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EDWARD COWIE “Cowie is the Leonardo of our time” - The Observer Artist Composer scientist public speaker

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Edward Cowie - Portfolio of lectures/recitials and workshops. His presenations are mystical in that they touch all your senses. Know as a composer, he is also an artist, scientist and public speaker. He is charismatic and dynamic. Here you can view his music, profile, art and artistic process...is aim is to evoke and engage.

Transcript of Edward Cowie: Portfilio of Lectures/Recitals & Workshops

  • EDWARD COWIECowie is the Leonardo of our time - The Observer

    ArtistComposerscientistpublic speaker




    On the world scene, Edward Cowie is one of the most remarkable of men- a person who sees no boundaries between art and science and who communicates the infinite connectivity of forms, patterns, natural things and energies with a dynamism that is nothing less than astounding and mind-opening.

    He is much sought-after as a public speaker and entertainer, taking us into new regions of thought and action and involving especially the combination of sight and hearing in a ceaseless exploration of invention and creation. He is in fact, the perfect exemplar of scientist/artist to sage!


    Edward CowieProfile (click to view)











    AlsoYOU-tube - Profile & Artists Process

    Collaborative ProjectFestival - Artistic Director

    ReviewsAn hour spent under Cowies spell is a life-

    changing experience. He is a superb public

    speaker with a very special gift for making

    complicated and wonderful things simple.

    The Melbourne Age

    Edward Cowie is a magician who conjures with

    ideas about art and science in an entirely new

    way. Like the rest of the audience, I came away

    spell-bound and transformed!

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    I doubt if there is anyone more suited and

    qualified to unzip the workings of the cosmos and

    human mind. Here is a true renaissance man

    with a gift for innovation and insight into the

    nature of the creative process and the creative

    forces of nature second to none

    Adelaide Advertiser

    Reviews taken from his recent Australian Lecture/

    Recital Tour- February/March 2013.

    BOOK YOUR EVENTUS: Karen [email protected]

    Europe: www.edward-cowie.com/




  • We booked Edward Cowie as the keynote speaker for our international conference in New Zealand. His reputation had gone before him but nothing could have prepared us for the amazing things he shared with us. Imagine 1500 people in the insurance business listening to a whole new world of ideas about sound and the human mind! He was scheduled to talk and play for an hour yet the spellbound audience was still baying for more after 3 hours!!

    Max Merriman - CEO Australian Mutual Provident (AMP)On the occasion of Cowies keynote presentation in Christchuch, New Zealand. August, 1989.

    ARE BIRDS COMPOSERS?Almost every place on earth is home to singing birds. Poets, painters, film-makers, musicians and even dancers have responded in one way or another to the life and habits of birds. But considering how noisy they are and the fantastic range of kinds of sounds they make from the ravishing tones of great songsters like mockingbirds and nightingales to the raucous rattle of cormorants and crows, is what they are doing musical?

    Renowned composer, visual artist and natural scientist, Edward Cowie thinks he knows the answer to this question and in a presentation lasting around 90 minutes, hell take you on a sound-adventure of a lifetime! Once you have heard and seen what he has to say (and play), youll never think of birds in quite the same way again.

    Nobody knows more about how and why birds sing than he does, and he has the added benefits of being able to put his unique messages across in a way that captivates and enthrals.

  • connectuniversal




    This presentation can be done with an audience of any size

    and without any expertise in the world of birds!

    Duration: 90 minutes with a 20 minute interval after 45


    Venue: Any largish space but a good piano is essential

    so ideal for Art Galleries, Museums and Concert


    Projection screen required to be run from a computer

    with a Powerpoint Presentation.

    Large White marker-board and black markers.

    CD players.

    Fee: US dollars: from $1500

    plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation as






    Internationally famous composer, painter and scientist, Edward Cowie is absolutely

    unique in the world of ideas and creative action in our time. Trained as both physicist

    and creative artist, Cowie has continued to expand his highly-charged ideas about the

    way all things connect in the Universe. He believes, in fact, that the specialised way

    we look at the arts and sciences is leading us further and further away from the truth

    about creation and the way the universe works as an inventor and experimenter of

    unlimited connectivity. He takes us deep into the mind of a fusion thinker, showing

    us in sound, image and speech just how magnificent the shape and action of the

    cosmos is and how ideas about forms, patterns, numbers, matter, time, colour, sound-

    the macro and the micro of the cosmos are manifestations of one and the same thing.

    And he should know, his music has been commissioned by august bodies such as The

    Royal Society in London, The Institute of Physics, The Humboldt Foundation in

    Germany and the department of physics at Oxford University. He has worked closely in

    collaborative partnerships with leading physicists in the world including Sir Michael

    Berry FRS and Professor Brian Foster FRS OBE.

    As if these arent credentials enough, he has also made an award-winning film for

    television on Leonardo da Vinci and written and presented major series of radio

    programmes on the art of science and the science of art as well as continuing to

    lecture; give recitals; and exhibit drawings and paintings that help to bring to us how

    vividly these tremendous connections really are.

