowing. Select the best answer.

(. No receptacle shall be installed so as to require an energizeda) atbchment plug as its source of supply.

r - - Attachment plugs shall be installed so that their prongs, blades, orb) pins are not energized unless inserted into an energized receptacle.

Receptacles, cord connectors, and attachment plugs shall ber constructed so that receptacle or cord connectors will not accept an

c) aftachment plug with a different voltage or current rating than that forwhich the device is intended; ex. for 20A T recept.

r -. Nongrounding-type receptacles and connectors shall not accepttl) grounding-type atiachment plugs.

rr' e) All of the above

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I O An outlet boxfor the tap conductor of a recessedJirture turrtnal' " connection shall he placed at a minimum distance of -from thefrxtura

f a) 4feet

r b) 18 inches

r c) 1 foot

r 61 None of the above

)n When liquidtightflexiblc metal conduit orflexible metal conduit are-v'

instatled as aftxcd racenay, they shall be SECTIRED at intemals notexceeding 4 1/2feet and within 12 inches on each side of every outlet boxorfifring. Are tie wraps suitable to secare these raceways?

r a) Yes, if acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction

r b) Yes, if aPProved

c c) Both A and B

r d) None of the above; tie wraps cannot be used.

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a , Electrician Practice Test No. L6


,., #I c (20 amperes, 1200) Text Reference Seotion 600-5(a) and (b)

: #2 a (true) Text Reference Section240-8

. #3 c (3) Capacitors containing more than 3 gal (1 1.36 L) of( . . .

flarnmable liquid shall be enclosed in vaults or outdoor fenced. enclosures : Text Reference Section 460-2(a)

r l

#4 d (Ranges and Dryers on the load side of the seryicer. discorurecting means.) Text Reference Section 250-A2(a)

c #5 b (grade but the connection to the grounding electrodeconductor shall be accessible.) Generally speaking, flush or below

\. j is the correct Code rule. There are exceptions such as for concreteencased ground rods. Text Referense Section 517-32

n #6 e (All of the above and power for the generator set and

, elevator.) Text Reference Section 517-32

. #8 d (Three-phase motors used for the supply water.) Only single-t: ) phase fractional horsepower motors are permitted.

Text Reference Section 517-33t . .

#8 a (overcurrent devices) may enclose conductors or busbars but

$ shall not be used to enclose switches, overcurrent devices,appliances, or other similar equipment.Text Reference Secti on 37 4-l

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#g d, (Atl of the above) An insulated conductor used within aswitchboard shall be listed, flame retardant, ffid shall be rated notless than the voltage applied to it and not less than the voltageapptied to other conductors or busbars with which it may come in

contact. Text Reference Section 3 84-9

#L0 a(directly to the premise wiring system using an acceptablemethod from Chapter 9.) Wtrere a flexible cord is used to supply aroom air conditioner, the length of such cord shall not exceed 10 ft(3.05 m) for a nominal, 120-volt rating or 6 ft (1.83 m) for anominal, 208- or 240-volt rating. Text Reference Secti on 440'64

#l l c (Metal-Clad) Permitted where either (l) all of the electriclight, power, or (2) all of the Class 2 circuit conductors are inraieway or in metal-sheathed, metal-clad, nonmetallic-sheathed, orType IJF cables. Text Reference SectionT25-5a(a)(3)

#l2b (30 inches) The width of the working space in front of theelectric equipment shall be the width of the equipment or 30 in.(762 mm), whichever is greater.Text Reference Section 1 l0-26(a)(2)

# 13 c (6 feet) In general, lengths in excess of 6 ft shall be part of amanufactured assembly or wiring system. Text Reference Section350-10(a), 620-21, and 430-145(b)

#1.4 b (5) Fastening of unbroken lengths shall be pennitted to beincreased to a distance of 5 ft where structr,ual members do notreadily permit fastening within 3 ft. Text Reference Section 348-13Exception No. 1

# I 5 a ( 6 feet 7 inches) They shall be installed so that the center ofthe grip of the operating handle of the switch or circuit breaker,when in its highest position, will not be more than 6 ft 7 in. abovethe floor or working platfonn. Text Reference Section 380-8(a)

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f . i

t .


#16 b (the summation of the currents of the motors and other loads

to be operated at the same time that results in the highest total

curreni.) Text Reference Secti on 430'24 Exception No.3

#I7 a(stripes on other than green insulation along its entire length

or at the time of installation by a distinctive white marking at its

terminations. ) Text Reference S ection 200 -6(b)

#18 e (All of the above) Text Reference Section4I0-56(e) and (i)

#19 c (l foot) Tap conductors of a type suitable for the temperaflrre

encountered shali be permitted to run from the fixture terminal

connection to an outl;t box placed at least I ft from the fixture.

Text Reference Section 410-67(c)

#20 c (both A and B) The raceways shall be secured by an

approved means. Approved means acceptable to the authority

traving jurisdiction per Definition in fut 100. Text Reference

Section Article 100 defurition of approved, and sections 350-18

and 3 5 1-8.

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Electrician Practice Test No. 17

I Several motors, each not uceeding I hp in rating, shall be permitted on ar '

nominal 120-vott branch circuit protected at not over 20 amPeres or a branchcircuit of 600 volts, nominal, or less, protected at not over 15 amperes, ifwhich of thefollowing conditions are meL

L ,

(- a)

c b )

c c )

' d )

The full-load rating of each motor does not exceed 6amperesThe rating of the branch-circuit short-circuit andground-fault protective device marked on any of thecontrollers is not exceeded.Individual overload protection conforsts to Section430-32.

All of the above


) lYlrere conductors are run in parallel in parallel raceways the grounding-'

conductors shatt be

r a) run in Parallel

c b) nrn in at least one raceway

c c) run in an isolated raceway

i- d) run outside the raceways but secured to the raceway.

