Eating Healthy When Eating Out Drexel University Nutrition Center

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Transcript of Eating Healthy When Eating Out Drexel University Nutrition Center

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  • Eating Healthy When Eating Out Drexel University Nutrition Center
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  • Project Sponsors School District of Philadelphia Nutrition Center, Department of Biology, Drexel University. USDA project funded through the Food Stamp Program.
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  • Eat.Right.Now Nutrition Education Program Mission: to provide nutrition education to food stamp eligible adults and children in the Philadelphia community Official Nutrition Education Program of the School District of Philadelphia Nutrition activities provided by trained nutrition educators
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  • What We Do Nutrition education in the classroom Nutrition lessons for teachers Health fairs, Science fairs Assembly programs Girls and Boys Clubs Cooking Clubs Fruit Markets Training for School Personnel Home and School meetings Parent workshops School Health Council Sports Nutrition Career Fairs
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  • Prevalence of Overweight in Youth
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  • Overweight Youth = Obese Adults National Institute for Health Care Management, Nov 2003
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  • Benefits of Healthy Eating Better School Performance Developmental growth Prevention of overweight Prevention of chronic disease
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  • Prevent Chronic Disease Choose healthy foods to prevent: High blood pressure High cholesterol Heart disease Stroke Diabetes Cancer Weight gain Healthy artery = normal blood flow Plaque deposits = less blood flow
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  • Energy Imbalance More foods available everywhere More meals out (bigger portions) More sugar-sweetened beverages Successful food advertising More TV More car travel Fewer Physical Education classes Fewer safe walking/biking routes Lower perception of safety Increased Energy (Calorie) Intake Decreased Energy Expenditure
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  • 100 extra calories per day 10 pound weight gain per year
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  • 2005 Dietary Guidelines: Make 1/2 your grains whole grains. 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. 2-3 servings of calcium- rich foods. Go lean with protein. Know your fats. My Pyramid
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  • Key Messages Make smart choices within and among the food groups through moderation Choose a variety of foods Get the most nutrients from your calories through proportionality Keep a balance between food intake and physical activity
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  • How portions have changed
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  • Calorie Difference: 257 calories 590 calories CHEESEBURGER 20 Years Ago Today 333 calories Adapted from
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  • 140 calories 3-inch diameter Calorie Difference: 210 calories 350 calories 6-inch diameter BAGEL 20 Years Ago Today Adapted from
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  • 610 Calories 6.9 ounces Calorie Difference: 400 Calories French Fries 20 Years AgoToday 210 Calories 2.4 ounces Adapted from
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  • PEPPERONI PIZZA 20 Years AgoToday 500 calories850 calories Calorie Difference: 350 calories Adapted from
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  • CHICKEN STIR FRY 20 Years Ago Today 435 calories 2 cups 865 calories 4 cups Calorie Difference: 430 calories Adapted from
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  • Calorie Difference: 165 Calories 250 Calories 20 ounces 85 Calories 6.5 ounces SODA 20 Years AgoToday Adapted from
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  • Reading Labels Check serving size and servings per container Check calories Percent Daily value (%) 5% is Low 20% is High Aim for low % for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium Aim for high % for fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C
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  • How Much Sugar is in your beverage? 27grams x 2.5 servings = 67.5 grams 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams 67.5 / 4 = 16.9 teaspoons of sugar
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  • Fast Food ??? What is the healthiest choice when it comes to fast food ? ??
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  • Pop Quiz: Which meal has the least amount of fat? #1 Quarter pound burger with cheese, large fries and diet soda #2 Crispy chicken salad with 2 ounces of creamy Caesar dressing and regular soda #3 Taco salad and bottled water 54 grams 34 grams 48 grams
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  • Fast Food Meal Before: What you might choose: Quarter pound burger w/cheese Large fries Large milkshake Totals: 1770 Grams of Fat = 68 Calories = Grams of Fat
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  • Fast Food Make-Over: After:Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Small Fries and Water Totals: Calories = Grams of Fat = 630 27 Grams of Fat
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  • Burger Joint - single burger or grilled chicken and a small order of fries or baked potato. Convenience Store - turkey and cheese hoagie and a piece of fruit. Pizza Place - 2 slices of thin pizza with a veggie topping or a side salad with breadsticks. Mexican Place - bean burrito and low fat chips and salsa. Good choices when eating out
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  • Healthful Hints: Choose vegetable topped pizza - skip fatty meat toppings Choose grilled chicken - skip fried foods Choose smaller portions - skip super size Other good choices: baked potato side salads bean burritos frozen yogurt fruit Fast Food
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  • Restaurants Take half home for another meal or share with a friend Use salsa and mustard instead of mayonnaise or oil Order water or diet beverages Skip fried foods with breading or remove breading Ask for salad dressing on the side More Healthful Hints:
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  • Beverages Lower intake of sugar Limit soda, fruit drinks, sweetened iced tea Empty calories Weight gain Tooth decay Choose water, milk, diet drinks more often
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  • Setting Healthy Goals Be specific Put it in writing Set realistic goals Develop an action plan Believe in yourself Be flexible Reward yourself
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  • Any Questions??