    The last time I saw and heard

    someone as brilliant as this at

    unzipping the world or arts and

    sciences was Jacob Bronowski!

    Simply stunning!

    Paul Griffiths. The Financial Times

  • forms,

    patterns, numbers,

    matter, time,

    colour, sound


    LOGISTICSThis presentation can be designed for several types of audience, namely:

    University level science and creative arts departments, especially physics and mathematics, fine arts and music;

    A general audience with a curiosity for the world of arts, sciences and ideas and of any age from 15 years upwards;

    A school audience of children and students between the ages of 8-14 years.

    Duration normally 90 minutes with a 20 minute interval after 45 minutes.

    Venue: Depending on options above but numbers from 30 upwards in a good spacious venue with a good piano and whiteboard to hand.

    Screen for Powerpoint Presentation from a computer.

    CD playing.

    Fee in US dollars: From $1500.Non-local events to include travel and accommodation

    within reason.



    Here is a chance to see and hear a composer/visual artist/natural scientist,

    with a world reputation, take us on a journey from the birth of a sounding earth through to today! From the first formation of an atmosphere on this

    planet, a time when it became noisy for the first time, Cowie takes us on a vision-and-sound adventure through the orchestras of the earth:

    The sounds of the elements Voices in the oceans The first reptile singers Insect songs Birds as soloists and choirs Mammalian voice The human voice

    This amazing story is told with the aid of images and sound and will utterly

    transform your feelings about how and why our world is so full of noise and also why and how we respond to it in the way we do.

  • orchestra EARTH




    The presentation lasts for 90 minutes with an interval of 20

    minutes after 45 minutes.

    It is designed for audiences of all kinds and sizes with perhaps

    special interest to music clubs and organisations and/or wild-life

    clubs. Also good for children and school students from 8 years of


    Level of presentation is adapted to audience age and experience!

    Venue depending on size.

    Either a good piano or good electronic keyboard essential.

    White-board and black marker.

    Screen and computer for Powerpoint Presentation.

    CD playing.

    Fee in US Dollars: from $1500

    plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation as appropriate



    Edward Cowie has given interactive workshop presentations throughout the world for more than 4 decades.

    These workshops are transforming and life-changing experiences. Edward is a consummate communicator, with a special gift for animating and drawing-out the creative impulses in all of us. He believes (knows actually), that all humans are deeply creative and that our senses cry-out for deep connections with the natural world.

    Offering workshops from 1 or 3 days, Edward will take you on a journey of inner discovery of things within yourselves that may have been buried or suppressed for one reason or another. Whether you are in business, commerce, at school, or university, or simply living and working in your homes and communities, Edward Cowie brings with him a unique and potent insight into the workings of human minds and senses. Book him now and as a result of time spent with your own imaginations and his, feel the change in the patterns, forms, shapes, thinkings, feelings in your inner and outer world!

    In a 3 day workshop, participants will be encouraged to make their own musical instruments.

    His co-work-shoppers have included

    professionals in the Medical profession

    (during his consultancy with The Kings Fund

    in London as part of The Senior Management

    Programme); in the Communication Industry

    (as consultant to BT in the UK); Bird Lovers

    and Scientists (during his Artist in Residency

    with The Royal Society for the Protection of

    Birds); to academics and students in

    Universities in the UK, Germany, the USA and

    Australia, and to people of all ages in the

    communities of the world from the ages of 8

    to 90!

  • Edward CowieWORKSHOP OPTION 1


    Right from the start, Edward Cowie unzips the magic of human voices within

    us. The human voice was the first musical instrument in our species and is still the most fabulously subtle and complicated sounding language in music!

    But this is not just about music. It is about giving form and expression to your voice(s) and so it is not necessary that you know anything about

    music, or that you have a good singing voice!

    No, this is an adventure with the breath and vocal chords in our bodies. We will reflect-on and use the voices of nature all around us in a quest for

    making wonderful new vocal sounds. We will walk into natural soundscapes close to where you live, and take those sounds back to the workshops and

    slowly draw-together something unique and very moving.

    You will become a choir of fabulous natural invention and in the course of one or three days, produce a world premiere of a new piece of vocal

    sound. Yes thats right, together you and Edward will rehearse, invent, discover and ultimately perform a new piece or pieces in a concert which

    well give to an audience of your friends, family, and members of your community, who will be invited to attend the final concert. We shall record

    this magnificent invention so that you may be able to take-away a CD recording of what you have achieved. But most of all, you will experience the

    giving-birth of new sounds with your voices and the deep emotional and spiritual grace and wonder of what you can make happen.




  • Field Trip

    Celebrity Concert?



    The workshops are offered on a 1 or 3 day format, the 3-day one intended to go deeper into the experience of making vocal sound and music with a longer and larger-scale performance at the end of it.

    Both formats will include field-trips to your local habitat and environment (even if its in the midst of a town

    or city!).

