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1. EARTHQUAKE CABINET LATCHES IN HAYWARD -EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESSWith earthquakes constantly in the news lately, so too earthquake preparedness is uppermost inpeoples minds right now and something anyone in an earthquake zone should be considering is theinstallation of earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward.The big earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan within the past couple of months have pushedearthquake preparedness to the forefront big time. They have brought home the reality of whybeing prepared is so important and have made us all think again about what could happen in our ownbackyard.If you live in a seismically active zone, earthquake preparedness and earthquake cabinet latches inHayward ought to be part of your thinking.Earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward are inexpensive and easy to install and can be applied to all thecupboard and cabinet doors around your home.And now would be a really good time to start getting it done.Earthquake SafetyThe first step to earthquake safety is to identify potential hazards around the home and fix them. Whatthat means is securing things in place.Earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward will prevent cupboard doors from flying open during anearthquake and will stop the contents from falling out and smashing while all the shaking is going on.Earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward are state-of-the-art and they are available in different colors tomatch the dcor of your home.This is our 20th year in business and as the leaders in earthquake preparedness we have developed awide range of safety products, including earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward.Think about it. If the cabinets in your dining room or study were damaged and their contents werebroken beyond repair in an earthquake it would be a massive setback for you, both financially andemotionally, therefore there is tremendous value in having earthquake cabinet latches in Haywardinstalled around your home. 2. Earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward are inexpensive and are really easy to install. In fact, if youweigh up the cost of putting them in against the cost of having to replace everything if it was lost in anearthquake theyre a no-brainer.Another item you should have in your home if youre serious about earthquake preparedness is safetylightsticks. Just bend and shake them to activate them and they will stay illuminated for up to 12 hours.They are non-toxic, have a five-year shelf life and can be easily stored in a drawer. Theyre a dependablesource of light in a blackout and as the power will invariably be knocked out in an earthquake, it makessense to have some on hand.Both of these items are readily available in home improvement centers up and down the West Coast.We also have an online store where you can get earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward and safetylightsticks.No matter where you live, if youre in an earthquake zone chances are its one thats overdue for amajor earthquake - most of them are according to the experts. More information on that is availablefrom the US Geological Survey.Because earthquakes can strike anywhere at any time, earthquake cabinet latches in Hayward are thebest way to guarantee that you wont run the risk of losing all the contents of cabinets in your diningroom, kitchen and study. If you live in a seismically active zone you definitely need to have earthquakecabinet latches in Hayward and we strongly suggest that you get some today.