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  1. 1. Zumra Nawaz Cheema
  2. 2. As a national security concern for three West African Countries
  3. 3. Ebola virus disease, formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. (1976) Its name derived from Ebola river which is situated in the village of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a virus which causes severe illness and fatalities among human and non human primates.
  4. 4. Every few years a new epidemic hits the globe. The latest one is Ebola Virus Disease. It infected approximately more than 8,ooo people and death causalities are more than 4,000 people.
  5. 5. Like all filo viruses, ebolavirions are filamentous particles that may appear in the shape of a shepherds crook or in the shape of a U or a 6. The virus family includes five species; Zaire, Bundibugio, Sudan, Reston, and Tai Forest. The latest Ebola virus belongs to Zaire species in 2014.
  6. 6. Muscles aches Weakness Sore throat Headache Followed by vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, and internal bleeding. Abdominal pain.
  7. 7. There is as yet no proven treatment available for EVD. However, a range of potential treatments including blood products, immune therapies and drug therapies are currently being evaluated. No licensed vaccines are available yet, but 2 potential vaccines are undergoing human safety testing.
  9. 9. Ebola virus disease has different security concerns for west African countries.it threatens the Health Security. Food Security. Economic Security & it might become a severe national Security threat for these poor countries,if it remain spreading in the same manner as presently.
  10. 10. The current outbreak of Ebola virus in west Africa is the worst in recorded history. Ebola virus is the risk for the stability and security of the societies in that region. The rapid and uncontrolled spread of Ebola virus is important for national security. Fear of its spread also makes risk for the stability of neighboring nations.
  11. 11. Ebola makes difficulties for medical care organizations and workers, because health workers are afraid to go their jobs. There are lack of basic facilities in western African countries. Local people did not trust on foreign health workers. There are no basic facilities of health and food. There are no precautions taken by governments in these countries seriously.
  12. 12. Ebola virus threatens these countries economies and food supplies. Ebola virus threatens not only lives but also livelihoods of the people. Ebola virus destroys the agricultural areas of these countries due to lack of labor. Lack of adequate food could be a destabilizing factor in countries important to national security. Food and nutrition insecurity in Weakley governed countries also provide opportunities for insurgent groups.
  13. 13. According to the world bank, West African countries losses 33 billion dollars due to the rapidly spreading of Ebola. Ebola virus can destroy the economies of west African countries in coming months. Due to the fear of Ebola virus, many organizations and people stop their work in that region. Failure to reduce Ebola spread is stressing the infrastructure of countries and still to provide basic health and security studies.
  14. 14. Thank you
  15. 15. As west African countries are deprived from advance medical and health facilities, they are failing to control this epidemic and If EVD does not take as a series issue and does not properly addressed at international level then it would not remain domestic or regional security concern but it may become a serious issue for international community.so world health organizations should try to control it by joining hands with domestic people of west African countries