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Easy Weight Loss Tips For You To Follow!

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  • 2. Weight Loss Tips That Really Work! Forget the hype and the fleeting fads! Do What Works To Get Fit And Healthy
  • 3. Chicken Has 60% Less Calories Than Beef
  • 4. Fiber Is Great Fiber Keeps You Full Longer, So You Eat Less And Lose Weight!
  • 5. Vegetables High In Fiber: Artichoke Green Peas Broccoli Turnip Greens
  • 6. Nuts And Beans High In Fiber: Almonds Black Beans Lima Beans Pistachio Nuts
  • 7. Fruits High In Fiber: Raspberries Pears Apples Bananas Oranges Strawberries
  • 8. Alli Is The Only Over The Counter Medication That Is Clinically Proven To Help With Weight Loss And FDA Approved
  • 9. High Intensity Interval Training Burns 60% More Fat and Calories Than Regular Workouts
  • 10. For Fast Weight Loss Eat mini meals that consist of vegetables and lean proteins 5 to 8 times per day.
  • 11. Fad Diets Come And Go Because They Never Bring Lasting Results
  • 12. Weight Watchers Has Been Named The #1 Weight Loss Plan Many Times Since It Launched 40 Years Ago
  • 13. Sugar Is Useless And Harmful It has no nutritional value. It Causes out of control cravings. Its very fattening in any form. And its highly addictive.
  • 14. Stop Dieting Start Eating Right & Changing Bad Habits
  • 15. Lean Muscle Mass Burns Fat Throughout The Day Doing Regular Muscle Toning Exercise Really Helps With Weight Loss
  • 16. The More Active You Are The More Fit And Thin You Will Be! Exercise is anything that makes you move.
  • 17. Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training that is completed in 4 minutes. Benefits: Cardio Anaerobic Training Mental Toughness Improvement 4 Minutes of Tabata = 1 Hour Of: jogging, moderate cycling, Zumba, and 2 hours of walking
  • 18. Running Burns More Calories Than Walking And Stair Stepping
  • 19. Jillian Michaels Online Diet Program Is A Lifestyle Change Program That Leads To Lifelong Weight Management Success
  • 20. Dieting Is Temporary Learning To Eat Right And Stay Fit And Healthy Is A Life Long Commitment.
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