3. Taps to brake coils of $anes and hoists shall be protected by -.

r a) 20 amperes circuit breaker

r b) 15 ampere fuses

r c) 10 ampere fuses

r* d) Nothing. No protection is required

4, The ampere rating of the disconnecting means seming a hermetic refrigerant

motor-compressor shall be - of the nameplate rated'load cuftent or

branch-circuit selection curcent, wltichever is greater

c a) 115 Percent

r- b) 125 percent

. c) 135 percent

l . '

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I2. Rgfer to theJigure below-closest answer)

The current through R2 is -. (select the

a) 2.7 amPeres

b) 1.3 arnPeres

c) 5.7 amPeres

a1 8.1 amPeres

t ? Performance standard(s) that transfer equipment used in emergencyL *

systems shatl meet is:

r . Automatic bansfer switches shall be electrically operated anda) mechanically held.

Transfer equipment shall be designed and installed to prevent ther nt inadverteni interconnection of normal and emergency sources of-'*pply

in any operation of the hansfer equipment.

c cy Transfer equipment shall supply only emergency loads.

{- d) AX of the above





l9O ,/clts Rl

1 30 ohms

I to otrm sV A A A A

Page 161: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t 1t In a run of underground rigid metal conduitfrom a gasoline dispercer to'r-at

the semicZ panelbiard in o nonhaurdow location a total of -sealoffsare required


r . \

a ) 1

b ) 2

c ) 3

d ) 4

7 5. In general, direct burial cabli rated above volE shall be shielded





| 6 In a hospital general care area each patient bed location shall be ptovidedL v'

with a minimum of -recePtacles,


(- a)

c b )

(- c)

(- d)

r- a)

i b )

(- c)

r d )









1 duplex

3 duplex or 6 single

2 duplex or 4 single.

4 duplex



I l l2


Wtere o sudace-mountedfrxture containing a ballast is to be installed on

combustibli tow4ensity cellulosefiberboard, it shall be lbtedfor this

condition or shall be spaced not less than - in, from the sudace of

the Jiberboard





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Ig. An individual outlet with taps not over 18 inches long is connected to a 50

ampere urcuil to supply a household hitchen wall-mounted oven The tapconductor ampacity shall not be lcss thon amperes.

Ig. Yhat is the minimum size equipment bondingiumPer requhedfor aracaeoy containing a circuit protected at 60 amperes.

r a )

r b )

r c )

r d )

No. 14

No. 12

No. 10

N o . 8

' a )

r- b)r-


d) 20

)n Given an AC transformer and DC rectiJier arc welder with a 60 percent3t"

ddy cycle, The ampacity oJthe supply conductors shall be calculated bymutliplying the nameplate cutent by afactor of -




' a )

(- b)

r* c)




Page 163: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

( .


' Electrician Practice Test No. 17


, , #1 d (all of the above)Text Reference Section 430-53(a)

. , #2 a(run in parallel) Where conductors are run in parallel in1 . . \ \ r

multiple racoways or cables as permitted in Section 3 l0-4, theequipment gounding conductors, where used, shall be run in

e ' parallel in each raceway or cable. Text Reference Section 250-' 122(f):

t .

#3 d Qrlothing. No protection is required.) Taps to brake coils dor not require separate overcurrent protection. Text Reference Section


#4 a (115 percent) The ampere rating of the disconnect shall be atleast 1 l5 percent of the nameplate rated-load current or branch-

tcrcuit selection current, whichever is greater. Text ReferenceSection 440-12(a)

t .

#5 d (all of the above) . Text Reference Section 515-5(a)t . .

, #6 c (nonmetallic raceways encased in not less than 2 in. ofL,; concrete, Type MI, MC, or AC cable containing an insulated

equipment grounding conductor)

t .

#7 c (3) nonmetallic raceways encased in not less than 2 in. ofconcrete, Type MI, MC, or AC cable containing an insulated

L; equipment grounding conductor Text Reference Section 517-19(b)

L #8 d (15 minutes) Text Reference Section 700-12(b)

t .

1 . .

L .

Page 164: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#9 c (non-hazardous location)Any inhalation anesthetunglocation designated for the exclusive use of nonflammableanesthetizsng agents shall be considered to be an other-than-hazardous (classified) location. Text Reference Section 5l7'60(a)

# 10 c (7 5, accessible) The conductors, including splices and taps,shall not fill the wireway to more than 75 percent of its area at thatpoint. Text Reference Secti on 362'7 for metallic wireways andSection 362-21 for non metallic wireways.

# 1 I b (wireway but there is derating for over 3 current carryingconductors in a nonmetallic wireway.) Text Reference Section s362-5 and 362-19

#l2b (1.3 amperes) 4 x 10 and 4 x l0 is 80 volts leaving 120-80 or40 volts across R2. 40130 - 1.3 aqtperes

#13 d (all of the above) Text Reference Section 700-6

#I4 b (2) One sealoffwhen the conduit leaves the dispenser goingfrom Class 1, div 2 to Class 1, div 1 (underglound for 20 feet fromthe d,ispenser), and another sealoff where the conduit emerges fromunderground since it passed through a Cl 1, div 1 location. TextReference Section Table 514-2, Section 5L4-7,514-8, 501-5(a)(a)and(b)(2)

# 15 d (2000) Text Referencp Section 310-7

I ?0 'rq,]tE H 1

r 30 ohrns

l : l t

Page 165: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


( ffi6 c (2 duplex or 4 single) Each patient bed location shall beprovided with a minimum of four receptacles. They shall be

t permitted to be of the single or duplex types or a combination of' both. Text Reference Section 517-18(b)


#17 c (I %)Where a surface-mounted fixture contaildngaballast isr . to be installed on combustible low-density cellulose fiberboard, it

shall be listed for this condition or shall be spaced not less than 1%

r. in. (38 mm) from the surface of the fiberboard. Text Reference

. Section 410-76(b)

