ECIM 2014 BELGRADE Post Congress Seminar: BELGRADE .Post Congress Seminar: BELGRADE (Serbia):...

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Transcript of ECIM 2014 BELGRADE Post Congress Seminar: BELGRADE .Post Congress Seminar: BELGRADE (Serbia):...


    Post Congress Seminar:

    BELGRADE (Serbia): OCTOBER 2014.


    I Block 16-19 October 2014.

    II Block 31 October-02 November 2014.

    Venue: Hotel LifeDesign Belgrade

    We are honored to announce that Professor Yoshiaki Omura (New York) begins in

    Belgrade with the BDORT course, in English and Serbian (simultaneous translation), which

    will cover all countries in Southeast Europe and countries of European Union . The course is

    accredited as a International Course 1st categories (145-A-1-1979/2014), accredited by the Health Council of Ministry of Health of Republic Serbia. 7 CME points for students and 14 CME

    points for lecturer. The course may be attended by: Medical Doctors, Doctors of Dentistry and



    Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) is a quantum medicine method, based on the resonance of

    electromagnetic waves, a phenomenon that was discovered by Mihajlo Pupin. The idea of the

    phenomenon of resonance application for diagnostic purposes and its introduction

    into clinical medical practice belonged to the inventor of this method ( ,, See film: ) :

  • Prof. Dr.Yoshiaki Omura ( who got it in 1977, while

    working on his project at Pupin Institute of Physics in Columbia University in New York.

    He published his researches related to BDORD application in the highly indexed medical

    journal: Acupunture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, The International Journal, starting

    from Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for imaging and Diagnosis of Internal Organs of a Patient No.


    Prof. Omura received many international awards for his scientific research, as One of 500

    scientists 21st century, One of 1000 scientists 20th century and in 2008 he was elected an

    Honorary member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Serbian Medical Association .

    BDORT method can be done by medical doctors, dentists and pharmacists, after an

    appropriate theoretical and practical training, gaining the title of Cert.MD-ORT.

    BDORT is a non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic method. Medical examination is done by

    two doctors. A doctor-assistant serves as a "medical device", and using one hand

    hand, electrode or laser he passes over the patient's body, and makes an O-shape fingers

    clench with the other hand. Another physician measures muscle strength of the grip, trying to

    open the clenched fingers. During the examination, muscle strength changes, depending on

    the information received from the electromagnetic field of the patient. The mechanism is

    based on the change in muscle strength, which varies due to changes in activity of the

    enzyme N-acetyl- serotonin- transferase and concentrations of the neurotransmitter serotonin

    in the pineal gland. In diagnostics, the tiles with reference substances, samples of drugs and

    supplements are used. The method sensitivity and specificity reaches 90%. After examination of the

    information received are checked with standard laboratory and clinical tests. Due to a

    possible diagnosis of certain diseases before the onset of symptoms, many doctors see this as

    a preventive method for early diagnosis and prevention of many chronic diseases such

    as endocrine, neurological, gynecological, malignant, and other ones.

    BDORT is a method that combines knowledge from the scientific and complementary

    branches of medicine. It is now the trend in the medical world, where the socalled

    integrative medicine is created, which should not only be a simple combination, but a

    new quality of diagnosis and treatment.

    BDORT is applied in:

    -early diagnosis of chronic diseases;

    -discovering the cause of the disease;

    -determination of the optimal individual dose of test drug interactions and treatment;

    -detection of allergies and intolerances (inhalation, nutritional and contact allergens);

    -detection and localization of pathological changes in the body, particularly infections, the

    type and activity (viruses, bacteria, etc.), which is difficult to diagnose with standard tests,

    especially in inaccessible parts of the body (central nervous system, etc.);

    - Detection and localization of toxins in the body (Autism, Alzheimer, MS, malignancies,

    rheumatic diseases, endocrine disorders, infertility and sterility ...);

    -Detection of toxins in the environment of the patient (flat, food, clothes, makeup, hair dyes, toys .);

  • -Detection and assessment of impact of various species on health , especially non ionizing

    radiation in a radiation environment in the home, workplace ... (radiation from

    cell phones, computers, various electronic devices, radiation from base stations and

    other radio wave transmitters, power stations, geo-pathogenic radiation, detection of the

    presence of static electricity, etc.);

    - Correct localization and detection of acupuncture points and acupuncture channels;

    -Detection of reflex zones of organs through which it is possible to determine a

    diagnosis and treatment, etc.



