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    Castlehill Primary School 2020-21

    Information for Parents/Carers


    The Education Service in Fife plays a key role in taking forward the wider aims of Fife Council. As part of the Education and Children’s Services Directorate, our vision and what we stand for is “ Improving Life Chances for All”.


    Our approach towards “Improving Life Chances forAll” is founded on the values of Compassion; Ambition; Respect and Equality as we develop the capacity of young people to become:

    Successful learners Responsible Citizens

    Confident Individuals Effective Contributors

    The four priorities of the Education Service are Educational Outcomes, Employability skills, Equity and Equality and Enhancing Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups and Individuals.

    The themes supporting the 4 priorities are shown below.

    Educational Outcomes focusing on Employability Skills focusing on

    Improving Outcomes for Learners including a focus on raising attainment in Literacy and Numeracy Developing Excellence in Learning and Teaching Building an excellent Curriculum

    Universal learning programmes to ensure all young people learn about careers and develop recognised employability skills Focussed programmes to ensure particular groups are guided towards specific careers, especially as they enter the senior phase Targeted programmes of learning to ensure we make effective provision for those most at risk of finding a negative destination when leaving school

    Equality and Equity focusing on Enhancing Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups and Individuals Most at Risk

    Breaking the cycle of disadvantage including reducing the attainment gap Early Years Supporting children, young people and families

    In our focus on Educational Outcomes, Equality and Equity and Employability we will target our work towards improved outcomes for disadvantaged groups and those individuals most at risk

    These priorities and themes and the associated actions are described in the Education Service Plan and are reflected in the work of the school.


    Information for Parents/Carers Castlehill Primary School 2020-21

  • The information contained in this booklet refers to the current school year and is accurate at the time of publication.

    We hope this information will be helpful to you and will answer many of your questions about the school. Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to call in at the school where we shall be pleased to help you.

    Dear Parent

    Thank you for showing an interest in enrolling your child as a pupil of Castlehill Primary School.

    The school was built in 1975. It is on the south west of Cupar and the school serves Cupar and the surrounding areas.

    Our current roll is 505 pupils organised into 18 mainstream classes and 2 classes for children with Additional Support Needs. We welcome pupils from a variety of nurseries and pre-school centres. The children in the Additional Support Classes attend from a wider geographical area. The majority of our learners transfer to Bell Baxter High School, Cupar.

    Our school community has a shared vision of being an inclusive, positive school which encourages achievement, attainment and high expectations creating a basis for participation in life long learning. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

    We value and seek the support of parents as partners in their child’s education and make every effort to ensure that they are fully aware of and involved in every stage of their child’s education.

    Our Parent and Pupil Councils are committed and support the school in continuous improvement to best meet the needs of all our learners. We have a parent group providing opportunities for families of pupils with additional support needs to get together. Our School Association continues to be creative in their fundraising efforts to support the children and staff.

    Castlehill has an open door policy and we strive to deal with any queries or concerns quickly to ensure best working relationships and best outcomes for our children.

    Pupils and staff enjoy and benefit from strong links with the local community.

    If you wish further information about the work of the school, please contact the school office to arrange a visit and a personal interview. We will be happy to meet with you.

    Yours sincerely

    Lisa Gilroy Headteacher


    Information for Parents/Carers Castlehill Primary School 2020-21

  • SCHOOL ETHOS We provide a safe, caring and supportive environment where all children and all staff are equal, respected and achieving.

    Castlehill Primary School will work together with all parents, carers and other people in the school community, to ensure that all of our children become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.


    We aim to be a school where everyone learns together and loves it!

    To produce pupils who are happy in their learning experiences, who are responsible,socially aware citizens whose quality of achievement matches or surpasses their expectations.

    To motivate and engage in a variety of learning and teaching experiences; to encourage curiosity, self-respect and respect for others, self-discipline and independence.

    To develop a rigorous, differentiated, broad and balanced curriculum which encourages children to become literate, numerate and articulate, while being unafraid of encountering failure when applying acquired skills and knowledge to new situations.

    To provide a stimulating and supportive environment which encourages pupils to develop personally and socially, to perceive themselves as being active partners in their own education and contributors to the wider community

    To ensure that parents and carers are regularly involved in and informed about their children’s educational progress and experiences.

    To sustain mutually supportive strategies for staff to ensure continuous professional development, job satisfaction and positive ‘team’ strategies towards the learning and teaching task.

    To ensure that pupils, staff, parents and members of the school community alike be made aware that prejudiced behaviour (age, disability, faith or religion, gender, race, sexual orientation) will not be accepted within Castlehill Primary School.


    Information for Parents/Carers Castlehill Primary School 2020-21

  • BUILDING Castlehill Primary is in North East Fife. It was built in 1975 on the south-west edge of Cupar, on Ceres Road. The school serves the town of Cupar and surrounding area.

    The school is one of the largest in Fife with a current roll of 490 pupils. Pupils are organised into 18 classes and there are 2 classes for pupils with Additional Support Needs.

    The school is designed in areas of 3 or 4 classrooms with a large central open area to offer opportunities for further learning bays. The Addditional Support Classes are located amongst their mainstream peers of a similar age and stage. There is a large gym hall with a stage. The staged area doubles for dining and performance. We also have a music room, drama room, ICT suite and a library. The computer suite is timetabled weekly to enhance ICT provision for all classes.

    The school grounds are vast. We have achieved our 4th Green Flag status as an Eco School. The school garden is developed with hedgerows, trees planted and fencing in place. We also have an Eco Garden. There are many areas for play, hard standing, grassy areas, woodland, a small play park and trim trails. We have a safe play area for some of our more vulnerable children. The school also has a football pitch at the front of the school. These areas are all used well by the children at playtimes, for Learning Opportunities and Sporting Activities.

    The school is built on a small hill, with stepped and pathed access at the front. There is full access for disabled pupils and visitors from the front of the school. Parking facilities are restricted to staff and disabled visitor use only. We have recently issued a Traffic Management Plan to all parents and this will be reviewed annually, in consultation with parents and residents.


    Rights Respecting 2 Advanced Award (Unicef) International School Award (British Council) FairTrade School Boardmaker success - a Gold Award for the Department of Additional Support and a Silver Award for the whole school We are a Health Promoting School and have achieved Phase 2 of the accreditation scheme. We are an Eco Friendly School having achieved our 4th Green Flag in May 2013.


    Information for Parents/Carers Castlehill Primary School 2020-21

  • CONTACT DETAILS Headteacher: Lisa Gilroy

    Address: Castlehill Primary School, Ceres Road, CUPAR, Fife KY15 5JT,

    Telephone No: 01334 659453



    School Roll (P1-7): 505

    Other Information

    NAMED PERSON The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 includes making a Named Person available for every child, from birth until their 18th birthday (or beyond, if they are still in school). In most cases, the Named Person will not have to do anything more than they normally do in the course of their day-to-day wo