"' #18 c (I.io. l0) By Table 250-122 aNo. l0 copper is required for a60 a:npere overcrurent device. Text Reference Section 250-102(b)

' and Table 250-122

n ft19 d (20) Tap conductors supptying electric ranges, wall-mountedelectric ovens, and counter-mounted electric cooking units from a

, 50-ampere branch circuit shall have an ampacity of not less than20 and shall be sufficient for the load to be senied. . Text

. Reference Section 210-19(c) Exception No. It

#20 a(.78) the ampacity of the supply conductors shall not be lesst than the current value determined by multiplying the rated primary' current in amperes given on the welder rating plate and the

t ' following factor based on the duty cycle of the welder. Text

, *eference Section 330-11(a) and Table

Page 166: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. 18

7 Busways shall be supported at intervals not to uceed -feet unless"

designed and marked othemtisa

c a )

r b )

c c )

) Given a 4 11/16 ' by I 1/2 inch deep box Eow many No. I conductors can he-'

spliced in this box

3 feet

5 feet

4 l12 feet



magnetic trip unit

thermal relay

protective device

motor circuit switch

r a )

r b )


c d )



? To provide short circuit and ground-fault protectionfor a branch circuite'

supptying o motor, afeeder conductor supplying that branch circuit shall beprovided with a

r a )

r b )


r d )

4. A 120 volt 30 an pere branch circuit shall have o power load not to exceedkilovolt-amperes.

3 .6






Page 167: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

5. The minimum distance between SIat (phase to phose) switchgear that hasaccess to live parts ts-. (Assume phase to ground voltage as 5 kv /1.732)

r a) 3 feet

e b) 4 l/2 feet

' c) 6 feet

c d) 7 feet

Yithout aceptions the minimum heodroom of working spaces aboutserryice equipment, tnotor control cenlets, switchboards, and panelboails is6.

i- a)

c b )

c c )

(t d)

5 feet

6 feet

6 ll2 feet

7 feet

7. What size raceway is requiredfor installing thefollowing XIIHW coPpefconductors in a conduit over 24 inches long. (a) two 400 kcmil (b) six 500kcmil (b) one bare 3/0

c a) 6 inch

c b) 5 inch

r c) 4 inch

(- d) 3 U2 :l:,ch

Fixed wiring used to supply etlernal power to aircraft within an aircrarthangar shall be installed at least inches above thetloor level.

a) 24

b) 18

c) 12

d ) 6





Page 168: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t .

O In an apartment building the disconnecting means in addition to the unit"

switchforfixed appliances shall be locoted , (select the bestanswer)

r a) within sight of the aPPliance

r wrthin the dwelling unit, or on the same floor as the dwelling unit' b) in which the appliance is installed

(^ c) iaside an individual dwelling unit

r d) in the electrical room on the first floor

70. Wiring methods inside plenums usedfor environmental air include:

f Flexible metal conduit and liquidtight flexibl.e metal conduit shall^) be permitted, in lengths not to exceed 4 ft

r Type MI cable, Tlpe MC cable employing a smooth or comrgatedb) impervious metal sheath without an overall nonmetallic covering

r electrical metallic tubing, flexible metallic tubing, intermediate' c) metal conduiL or rigid rnetal conduit

r d) All of the above

t I In a 3 wire 120/240 vott service the current in LI is 15 amperes and the'' '' '

current in L2 is 25 amperes. The current in the grounded conductor shouldbe _ amperes.

r- a) 10 amPeres

. b) 15 amPeres

c c) 25 amPeres

r- d) o amPeres

I ) In general the minintum work space required infront of a panelboard is1 - '

-feet in front, inches wide, and -feet high.

' a ) 3 ,30 ,6 l l 2

( ' b) 3 r12,36,6

e c) 2 ,30,6 l l2

Page 169: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t ? In general the minimum work qpace required infront of serttice equipment'-J'

containing overcurrent deyices ir_ feet infroflt, - incheswide, and -feet high.

LI Except as elsewhere required or permitted by the Code, live para of electriclao

equipment operating at _volb or more shall bC guatded agaircticitlental contact by approyed enclosures 9f by 1, By loc@tr ln a roomrvault, or similar englostae that is accessiblc only to qualifuil pentons. 2. Bysuitable permaneng substaitial partilbns or screens ananged so thd onlyqualifutl persons will hary access to the qpace within reach of the live pafts.

|nybpritogs in sach partitions or screens shall b:e sized and located so thatpersons are not tikely to corne into accidental contact with the live pat6 orto bring conducting object into contact witlt then 3. By location on asuitable balcony, gallery, or platform elevated ond arranged so as toexclude unqualifted penons. or 1. By elevation of 8,ft (2.44 m) or moreabove thefloor or other working surface.

c a) 24 volts

r b) 3ovolts

(- c) 4g volts

(- O 50 volts

t 55 In general the ampere rating of a disconnecting tnearut serving a hermeticz r'

relrigerant motor-compressor which has a nameplate rating of 50 amperesshall be at least amperes, (Select the closest answer)

r b )

(- c)

(- a)

{- b)

i- c)

3 , 3 0 , 6 l / 2

3 l /2 ,36,6

2,30,6 7/2

50 rmperes

58 amperes

62.5 amperes

Page 170: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t a A box contains a switch,6 No. 12 conductors that are spliced, and a No. 12I / '

equipment grounding conductor, If there arc no clamps in the box what

size box is required?