    Omura, Y., Chen, Y., Duvvi, H. Anatomical Relationship Between Traditional Acupuncture

    Point ST 36 and Omuras ST 36(True ST 36) With Their Therapeutic Effects: 1) Inhibition of

    Cancer Cell Division by Markedly Lowering Cancer Cell Telomere While Increasing Normal

    Telomere, 2) Improving Circulatory Disturbances with Reduction of Abnormal Increase in

    High Triglyceride, L-Homocysstein, CRP, or Cardiac Troponin I & T in Blood By the

    Stimulation of Omuras ST 36 ---- Part 1 Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research,

    The International Journal. Vol. 32, pp. 31-70, 2007.

    Omura, Y. Rapid Screening & Diagnosis of Various Cancers From Human Voice Using Bi-

    Digital O-Ring Test Resonance Phenomenon between 2 Identical Substances i.e. between

    Microscopic Slide of Specific Cancer Tissue & Cancer Information in the Sound of Human

    Voice, and Detection of Myocardial Damage & Infection from Human Voice. Acupuncture

    and Electro-Therapeutics Research, The International Journal. Vol. 32(3/4), pp 235-270,


    Omura, Y; Lu, DP; Jones, M; OYoung B; Duvvi, H; Paluch, K; Shimotsuura, Y; Ohki, M.

    New Clinical Findings on the Longevity Gene in Disease, Health, & Longevity: Sirtuin 1

    Often Decreases with Advanced Age & Serious Diseases in Most Parts of the Human Body,

    While Relatively High & Constant Sirtuin 1 Regardless of Age was First Found in the

    Hippocampus of Supercentenarians. Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, The

    International Journal. Vol. 36(3/4), 23 p, 2011.

    Omura, Y; OYoung, B; Jones, M; Pallos, A; Duvvi, H; Shimotsuura, Y. Caprylic Acid in

    the Effective Treatment of Intractable Medical Problems of Frequent Urination,

    Incontinence, Chronic Upper Respiratory Infection, Root Canalled Tooth Infection, ALS, etc.,

    Caused by Asbestos & Mixed Infections of Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori, &

    Cytomegalovirus With or Without Other Microorganisms & Mercury. Acupuncture &

    Electro-Therapeutics Research, The International Journal. Vol. 36(1/2), pp. 19-64, 2011.

    Shimotsuura Y, Saito Y, Nakano M, Muteki G. Simple and quick gastric cancer screening

    method using the "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test" and its critical evaluation by standard X-ray,

    gastroscopic and pathological microscopic examination. Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics

    Research, The International Journal. Vol. 12(3/4), pp. 193-9, 1987.


    (timing, subjects and lecturers)

    BLOCK OF LECTURES I (October 16 19, 2014)

    1st day


    9.00-9.45 Opening of school Doc. Dunji,

    Prof. Omura,

    Prof. Stanii

    9.45-11.30 Basic principles of BDORT, phenomenon of resonance between 2 identical molecules


    i diskusija

    Prof. Omura

    11.45-12.30 The basic mechanisms of BDORT Predavanje Prof. Ozerkan

    12.30-13.45 Lunch

    13.45-16.00 The principles of detection and determination of the relative amounts of specific

    molecules in vivo

    Vebe Prof. Omura,

    Dr M. Jones

    16.15-17.45 Basics of acupuncture., connection with

    BDORT diagnosis



    Prof. Lj. Konstantinovic

    17.45-19.30 Application of BDORT in sports medicine. Predvanje


    Prof. Ozerkan

    2nd day

    9.00-10.30 Imaging of normal internal organs and pathological areas using two identical

    resonance tissues



    Prof. Omura

    10.45-12.15 Imaging of normal internal organs and pathological areas using two identical

    resonance tissues, detection of acupuncture

    points, True St36, determining the optimal


    Vebe Prof. Omura,

    Dr M. Jones

    12.15-13.15 Lunch

  • 13.15-14.45 Endogena magnetna polja; Fizioloki odgovor oveka na elektromagnetna zraenja



    Doc. D. krstic

    15.00-18.00 Using BDORT for detection of harmful