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  • 1.r TRAINING GUIDE 6 SUREFIRE WAYS TO GET SLIMMER Standard diets wont work for runners. Follow these rules to reach your goals BOOST THE INTENSITY 1 You burn about 100 calories for every mile you run. But as intensity increases, so does calorie burnup to 10 calories per minute per mile. Plus, after a run, you burn additional calories as your body recovers. And the harder you run, the more energy youll expend postrun. DONT JUST RUN 2 It may not be enough to get your run in each day. Be as active as you can when youre not running. Walk, bike, or try a new class like Zumba, Pilates, or Spinning. Cross-training will keep up the calorie burn without the impact of running. HAVE A WELL-BALANCED DIET 3 Cutting out carbs or fat will only leave you feeling fatigued and deprived. You need carbs for energy, fats to keep your heart healthy, and protein to build muscle. About 50 percent of daily calories should come from carbs, 25 percentA Runners Guide tocome from protein, and 25 percent from unsaturated fats. EAT REAL FOOD 4 Stick to whole foods, such as vegetables,Weight Loss fruits, nuts, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and whole-grain pasta, rice, and bread, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Processed foods often contain additives and pack on the pounds. KEEP A JOURNALEverything you need to know about fueling up smarter, 5 Studies have shown that people who writerunning stronger, and dropping pounds for goodT down what they eat lose twice the weight of those who dont. Keeping a food diary will help you see where youre overdoing it, and where to cut back.he miles you log are great for keeping you fit, healthy, and happy, and help GO SLOWyou maintain your weight. But weight loss is a different story. Because you6 A healthy weight-loss goal for runners isrun, you may think you can eat whatever you want and still drop pounds.one to two pounds a week. Trying to drop more than this can leave you feeling too fatigued forUnfortunately, thats not true. Running is only half of the equation. You have your run. Aim to cut 300 to 500 calories per day.to look hard at what and how you eat, too. Conventional dieting wisdom wontwork for runners. It will leave you hungry, tired, and...overweight. Heres how to applyCOPYRIGHT RODALE INC. 2010-2011 Photographby Hunter Freemanweight-loss strategies to work for your running life.

2. MORE INSIDE RUNNERSWORLD.COM 1 3. GUIDEA PerfectDay forWeight LossShedding pounds doesntrequire starvation. Heres adelicious 24-hour menuRUNNER35 years old, 150 poundsLIFESTYLESedentary desk jobEXERCISERuns about 20 miles per week at a nine-minute-per-mile pace; strength trains about two hoursper weekMAINTENANCE CALORIE NEEDS2,387 calories per dayGOAL CALORIE INTAKELUNCH WORKOUT DINNER2,029 calories (15 percent reduction) 30- to 40-minute interval run 4 ounces chicken breast; 1 cup cooked POSTRUN quinoa; 1 cup multicolored salad; of an 1 cup low-fat chocolate milkavocado; 1 tablespoon extra-virgin-olive-oil-BREAKFASTand-vinegar dressing2 slices whole-grain toast; 2 teaspoonsIt provides an ideal mix of quick-digesting carbs and protein to promote recovery. Plus, the The healthy fat in olive oil and avocado slowsalmond butter; 1 kiwi; 1 hard-boiled egg digestion (keeping you satisfied) and boostsA breakfast containing a balanced mix of carbs,chocolate helps satisfy occasional sweet cravings. the absorption of antioxidants in veggies. protein, and healthy fats prevents overeating during LUNCHthe day. 1 serving (2 cups) whole-wheat pasta EVENING SNACKMORNING SNACK with kidney beans and veggies; 1 medium3 cups air-popped popcorn1 cup plain low-fat yogurt; cup raspberries; 1 apple (Make the pasta for dinner the nightWhen air-popped, it makes a tasty and healthyounce sunflower seeds before and pack the leftovers for lunch.) whole-grain, low-calorie snack for the evening.Have a midmorning snack to hold off hunger whileproviding energy for your lunchtime workout. CALORIES: 1,991 CARBS: 252 G FIBER: 47 G PROTEIN: 113G FAT: 67 GGETTING THE BIG THREE The lowdown on the nutrients you need WHY YOU NEED ITHOW MUCHWHERE TO GET IT Carbohydrates The body prefers carbs asAround 50 percent Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and lentils are rich in complex the main fuel source whenof total calories carbs and fiber (both slow digestion and supply a steady stream of you run, so they should be the energy), as well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that speed cornerstone of a runners diet.recovery and protect against diseases. Fat You need this nutrient to25 percent of Nuts, seeds, and avocados are rich in heart-healthy mono- and polyun- absorb fat-soluble vitamins; total caloriessaturated fats. Olive oil contains oleic acid, and may help suppress foods high in fat also keep youyour appetite. Other healthy choices include canola, grapeseed, flaxseed, satisfied, so you eat less.and hempseed oils. Protein Protein speeds muscle repair 25 percent of