{- a)

r b )

c c )

4 x2Il8 x2Il8 device

3 x2x3% dev ice

4by ll2 inch square




No. 12

No. 14

N o . 6

No. 8

I B. The minimum service disconnect sizefor a singlefamily dwelling is


:t :

. a )

' b )

t .c)


' b )

{- c)

(- d)

79.The grounding conductorfor a communications service installed by the

telephone company cannot be smaller than

) n Mten a separate grounding electrode is installedfor a communicationsz ltt

semice U inaU be-bonded to the power grounding electrode system wilh a a

minimum size No. copper or equivalent bondingiumper.







No. 14

N o . 8

N o . 6

No. 4

Page 171: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. L8


#1 b (5 feet )Busways shall be securely supported at intervals not

exceeding 5 ft (1.52 m) unless otherwise designed and marked.Text Reference Secti on 364-5

#2 c (9) Tabl e 370-16(a) shows 9 Text Reference section Table370-16(a)

#3 c (protective device) A feeder supplying a specific fixed motorload(s) and consisting of conductor sizes based on Secti on 430-24

shall be provided with a protective device. Text Reference Section


#4 a(3.6) ln no case shall the load exceed the branch-circuitampere rating. An individual branch circuit shall be permitted to

supply any load for which it is rated. 120 volts x 30 amperes::,OOOva; 3,600 / 1,000 - 3.6 KVA Text Reference Section210-23

#5 c (6 feet)By Table 110-3a(a) Condition 3; voltage to glound is

5,000 I 1.732 -- 2887 volts Text Reference Section Table 110-3a(a)

#6 c (6 % feet ) The minimum headroom of working spaces aboutservice equipment, switchboards, panelboards, or motor controlcenters shali be 6% ft. Text Reference Section 110-26(e)

#7 b (5 inch) From chapt. g Table 5; 400 kcmil atea:2x(.5782sq. in.); 500 kcmil area: 6 x (.6984 sq. in.); From Table 8 3/0 bare*ia -- .173 sq.in.; Total arca:5.5198 sq. in.; By Table 4a5 inch

Rigid 40% with area- 8.085 sq. in. is required. Text ReferenceSection Chaptt. 9 Tables l, 4,5, and 8

Page 172: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#8 b (18)Aircraft energizers shall be desigued and mounted so that

all elestric equipment and fixed wiring will be at least 18 in. (457

mm) above noot level and shall not be operated in a Class I

location as defined in Section 513-3(c). Text Reference Section

5 13- 1 1(a0

#9 b (within the dweiling unit, or on the same floor as the dwelling

unit in which the appliance is installed) In multifamily dwellings,

the other disconnecting means shall be within the dwelling unit, or

on the same floor as the dwelling unit in which the appliance is

installed, ffid shall be permitted to control lamps and otherappliances

#10 d (All of the above) Text Reference Section 300-22@)

#11 a (10 amperes) The grounded conductor carries the unbalancedload that is 25 - 15 amperes: 10 amperes. Text Reference SectionBasic Theory

#12 a(3, 30, 6Yr) Text Reference Section 110-26(a)(1)(2X3) andI 10 -26(e)

#13 a(3, 30, 6 Yz) Text Reference Section 110-26(a)

#14 d (50 volts) Text Reference Section 110-27(a)

# 1 5 b (1 15 percent of 50 amperes is 57.5) Text Reference Section440-r2(a)

#16 b (70)By Table B-310-11 with a load diversity of 50 percentthe derating factor is 70 percent. Text Reference Section 310-15(a)and (c), Appendix B Table B 310-11

Page 173: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



L -

#17 c(4 by Yztnchsquare)The wire count is 6No. 12's,2 No' 12's

for the-switch, and one No.12 for the ground : 9 total. 9 x2.25 cu.

in. - 20.25 cu. in. A 4 by ll2nchsquare has a cubic inch capacity

of 21.0. all the other boxes are too small. Text Reference Section

370-16 Table 370-r6(b)

#18 b (100) For a one-family dwelling, the service disconnecting

means shall have a rating of not less than 100 amperes, 3-wire.

Text Reference Secti on 230 -7 9(c)

#19 b ( No.a) For a one-family dwelling, the seryice disconnecting

means shall have a rating of not less than 100 amperes' 3-wire.

#20 d(l.Io. 4) A bonding jumper not smaller than No. 6 copper or

equivaient shall be connected between the communicationsgrounding electrode and power grounding electrode system at the

building or stnrcture servid where separate electrodes are used'

Text Reference Section 800-40(d)

Page 174: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t . ;

Electrician Practice Test No. 19

t A motor controller that is subject to periodic submersing in liquid sewager'

probably requires a NEfuIA TyPe - enclosure

'^ a) NEMA 4

c b) NEIUA 6

r c) NEMA 12

c d) NEMA 7

r e) Both b and d

NEMA ratings.

There are many NEMA ratings available for enclosures. Below, is an brief explanation

of each NEMA rating.

NEMA I Type 1 enclosures are intended for.indoor use primarily to provide a degree of

protection against contact with the enclosedLquipment oi locations where unusual service conditions do not exist'

NEMA 2Type2 enclosues are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree of

protection against limited asrounts of fallingwater and dirt.

NEMA 3 Type 3 enclosures are intended for outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of

protection against windblown dust, rain' andileet; and to be undamaged by the fonnation of ice on the enclosure.

NEMA 3R Type 3R enclosures are intended for outdoor use primarily to provide a degree

of protection against falling rain; and to beundau-raged by the formation of ice on the enclosure.

NEMA 4 Type 4 enclosures are intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a

degree of protection against windblown dustand rain, splashing *ul.r, and hose directed water; and to be undamaged by the formation

of ice on the enclosure.

NEMA 4X Type 4X enclosgres are intended for indoor and outdoor use primarily to

provide a degree of protection against corrosion,windblown dust and rain, splash-ing water, and hose-directed water; and to be undamaged

by the formation of ice on theenclosure.

