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This presentation looks at the use of educational mini clips or podcasts as an instructional tool to support student learning.

Transcript of Educational Mini Clips (Podcasts)

  • 1. Examining the Use of Educational Mini-Clips in Online LearningDr. Robin Kay UOIT Oshawa, Canada

2. UOIT Started in 2003 6000+ Students Laptop based university Masters and PhDprograms online 3. And you?Instructors?Researchers?Used Web-Based Learning Tools? 4. OverviewWhat is a Mini-Clip?AdvantagesCreating Mini-ClipsPre-Calculus StudyResultsConclusions 5. What is a Mini-Clip?2-5 minute instructional video clip thatfocuses on a specific task or problemSmall, focussed, web accessible with VCRtype controls 6. Sample Mini-Clip Solving Rational Equations Complete Set is 7. Advantages for StudentsAlternative to the text-based instructionsCan view clips at their own paceCan view clips anytimeCan view clips to work aheadGood review for testsAccess to multiple methods & explanationsEquity in education 8. Advantages for InstructorsSaves time (in the long run)Can develop explanation skillsHelp tutors understand the courseCan review/learn contentCan share ideas, explanations andstrategies with colleagues 9. Creating Clips$20 Free$200Free$150Free 10. Pre-Calculus Study1st year students had weak pre-calculusknowledgePosted mini-clips 3 weeks before adiagnostic test289 engineering & science students189 males, 100 females 11. Results - Overview Frequency of Use Mini-clips visited 4681 times Average time per visit was 6 min (358 sec)Usefulness87% of students rated mini clips as useful orvery useful 12. Results - Survey Item Mean Easy to follow4.5 Helpful because I could do them on my own time4.4 Math problems were explained well 4.3 Liked using better than textbook4.2 Helped me understand math concepts better 4.2 Good tips were provided 4.1 Liked doing the student problem 3.9 13. Results Learning Performance Topic Where Mini Clips Used Change in Knowledge Operations with Functions 0.27 ** Solving Equations 0.14 * Linear Functions0.22 ** Exponents & Log Functions 0.27 ** Trigonometric Functions 0.25 ** * p < .05 ** p < .01 14. ConclusionsStudents liked using mini-clips Easy to use Control over use Helped learning Better than just text Use of mini-clips was positively correlatedwith perceived change in studentsknowledge 15. Practical ImplicationsMini-clips are a viable, useful resource tohelp student learningPotential to save timeMore closely match current studentslearning style 16. Mini-Clips Collections Pre-Calculus Clips Clips Academy 17. Future Research - Resources Future Research More data is needed Quality of Explanation Looking for PartnershipsWebsite Contact Information