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Student Project: Developping a digital strategy to create awareess about the wishlist system created by eBay

Transcript of eBay France

  • 1. eBay France Digital and PR Pitch Xmas 2012

2. Funk adgency 3. Why Xmas? A key period for purchases. Increasing expenses everyyear (+1,9% between2010) Will to please people. Avoid xmas In Store rush 4. The target The "modern family".(couples without children,step parents, and otherkinds of couples) 5. The "needs" eBay.fr a value as strong asSanta Claus. Reach everyone in France Expose the purchase process eBays wishlist as the keyelement of the Campaign 6. How to reach the target?1/2 A viral video as a teasing ofthe campaign A Facebook link A contest on the websiteeBay.fr homepage 7. How to reach the target?2/2 Digital ad space purchase (banner to insert the teaser):Fashion, Hi-tech, Interior Design magazines, specialized blogs, searchproviders(google, yahoo, bing et MSN) and also Social Media such asFacebook. A PR Event:The event will regroup national and local press, and specializedmagazines journalist and bloggers 8. The "Big Idea"Santas on holidays, heleaves his job to eBay.fr 9. The contest Facebook and eBay homepage The concept: Clues on "where isSanta" will be posted on the Facebookpage. The 5 rst people nding theContestright place will have to send theiranswer through the website. Thesepeople will be offered 1,500 as awishlist to spend on eBay.fr. 10. The teasing?Santa goes on holiday, he leaves a video message on the internet:"On holiday till January 1st, for anyquerries please contact eBay!!!" 11. The script Viral:We can see Santa emailing the following address: [email protected] holiday till January 1st, for any querries contact eBay.fr 12. TimelineW6 W1 Revealing2 Teasing of themonthswinner Xmasbefore BeginningxmasW2-W5 of theClues campaign 13. The Budget... Gifts: 5 wishlist of 1,500 for each of the 5 winners Viral: 15,000 to 20,000 Digital Ad Space: 100,000 1 PR Event (National+Local press) and another for thebloggers: 19,000 Agency Fees: 10% of the total: 13,900 Total + Fees: 160,000