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Ecological Footprint

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  • Ecological Footprint

  • Ecological FootprintDifference Between Wants & NeedsYour ImpactReducing Our Footprint

  • YOUR Ecological Footprint Ecological Footprints are a measure of human impact on the Earth. The footprint equals the Earths cost to sustain one person. Its measured in hectares (or global hectares gha) and represents the land area needed to provide resources and absorb waste and greenhouse gases produced by an individual.

  • Ecological Footprint & Bio-capacityBio-capacity = The Earths ability to meet human demands.

  • Ecological Footprint & Bio-capacity by Region

  • Canadas Current Footprint

  • Ecological Footprint of NationsThe map on the following slide shows various countries and regions of the world proportionate to their production and consumption of commercially traded fuels. All figures are in million metric tons of oil equivalent.

  • Ecological Fuel Footprint of Nations

  • Ecological Footprint of NationsWorld Average 2.2 hectaresBiggest Footprint United States 9.6 hectaresSmallest Footprint Bangladesh 0.5 hectaresAverage Canadian Footprint 8.6 hectares

    Canada has the 3rd highest footprint in the world!Why is Canadas average footprint so big?What can we do to reduce our footprint?

  • Patterns of Consumption

  • Calculate your footprint!

  • What you can do!