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  • 1. Elections Process A Presentation prepared for LHS STUDENT GOVERNMENT 2009-2010
  • 2. The 1/3 rd , 1/3 rd , 1/3 rd System
    • The system is widely used by high schools across the state
    • Also used by the MASC/MAHS for the State Board of Delegates
    • Point system
    • One third of points come from written application
    • One third of points come from interview
    • One third of points come from student vote
    • Idea is take away from popularity contest stigma
  • 3. Written Application
    • Interested students are given an application
    • Application asks basic questions such as any job application or our standing application
    • May be a good idea to hide the identity of the applicant
    • Advisor and Elections Committee score application
    • Would need a strict rubric for this
    • Score accounts for 33.3333% of the final tally
  • 4. Interview Process
    • All applicants who have completed phase one are scheduled to be interviewed
    • Interview must be very different from application as not to overlap points
    • Questions might reflect personality, work ethic and desire to be in Student Government
    • Who does interviewing is a gray area
    • Again, a strict rubric will have to be made
    • Points are tallied and account for 33.3333% of score
  • 5. Election Process
    • Students who have completed this process then are put on the ballot to be elected
    • Votes earned are converted to into points on the same scale as the other two, worth 33.333% of total score
    • Problem is that elections still receive little turnout
  • 6. Challenges
    • What questions will be asked on the application
    • What questions will be asked in the interview
    • How can both of these be scored fairly
    • Who will serve on the application scoring committee and who will conduct and grade the interview
    • How can voting turnout be increased and leveled
    • How can we lure enough applicants to create competition
    • How do we lure quality applications
  • 7. Benefits to System
    • Equality
    • Select best possible candidate
    • Gather input from student body, student government and advisor
    • Weeds out weak contests normally elected with single ballot system
    • More performance based