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Home is that place where your smartphone connects to WiFi automatically

Transcript of Eduardo Fernandez - Blackberry - WebCongress Lima 2014

  • Homeis thatplace whereyour smartphone connects toWiFi automatically WEBCONGRESSLIMA edfernandez @efernandez
  • Source: KPCB internet trends 2014 report. Morgan Stanley Internet report 2009.
  • Things get smartified All of Them Smart contact lens for diabetics Blood sugar reading in tears 1/sec
  • Home is where your smartphone connects to WiFi automaticallyLIFX: KickStarter project Multi-color, app controlled light bulb
  • OMsignal: bio-sensing apparel Heart Rate, Breathing, Steps We, humans, become the interface Rise of the Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
  • Ovei immersive capsule: Xbox/PS/PC mulitmedia pod
  • Diffusion of innovations: Everett Rogers. 1962 World is here US is there Smartphone Penetration
  • Computing capacity Moores Law Computing power doubles every 18-24 months. Costs cut by a half. Bandwidth capacity Gilders & Nielsens Doubles every 2 years - wired Doubles every 2.5 years - wireless (Coopers Law) Digital storage capacity Kryders Law Doubles every 2 years. Technology Evolution Laws 2yrs 2x /
  • Truth is a tweet, photo or video clicked & sent away New definitions of success- money may not be Access to luxury vs owning luxury Rise of sharing economy & EaaS (Everything as a Service) Self-realization and self-actualization happens now also online (Win)^3: You help me, I help you, we help others Klout score in your resume from now onwards Global thinking, global objectives - collective intelligence arising (Singularity) People
  • Entrepreneur generation Reduced sense of security since terrorist attacks 2001 Destabilized economy Financial crisis since 2008 High unemployment levels Evil corporations Increasing perceived fiscal pressure self sustain or live out of the system Pervasive & cheap computing everywhere Tech-entrepreneur heroes Dorsey, Zuckenberg, Larry, Sergey All tools you need in the web: crowdfunding yourself (kickstarter, rockthepost) No loss aversion fostering self driven entrepreneurship
  • edfernandez @efernandez With warmest appreciation for their amazing work: KPCB: MaryMeeker, 2014 Internetreport VisionMobile: MobileMegatrendsreport Fjord: AnnualTrendsReport2014 JWT: 100ThingsToWatch2014 Horace Dediu Asymco REFERENCES