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Introduction to EdTech Slides

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2. What is the Role of Technology? 3. Security isEssential 4. PlatformsWe must be able toreach everythingthat connects tothe Internet.LaptopsiPhoneTablets AndroidComputers/Smart TV 5. Q: What is a QR Code?1. A new dance craze2. A new PAC3. A way to connect your physicalcampaign to mobile devices 6. QR Codes help connect yourclassroom to mobile devicesHow to Use this QR Code:1. Get Free QR Reader App.2. Point your phone at a QRCode3. Go directly to online site,*find a location, or call anumber* If you have a separate address for a mobile site, make sure you make the QR Code with the mobile address!! 7. 30 Tech Terms You Should KnowAPI AVATAR HASHTAG CREATIVECOMMONSCROWDSOURCECSS #FF GEOTAG CROWDFUND HTMLCURATION MEME METADATA PODCAST PLNQR CODE SEO SENTIMENT SOCIALINFLUENCERSMOTAG CONTENT EMOTICON URL VIRALWEB 2.0 WIDGET WIKI RETWEET EXTENSION 8. Twitter is NOTFacebook in140 Characters! 9. The Anatomy of a TweetEvery Tweet should contain three elements:Statement Link Hashtag 10. A Facebook Pagecan be created by abusiness, organization,or famous personalityFACEBOOK PAGE FACEBOOK GROUPFacebook pages are public.People like the page to follow it.They receive updates when youadd to the page.Facebook Groups aremade up of people whoare gathered around oneinterest and want todiscuss it. 11. EMAIL CAN STILL BE USEFUL--BUT IT MUST BE VISUAL ANDTO THE POINT. 12. Mail Chimp isLocated inAlpharetta, GAMail Chimp provides an easy-to-use add-in forGoogle Docs that lets you email directly fromDocs--and if you make a mistake, you canchange the doc and the email will be changed!See a Tutorial Here. 13. SOCRATIVE 14. Metta.io allows free access tobuild flipped lessons for yourclasses using video, slides,animations and images. 15. Create one-page websites, interactive syllabi, and other toolsusing Populr.me. They provide free accts for teachers!