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Paintings of turn of the century India by Edwin Lord

Transcript of Edwin Lord Paintings

  • 1. Edwin Lord Weeks American painter Born Boston 1849-1903 Two Nautch girls

2. Old blue tiled Mosque Delhi 3. Entering the Mosque 4. Departure for the hunt 5. Indian Prince in Parade ceremony 6. Indian Prince 7. Royal elephant 8. Royalelephant on the gateway Mathura 9. Open air restaurant Lahore 10. Hindu merchants 11. The Maharaja before his Palace 12. 13. Girlin a Moorish courtyard 14. Gate of the fortress Agra India 15. The snake charmers Bombey 16. Mosque at Cordova 17. Before a mosque 18. The barje of Maharaja of Benares 19. Leavingfor the Hunt at Gwalior 20. Atahr golden Temple Amritsar 21. Womans bathing placeIndia 22. Water carriersof the Ganges 23. The silk merchants 24. The MoorishBazaar 25. The last voyage 26. The metalsmiths shop 27. Moorish girl Rabat 28. Two Arabs reading 29. The hour of prayer Agra 30. Return of Imperial court 31. Muttra 32. The arms seller 33. A Royal procession 34. Temple in Bombay 35. Createdby[email_address] Images from Internet. 36. Shared by a member of NidoKidoS Group Subscribe by email | Visit website |Join our Forum *Nidokidos is just sharing this file.all rights are reserved by the respective authors of this presentation.