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edited photos for music video

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  • 1. This design I madereminded me of a movieposter, which links toour song, Not Like TheMovies.The faded edges makesit look mysterious.I chose this fontbecause it looks liketree roots and overallnature themed which isalso a link to the nameImogen Fall.

2. In this photo, I airbrushedthe skin and enhanced theeyes to make them moregreen.The use of the fluffy scarfmakes the picture lookgirly and cute, appealingand relating to our younggirl audience more.I used the same font asbefore because it just hasthat nature feel. 3. I airbrushed this picturealso but didnt enhance theeyes because when i triedto, it didnt look veryrealistic.I didnt add any text to thisone in case we wanted touse this for our profilepictures on Imogen FallsFacebook and Twitterpages. 4. In this photo, Imade Imogen thefocal point andeverything elsearound her blackand white. Thismakes her standout more to ouraudience.I also used thesame font, butchanged the colourto match her Alicein Wonderlandcostume. 5. I love the colours in this photo, itmakes it look so earthy andcoppery.I also love that Imogen is sittingnext to Snow White which isanother link back to our lyrics andour overall theme of a fairy tale. 6. In this picture, I enhanced theeyes more and faded the edgesto make it look more girly.I love the inclusion on thegolden leaf necklace whichgives it a link back to ImogenFall. 7. I really like thispicture because itdoesnt focus on theartist, but more on thelyrics.It could be used onour social networkingpages to give our fansa sneak peek intowhat can be expectedfrom the music video. 8. I kept this shot really simplebecause we can then later editit by adding text .