Page 175: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

NEMA 6 Type 6 enclosures are intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a i

degree of protection against the entry of waterduring temporary submersion at a limited depth; and to be undamaged by the formationof ice on the enclosure.

NEh,fA 7 Type 7 enclosures are for indoor use in locations classified as Class I, GroupsA, B, C, or D, as defined in the NationalElectrical Code.

Tlpe 7 enclosures shall be capable of withstanding the pressures resulting from aninternal explosion of specified gases, andcontain such an explosion sufficiently that an explosive gas-air mixture existing in theatmosphere surrotmding the enclosure willnot be ignited. Enclosed heat generating devices shall not cause extemal surfaces toreach temperatures capable of ignitingexplosive gas-air mixtures in the sr.urounding atuosphere. Enclosures shall meetexplosion, hydro-static, and temperaturedesign tests.


Type 9 enclosures are intended for indoor use in locations classified as Class II, GroupsE, F, or G, as defined in the NationalElectrical Code.

Type 9 enclosures shall be capable of preventing the entrance of dust. Enclosed heatgenerating devices shall not causeextemal surfaces to reach temperatures capable of igniting or discoloring dust on theenclosure or igniting dust-air mixhrres inthe surrounding atuosphere. Enclosures shall meet dust penehation and temperaturedesign tests, and aglng of gaskets (ifused).


Type 12 enclosures are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree ofprotection against dust, falling dirt, anddripping noncorrosive liquids.


Type 13 enclosures are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree ofprotection against dust, spraying of water, oil,and noncorrosive coolant.

Page 176: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

) A ground ring grounding electrode shalt encircle the building and consist ofzo

at-least 20feA oY borc cipper conduc"tor not smaller than No' and shall

be buried to a dePth of no less than

? fn general, Type tlFfeeder and branch circuit cable shall be buried to a-"

minimum depth of -ott&ide of buildings '

t .


' b )


' d )

r a )

r b )

r c )

r d )

r- a)

c b )

r c )

r d )

r- e)

4, 3 feet

2,2 feet

2,2 t12 feet

2, 18 inches

24 inches

18 inches

12 inches

6 inches

shall be installed in a racewaY

shall be in a trench with 2 inches of concrete over thetrench.

direct buried just like they are outside the building'

a a n d b

a a n d c

1 8




/ If direct buried cables are installed under buildings they shall be installed in"

which manner.

S A conduit nipple shall be permitted to be Jitled to 60 percent, of its crossJo

sectional orii y Ut tength u /ess than or equal to - htclres.

, - a )

c b )



Page 177: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

6. Underwater lightkgtirtures in swimming pools shall be protected withgroundfoult circuit intenupten if theJirtures operate d more than


7 Dbregarding any uceptions,lightingftxtures and Whttng outlets installed^

over an outdoor spa without groundfaultprotection shall be bcated not lessthan _ abwe the noximum water level LightingJirtures installcd overan indoor spa, where GFCI is instalkd, requhe a clearonce of not less than

above the maximum water level

r a )

r b )



3 0


1 5


c a )

c b )


8. Conductors that are direaly buried in earth shall be

r a )

. ^ b )

(- c)

' d )

10 feet and 5 feet

12 ft,and 7 ft.6 inches

12 feet and 12 feet

identified for such use

labeled for such use

listed for such use

installed in raceway.





O Aluntinum cable trays shall not be used as an equipment grounding"

conductorfor circuits with a groundfault protection above - amperes.








Page 178: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t n The ampacity of No.2 Type ttVtt 90 degree C. ratedflexible cord in a 30z v'

degree C. ambient when there are 3 current carrying conducton in thecable ls- amperes.

, - a )

r b )

c c )

r^ d)

1 7 .Power sources other than transformers used to protect Class I PowerLimited Circuits shall be protected by overcurrenl devices rated at not morethan -pgryent of the rated current of the source (volt-tmperesdivided by voltage rating)




' d )

t ? A dbconnect is required to be installed within of the inside walls of aL- '

ho t tub ,

5 feet

15 feet

25 feet

I ? A 120/240 volt service cable passing over an out door hot tub shall have a'- >"

vertical clearance of at least -feet above the water leveL












1 5


1 8


' b )

{ .c)







Page 179: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

I / Non dual rated Type USE conductors cannot be installed inside a building' a'

and shall be protected where they emergesfrom under ground by -,

f a) a raceway that extends up to 8 feet above gror:nd

c b) other effective means

r c) a coating of fue retardant material

t S Four current carrying )flHW insulated 500 kcmil aluntinum conductors1r'

are installed in a raceway that is in a WET locotbn The ampacily rating ofeach conductor is -amPercs.

c a ) 3 1 0

c b) 280

r- c) 248

.- d) 2oo

t 6 Given: One 25-hpr 460-Vr 3-phose, squinel-cage motor, nameplatefull-1v'

bad curyent 32 A, Design B, Semice Factor 1.15 The branch circuitconductors shall have an ampacity rating of - amPeres and themaximum time delayfuse size that can be used to protect this circuit is


r. a) 42'5 atd70

c b) 40 and 110

f c) 42'5 al.d 60

t 7 A point located 30 inches above grade and 23 feetfrom the edge of an1 ' '

indoor remote gasoline pump is classiJied as-.

r a )

c b )

' c )

c d )

Class2,D iv is ion2


Class 1, Division 1

Class l, Division 2

Page 180: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

L . . ,

t p power supply cords attached to the side of recreational vehicles no morc! l)t

than 3 feet above the ground shall be a minimum of -'

r a) 28feet

r b) 23 feet

r c) 15 feet

t O general-use switch having an ampere rating ngt lels than twice thefull'! "

load current rating of the motor sholl be permitted to sente as a

disconnecting meinsfor a stationory motor rated ot - horsepower

and 300 volts or less.

r a) 2

.. b) 1'13

r- c) 1/g

)n The rating of the receptacle and attachment plug cap used as a mobilea v'

home supply shall not be less than

r a) 50 amPeres

(- b) 10,000 volt-amperes

(* c) 100 amperes

r d) 6 a'rnPeres

Page 181: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

Electrician Practice Test No. 19


. #1 e (bothb andd)NEN4A 6 Type 6 enclosures are intended for, indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection

1 , against the entry of water. NEIvIA 7 Type 7 enclosures are for

indoor use in locations classified as Class I, Groups A, B, C, or D.

r Tert Reference Section

There are many NEMA ratings available for enclosures. Below, is aa brief explanation

t. i of each NEMA rating.


