Easter in OŠ Stjepan Radić

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Easter in OŠ Stjepan Radić Božjakovina
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Transcript of Easter in OŠ Stjepan Radić

Easter in O Stjepan Radi

Easter in O Stjepan RadiBojakovinaOn 23rd March the students from class 6.e from primary school Stjepan Radi participated in the practical lessons in religion class about Easter.The students previously agreed to dye eggs with onion skins, one of the traditional ways of colouring eggs. This way is justified because the students from other countries of the European Union will be able to see the results of the work .

The students brought eggs, layers of onion skins, straw, etc from home. The lessons were held in a makeshift kitchen.Students put a flower ora leaf on the top of each egg, then they wraped the eggs with nylon stockings and at the end they put a bit of thread around it ti keep it firmly in place.We placed each wrapped egg into boiling water into which we added onion shells and cooked them for about 10 minutes.Once dry, we rubbed the eggs with a small amount of cooking oil. This made the eggs shinier.

Hardworking and creative girls from class 6. e made a nice presentation. For a moment it looked as if we were in a previous century. With teamwork and mutual help our goal was easily achieved.We have shown that we await Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, with great joy and love. Also, somewhat defying the new times we want to show that the old ones will never be forgotten, and neither will be the Easter traditions of our country.