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Transcript of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Reuse Activities at ... · PDF file IT Reuse Activities at...

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment Reuse Activities

    at Rehab Recycle (Ireland)

    Dr. Stewart Hickey

    Rehab Recycle

    Life Med International Workshop – 25/26/27 January 2017

    Life Med project - LIFE13 ENV/IT/000620

  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling

  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling

  • Just-in-Time Supply Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • IT Reuse Activities at Rehab Recycle

    Service Offerings – Rehab Tallaght 1. Information Security Management

    2. Sales of refurbished equipment to brokers

    3. Sales of refurbished equipment to end users (e.g. schools and charities)

    4. Scrap Sales

  • Tallaght Site Security

    • Secure Access Site

    • All staff Garda vetted

    • 30+ Security Cameras

    • Secure Quarantine Section

  • • Dell take back partner

    • Assets securely checked in and assessed for reuse

    • Standards

    – ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

    – PAS 141/R2

    – NIST SP 800-88

    Security and Process

  • • Data destroyed using Blancco in order to reuse the asset

    • For systems which fail to Blancco the hard disk is destroyed

    • Data destruction report is returned within 15 working days

    Security and Process

  • • Repair work is carried out

    • Systems rebuilt using Microsoft Windows 9 OS

    • Cleaned & packed

    • Stored in secure warehouse until dispatch

    Security and Process

  • • Functionality Testing

    – RAM, Graphics Cards

    • Dismantle

    – Base Units

    – Servers

    – Laptops

    – Switches

    – Routers

    Functionality Test\Dismantle

  • • Cooperative Training Programme with Rehab NLN – Enabled over 80 students with

    learning difficulties to attain their FETAC levels since 2014

    • Fun Environment for Staff! – In work initiatives (e.g. Cake

    Bake Off) – Staff nights out (upcoming

    dog night in Sept). – Holiday raffles (e.g. easter

    eggs, secret santa etc.)

    Staff/Student Nurturing & Development

  • Legal Developments in 2015 • Organisations must be approved and registered with

    Ireland’s ‘WEEE Register Society Ltd.’ before they are granted access to WEEE for the purposes of ‘preparing for re-use’

    • 2 nominated collection points for approved organisations

    • Criteria for registration

    – Facility Permit

    – Waste Collection Permit

    – PAS 141

    – Product Indemnity insurance

    – Terms & Conditions (e.g. 6 month warranty etc.)

  • Rehab Recycle approved as Ireland’s first Preparing for reuse of WEEE Organisation in June 2015

    LHA Reuse Activities at Rehab

  • Summary

    • In Ireland, the B2B domain for reuse of IT Equipment is well established whereas in the B2C domain preparing for reuse of WEEE is very much a start-up initiative

    • Regulation and standards are important success factors for reuse activities

    • Re-use in the B2C domain is an exciting business opportunity

    • High attention to detail must be given to business models

    • Working with staff with disabilities requires a unique management approach

  • Questions

    Stewart Hickey Regional Operations Manager Rehab Recycle Unit 77 Broomfield Road Tallaght. Dublin 24

    Email: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]