Type 1 enclosures are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection

against contact with the enclosedr e[uipment or locations where unusual service conditions do not exist.

. *MA2

Type 2 enclosures are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection

against limited amounts of fallingI ' water and dirt.


, Type 3 enclosures are intended for outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of

protection against windblown dus! rain, andt: r6.t; and to be undamaged by the fonnation of ice on the enclosure.

. MMA 3R

Type 3R enclosures are intended for outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of

r... protection against falling rain; and to beundamaged by the formation of ice on the enclosure'


Type 4 enclosrues are intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of

protection against windblown dust'and rain, ,pi*niog water, and hose directed water; and to be undamaged by the formation

of ice on the enclosure.

Page 182: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


Type 4X enclosures are intended for indoor and outdoor use primarily to provide a degreeof protection against corrosion,windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water; and to be r:ndarnagedby the formation of ice on theenclosure.


Type 6 enclosrrres rue intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree ofprotection agninst the entry of waterauring temporary submersion at a limited depth; and to be undamaged by the formationof ice on the enclosure.

NEN,fA 7

Type 7 enclosrues are for indoor use in locations classilied as Class I, Groups A, B, C, orD, as defined in the NationalElectrical Code.

Type 7 enclostues shall be capable of withstanding tbe pressures rezulting from anintemal explosion of specified gases, andcontain suCh an explosion sufficiently that an explosive gas-air mixture existing in theatmosphere surrounding the enclosure willnot be ignited. Enclosed heat generating devices shall not cause external surfaces toreach temperatures capable of ignitingexplosive gas-air mixtures in the surrounding atnosphere, Enclosures shall meetexplosion, hydro-static, and temperaturedesign tests.


Type 9 enclosures are intended for indoor use in locations classified as Class II, GroupsE, F, or G, as defined in the NationalElectrical Code.

Type 9 enclosures shall be capable of preventing the entrance of dust. Enclosed heatgenerating devices shall not causeextemal surfaces to reach temperafixes capable of igniting or discoloring dust on theencloswe or igniting dust-air mixtures inthe surrounding atnosphere. Enclosures shall meet dust penetation and temperaturedesign tests, and agmg of gaskets (ifused).

Page 183: Electrical Certification Test.PDF



Type 12 enclosures are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree ofprotection against dust, falling dirt, anddripping noncorrosive liquids.

NE}IA 13

Type 13 enclosures are intended for indoor use primarily to provide a degree ofprotection against dust, spraying of water, oil,and noncorrosive coolant.

#2 c (2,2 tl2 feet) A ground rine encircling the building orstructuro, h direct contact with the earth at a depth below theearth's surface of not less than 2y, ft (762 mm), consisting of atleast 20 ft (6.1 m) of bare copper conductor not smaller than No. 2.Text Reference Section 250-50(d)

#3 a (24 inches) The general requirement without other conditionsis 24 inches per Table 300-5 Text Reference Section 339-3(aX3),Table 300-5

#4 a (both a and b ) Underground cable installed under a buildingshall be in a raceway that is extended beyond the outside walls ofthe building Where installed under not less than 2 n. (50.8 mm) ofconcrete beneath a building or other strrcture is considered outsidea building. Text Reference Section 300-5 (c ) and section 230-3(I)

#5 b (24) Where conduit or tubing nipples having a maximumlength not to exceed 24 n. (610 mm) are installed between boxes,cabinets, and similar enclosures, the nipples shall be permitted tobe f,rlled to 60 percent of their total cross-sectional area. TextReference Section chapter 9 Table I Note 4

L .

Page 184: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#6 c (15) a ground-fault circuit intemrpter shall be installed in the

branch circuit supplying fixtures operating at more than 15 volts,

so that there is no shock hazatd during relamping. Text Reference 1

Section 680-20(aX1)

#7 b (12 ft., andT ft 6 inches) 12 feet for outside andT ft. 6 inches

for inside with GFCI. Text Reference Section 680-40, 680-6(b)'680-41 (b)

#8 a (identified for such use) Conductors used for direct burialapplications shall be of a type identified for such use. TextReferense Section 3 l0-7

#9 a(2000) Aluminum cable frays shall not be used as equipmentgounding conductors for circuits with glouqd-fault protectionaborre 2000 amperes. (600 amperes for steel) Text ReferenceSection Table 318-7(b)(2 )Note b

#10 a (152)By Table 400-5(8) This cable has an ampacity of 152Elmperes. Text Reference Section Table 400-5(8) last column

# 1 1 c (167)Power sources other than transformers shall beprotected by overculrent devices rated at not more than 167percent of the volt-ampere rating of the source divided by the ratedvoltage. Text Reference Secti on 725-21 (a)(2)

#12 a(feet) located at least 5 ft (1.52 m) from the inside walls ofthe pool, spa, or hot tub.A disconnecting means shall be providedand be accissible, located within sight from all pools' spas, and hottub equipment. Text Reference Section 680-12

#13 c (zz)From Table 680-8 Column 1. Text Reference Section680-40 and Table 680-8