Cuts of beef and pork labeled loin and skinless poultry have a healthy and recovery. High-protein total caloriesprotein-to-fat ratio. Fatty fish are rich in omega-3s. Tofu is a lean protein foods are satisfying and takesource, while low-fat dairy like milk and yogurt provide calcium. Eggs longer to digest.are loaded with vitamins A, K, and D.COPYRIGHT RODALE INC. 2010-2011 Photograph by Mitch MandelRUNNERSWORLD.COM2 4. GUIDELiftWeight to LoseWeightShed pounds faster with this strength-training plan designed just for runnershis workout will help you speed weight loss, build strength, and PUSH-UP TO JACKKNIFET improve your running. Do the routine twice a week with one restday in between. Try for three sets of each exercise with eight to 10reps. As you build stamina, reduce the rest period between exercises. Roll forward on a ball so that your arms are in a push-up position and the ball is under the tops of your shins. Then, lift your hips up and bring your knees into your chest. Bring your legs back to the starting position, then do a push-up. Keep alternating push-ups and jackknifes.Designed by Monica Vazquez, coach for Asics Fun Run in New York CitySINGLE-LEG DEADLIFTS TO SHOULDER PRESSStand on one leg, holding dumbbells by your side. Slightly bend knee withback straight; bend forward, keeping weights by your sides. Slowly stand up.Once completed, curl arms into a shoulder press. Repeat on the other leg. LUNGE WITH OVERHEAD TRICEPS EXTENSION BALL SQUATS TOBALL PULLOVERS WITH Stand in a lungeBICEPS CURL HIP RAISES position, holding one Place the stability ball in the Position yourself on a stability ball dumbbell overhead curve of your lower back, with your head and neck supported with both hands.then lean against a wall, on the ball like a pillow and your body Keeping your elbows holding dumbbells in both in a tabletop position. Your feet should shoulder-width apart, hands. With feet aboutbe under your knees, hip-width apart. bend them and lower hip-width apart, squat down Keeping your arms straight, as if the weight behind (using the support of the ballyouve just completed a chest press, your head as youand the wall behind you) andlower your arms behind you and over lunge down. Lift thesimultaneously do a bicepsyour head until your upper arms are weight up as youcurl. When you squat down, even with your ears. Slowly bring your straighten your legs. your legs should create aarms back to the starting position. Do half the set with90-degree angle. Hold for aThen, lower your hips toward the one leg in front, and moment, and then return to ground and back up. Keep alternating then switch sides.the starting position. pullovers and hip raises.COPYRIGHT RODALE INC. 2010-2011 Photographs by Steve BoyleRUNNERSWORLD.COM 3 5. GUIDEof 10 percent or more of their initialYour Burningbody weight. And that was inaddition to closely watching whatthey ate. Those who committed lesstime to sweating it out were moreQuestions Answeredlikely to be back where they started.Weight loss is not something thathappens and then youre done withit, says kinesiologist GregMcMillan, an online coach atQ: Is the calorie mcmillanrunning.com. Thats whyquick-fix programs hardly ever workburn on cardiolong-term. To stay motivated, joinmachines accurate?a running group, sign up for cookingA: Not always. If you run on alessons, or splurge on a trainer whotreadmill, sway on an elliptical, orcan refresh a stale routine.ride a stationary bike, the numberof calories you actually burn can beQ: If I eat healthy during the week,10 to 15 percent lower than whatscan I splurge on weekends? A:displayed, says Pete McCall, an Saturday and Sundayexercise physiologist with therepresent about 30 percent of theAmerican Council on Exercise. Mostweek, so too many slipups will putmachines dont take into accountyou on bad terms with the scale.percent body fat, height, sex, age, Dieters in a 2008 study droppedresting heart rate, or if someone ispounds during the week, butholding onto the handles, which stopped losing weight on weekendsreduces workload. That doesntbecause they ate too much. Its easymean you should totally ignore theto cancel out five days worth ofstats on the exercise machines. Use healthy eating with a weekend foodthe calorie readout as a barometerfest. Consistency is key, says Feliciaof your progress. If the number goesStoler, R.D., nutrition coordinatorup from one session to the next for the New York City Marathon.for the same workout, you knowConsume a similar number ofyoure working harder toward yourcan have a cumulative calorie-burn- walking, which means youll burn ancalories on Tuesday as you wouldweight-loss goals. ing effect, says McCall. A study in extra 250 calories every day.Saturday, she adds. Weigh yourself the American Journal of Clinical Friday and again on Monday. AnyQ: Am I doomed by genetics toNutrition found that healthy adults Q: Whats the best way to keep weekend weight gain is a sign youbattle my weight?who were car-happy gained up to the weight off once I lose it? went ove