    No previous musical skills needed!

    The workshops are preceded by a presentation/recital with Edward Cowie on the evening before the workshops begin. Entrance is free to registered workshop members, and $30 to other members of the general public.

    Venue should be a good space with chairs that can be moved to give a clear floor-space but also re-configured

    for an audience for the final celebration-concert!

    Members should bring note-books and pencils, but sheets of A4 paper and coloured pencils will also be provided.

    Feel free to bring your cameras or tape-recorders to keep your own photographic record.

    Numbers should be between 12-30 only, the minimum viability being 12.

    Workshop fees are $100 per person per day.plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation as appropriate for Edward Cowie

  • Edward CowieWORKSHOP OPTION 2No man or woman is

    complete unless all of

    their senses work to

    the maximum



    All of us are aware of the working of our senses, but all too often we

    might think that they work independently of each other. The truth is that they are all connected and, working together, help us to form a complete

    picture of what is happening all around and within us.

    In the course of 1 or 3 days, the workshop-team is going to prepare a very special kind of event- an exhibition-dance-performance-installation-

    involving all the senses! This will take the form of a kind of ritual ceremony in which we will work together to fuse the senses into one

    beautiful and connected whole.

    Workshoppers will bring their skills and aspirations with words, images, voices, dance, cooking(!), constructions (like sculptures we can

    make) leading to a revelation about how the senses interconnect.

    Edward is himself an inter-sensualist and has a very special gift for animating those connections in others. Bring your senses with you and

    discover how miraculously they marry with each other to make a complete you. We will invent dances, words, sounds, instruments,

    perfumes, textures, music, perhaps even song, that evokes and conjures with ALL of our senses and share those interconnections with our friends,

    family and community audience at the end of the workshop.

  • senses ALL


  • LOGISTICSProbably more suitable to a 3-day workshop though by no means

    impossible in one intensive day of working together!

    Ideal workshop numbers: minimum 12, maximum, 24.

    Venue should be spacious and with flexible seating. Ideally, there

    should be either walls on which to hang things, and/or tables on which

    to place exhibited objects.

    The workshops will be preceded by a lecture/recital given by Edward

    Cowie, the night before the workshops begin. Entrance free to

    registered workshop members.

    $30 to members of the general public.

    Workshop members will be sent a course-kit which asks for a

    certain variety of things to be brought to the workshop such as

    substances with different kinds of perfume (including perhaps things

    from the garden!), different foods for tasting including jams and

    preserves, fabrics and other materials with varieties of textures.

    Workshop fees are $100 per day per person.

    plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation as appropriate for

    Edward Cowie

  • Edward CowieWORKSHOP OPTION 3


    The four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, have dominated human thought and feelings for thousands of years. The most

    ancient art responses have incorporated responses to the elements in one form or another.

    This workshop offers members a chance to join in a special and

    unique celebration of the four elements. This will be done by means of working-towards a concert/presentation in the form

    of sound, visual responses, words, installations, perhaps even movement.

    Yes thats right, during the course of the collaboration, the team

    will strive to achieve a powerful first performance- a world premiere in fact- of responses and inventions arising from work-

    shopping ideas about the four elements.

    All you need to qualify is a curiosity for nature and the cosmos and the passion to share ideas and make new things happen!!

  • cosmos



    Venue should be spacious and with flexible seating. A stage is

    not essential but it will be necessary to arrange the space for

    both performance and audience.

    Ideal numbers from 12-30

    3 Day Workshop fees

    $300 per person

    plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation as appropriate for

    Edward Cowie

  • Cowie Talks about Rutherford's Lights

    Cowie's Rutherford's Lights - Movement 18, performed by

    Richard Casey

    Keynote speaker/lectures/recitals The Kate Springett Memorial Lecture, LondonThe Ruskin Lecture, OxfordRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds Annual Conference, YorkBritish Telecom Research, SuffolkBritish Gas Annual Dinner, LincolnMusic and the Mind Conference, Bath Spa UniversityThe Language of Water Conference, BathThe Colours of Water Conference, LondonUniversity of MarylandYale UniversityUniversity of Florida in GainesvilleDuke UniversityThe Hunter Gallery, ChattanoogaDresdener Bank, Kassel, GermanyInternational Conference on New Simplicity in Music, Berlin

  • Australian Mutual Provident Annual Conference, Auckland, New ZealandThe Gertrude Langer Memorial Lectures, AustraliaThe International Conference on Thinking, TownsvilleAnzas Conference, MelbourneAustralian College of Education, BrisbaneAustralian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, AdelaideInternational Conference of the Inner Wheel, University of SydneyNumerous events for Rotary, Probus, and regional bird-watching and music clubs in UK and Australia.

    Particle Physics Inspires Classical Composer

    Cowie introduces Earth Music Bristol (he was Founder and Artistic Director)

    Edward CowieProfile (click to view-YOU-tube)

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