Page 185: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#14 a(a racew ay that extends up to 8 feet above gound) Direct-

buried conductors and cables emerging from the ground shall be

protected by enclosures or raceways extending from the minimum

cover distance required by Section 300-5(a) below glade to a point

at least B ft (2.44 m) above finished grade. Text Reference Section

300-5(d) and 338-4(b)

#15 c (248).8 x 310: 248 anryeres. use the 75 degree column for

aluminum because of the wet location per Table 3 10- 13 for

)GIHW. Text Reference Section Table 310-13 )GIHW andfootrotes. Table 3 10- 16 and Table 3 10- 15(bX2Xa)

#16 a (42.5 and 70) 1 .25 x 34 :42.5 amperes ad.rld 225 percent x 34-76.5. the next smaller size fuse is 70 amperes. Text ReferenceSection 430-6(a), 430-22, 430-23(a), 430-52, and 430 -152

#I7 d(Class 1, Division2) Text Reference Section Table 514-2

# 1 8 b (23 feet) The cord exposed usable length, measured to thepoint of entry on the vehicle exterior, shall be a minimum of 23 ft

il .o rn) wheie the point of entrance is at the side of the vehicle.Text Reference Section 551-46(b)

#19 a(2) A general-use switch having an ampere rating not lessthan twice the FLA of the motor is permitted for up to 2hp. Text

Reference Section 430- I 09(c)( 1 )

#20 a(50 amperes) the power supply to the mobile home shall be a

feeder assembly consisting of not more than one listed 50-amperemobile home power-supply cord. Text Referelce Section 550-5(a)

Page 186: Electrical Certification Test.PDF


Electrician Practice Test No. 20

t Wtat is rhe duty cyctefor a spot welder supplied by a 60-Hz system (216'000rt

cycles per hour) making three hundred 1S-cycle welds per hour?

{- a) lPercent

' b) 2'1 Percent

'' c) 3'2 Percent

) Mtere conductors are installed in racewoys sizes No. - and larger shall-'

be stranded

r- a) 10

c b ) 8

( - c ) 6

' d) 4

? With afeeder load of 14 kW on a houseltold electric range, the naximumJo

unbalinced load sniU be considered to carry a load of : (chose the closest


I a) 41 amperes

. b) 26 amPeres

( c) 33 amPeres

,t Mtere THHN conductors are added to an existing raceway that containsao

o&er 60 degree C insulated conductors, the ampacity of the THHN

conduclors cannot exceed -

. a) The ampacities in the 60 degree column

r- b) The arnpacities in the 75 degree column

e c) The ampacities in the 90 degree column

(-' d) The ampacities in the 90 degree column with 60 percent derating.

Page 187: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

S The ampacity of a 75 degree C. rated conductor in an antbient of 75 degreesr'

c. is

c 11 0 arnPeres

f b) 90 percent of its normal arnpacity

r c; 60percent of its 75 degree ampacity

6. Wirkg to receptacles under raisedfloors in computer rooms shall be

r a) Type MI cable, Type MC cable, or Type AC cable

in rigid metal conduit, rigid nonmetallic conduit, intermed.iate metal

f conduit, electrical metallic tubing, metal wireway, strrface metal' b) raceway with metal cover, flexible metal conduit,liquidtigbt flexible

metal or nonmetallic conduit

{- c; Nonmetallic Shielded Cable (Nt!B)

r d) All of the above

c e) A and B of the above

7. Intrinsically safe circuits can be identitied using -.

r a) blue color

r b) red color

{- c) orange color

c d) any color

8. Nonincenditive circuits shall be permitted to be used in -areag

c a1 Class I, Division 2

c b; Class I, Division 1

c c; Class III

r d) All of the above

r e) onlY a and c'

Page 188: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

O What is the maximum distance allowedfor spacing supportsfor No' 10/o

copper conductors which are vertically installed in raceways,

r a) 25 feet

(- b) 5o feet

r c) 100 feet

(- O 150 feet

10. Flat conductor cable installations:

r a) Are suitable for school installations

(' b) Must be installed under carpet sqwres

(' c) Can oniy be installed on concrete floors

' d) Are limited to voltages not exceeding 150 volts'

7 , Bv the 1999 Code a restaurant may be wired using nonmetuAic sheathedt rc

"LU, when: (I) The building is NOT required to beJire rated construction.

(2) The buitiling does not uceed 3 floors and the restaurant occuPancy

Ioad is less than 100 persons. (Select the best answer')

{- a) 1 only

c b) 2 onlY

r c) Both I and2

f u, Nei thertot2

t ) Mineral insulated cable b approvedfor almost all locations and conditionsL -'

bil one of the below. Which is it?'

r a) Where embedded in concrete

a b) Exposed to gasoline

r c) where exposed to destnrctive corrosive conditions

Page 189: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

73. Type AC cable shall be constructed to include:

At least 3 conductors

An insutated equipment grounding conductor

An internal bonding sfiip of copPsr or aluminum in intimate contactwith the armor for its entire length.

t .t The puy box below is usedfor conductors larger than No, 6. What are thelac

reqiired mhimum dimensionslor X and Y7





r a )

c b )

. ^ c )

r d )

3 inch conduits

t S How many 1/2 inch diameter control cables can be installed in a 18 inch1v'

hdder type cable tray with 6 inch high sides?

X:24 inches,

X=20 inches,

X=24 inches,

X = 30 inches,

Y = 16 inches

Y = 24 inches

Y = 24 inches

Y:30 loches

r a )

c b )

r- c)' d )





2 inbh conduits

Page 190: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t - "

t ,

t A If a senice consists of 4 each 500 kcmit copper conductors per phase in aI o'

iroti "ii is 3 -phasi 4 wire 480/277 volts what size copper bonding iumper

L required on tie supply side of the semice disconnecting means?

' a) 310

r c) 300 kcmil

(- d) 350 kcmil

t 7 Dbregarding exceptions the minimum cover requirementfor a direct burialr / '

cable'wiln icircuit voltage of 7200 volts to ground is -.

{t a) 30 inches

r b) 36 inches

r' c) 42 inches

'^ d) 48 inches

78. When is groundfault protection required on a service?

/ � z T T l i l S o v o l t s s o l i d l y g r o u n d e d W y e r a t e d a t 1 0 0 0' a) amPeres or more

i* b) I2Ol208 volts Wye rated 1200 amperes or more

c c) 1201240 volts rated 1000 amperes or more

(* d) All of the above

t o How many three way andfour way switches are required to operate a lightL '"

front eight (8) locatiotts?

c a) 6 each 3 waY, and2 each 4 waY

. b) 2 each 3 waY and 6 each 4 waY

r c) 3 each 3 waY and 3 each 4 waY

(- d) None of the above - it cannot be done'

Page 191: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

20. When does the Code allow welding of Conduit'or couplings?

Where raceway risers or cable is not installed within the (lighting)c

a1 nole, a threaded fitting or nipple shalt be brazr,d or welded to the pole

opposite the handhole for the supply connection'

r b) The Code does not allow welding of conduit'

r c1 Conduit couplings can always be welded

i d1 Conduit can be welded when the AHJ allows it'

r e ) aandd

Page 192: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

L ,

Electrician Practice Test No. 20


#1 b (2.1 %)The duty cycle is 2.1 percent (300 multiplied by 15,

divided by 216,000, multiplied by 100). Text Reference Section

630-3 l (bx3)

#2b (8) Where installed in raceways, conductors of size No. 8 and

larger shall be stranded. Text Reference Section 310-3

#3 b (26 amperes) 14 KW converts to 8,000 + (2 x.05 x 8,000) :

8,800watts 8,8001240 : 36.7 irmperes. 70 percentx 3-6.7astperes:25.7 amperes. Text Reference Section220-19 and Note 1,

Section Z|O-ZZ for the grounded conductor 70 percent application

#4 a(The ampacities in the 60 degree column) In no case shall

conductors be associated together in such a way with respect to

type of cirsuit, the wiring method employed, or the number of

conductors that the limiting temperature of any conductor is


#5 a (0 amperes) The conductor is already at its maximumoperating tlmperature. If the conductor cruries any current its

temperature will exceed its rated temperature. Text ReferenceSection 310-15(c)

#6 e (both A and B) Type ffiI cable, Type MC cable, or Type AC

cable in rigid metal conduit, rigid nonmetallic conduit,intermediaie metal conduit, and electrical metallic tubing, metal

wireway, surface metal raceway with metal cover, flexible metal

conduit, liquidtight flexible metal or nonmetallic conduit Text

Reference Section 645 -5(d)

t . ,

t . .

! - ,

t _ ;

t " ;

Page 193: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

#7 a(blue color) Color coding shall be permitted to identifyintrinsically safe conductors where they are colored light blue andwhere no other conductors colored light blue are used. TextReference Section 504-80(c)

#8 e (only a and c) Nonincendive Circuit protection technique shallbe permitted for equipment in those Class I, Division2; Class I[,Division 2; andClass III locations for which it is approved.

#g c (100 feet ) By Table 300-19(a) the marcimum height withoutsupport forNo. 18 throughNo.S is 100 feet. TextReferenceSection 300-19(a) and Table 300-19(a)

# 10 b (must be installed under carpet squares) Floor-mounted TypeFCC cable, cable connectors, and insulating ends shall be coveredwith carpet squares not larger than 36 in. (9I4 mm) square. Thosecarpet squares that are adhered to the floor shall be attached withrelease-type adhesives. Text Reference Section 328-10

#11 c (both I and 2) TextReference Section 336-3 and 518-1

#12 c (where exposed to destructive conosive conditions) TextReference Sestion 330-3 and 330-4

# 13 c (An intemal bonding ship of copper or aluminum in intimatecontact with the armor for its entire length.) Cables of the AC typeshall have an internal bonding strip of copper or aluminum inintimate contact with the armor for its entire length Text ReferenceSection 333-19

Page 194: Electrical Certification Test.PDF

t . ;


1 :

#I4 c(X : 24 tnches, Y : 24inches) Y: 6x 3 + 3 + 3 : 24 inches;

X is larger of(6 x 3) + 3 + 3 :Z4inches or (6 x2)+ 2 * I * I :

16 inches. answer the Box shall be 24 inches by 24 inches. Text

Reference Secti on 370-28(aX2)

t .

t _ ,


f . i


2 a(i€l| conduiia

1 l n e h c o d d s a t a

t . .


t . ,

#15 d (27s)The sum of the cable csa's of all cables shall not

exceed 50 percent cable fray csa. Tray area:6x 18: 108 sq' in';

50 percent of 108 : 54 sq. in. Area of one cable : 3.t4 x .25 x '25- .ig6ZS; No of cables - 54 1.19625 -275 cables Text Reference

Section 3 18-9(b)

#16 b (250 kcmil)4 x 500 - 2,000 kcmil; this is largerthan 1100

kcmil so 12 Il2 percent of 2,000 :250 kcmil Text ReferenceSection 250-102(c)

#17 a(30 inches) Text Reference Section 300-50 and Table 300-50

#18 a (2771450 volts solidly grounded Wye rated at 1000 amperes ormore) Ground-fault protection of equipment shall be provided forsolidiy grounded wye electrical seniices of more than 150 volts toground, but not exceeding 600 volts phase-to-phase for each servicedisconnect rated 1000 amperes or more.

#19 b (2 each 3 way and 6 each 4 way) The 3-ways go at each end

and the four ways go in between. More four ways could be added

to conhol the light from more locations.

#20 e (a and d) Text Reference Section 300-18(b) and section 410-1s(bx2)