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  • 1. Unit 63 Food1

2. UNIT 63 Food A. Fruit 2 3. UNIT 63 Food a__________ 3 4. UNIT 63 Food fruit : apple /p.l / n [C or U] a round fruit with firm white flesh and a green, red or yellow skin to peel an apple apple pie/sauce an apple tree4 5. UNIT 63 Food o__________ 5 6. UNIT 63 Food fruit : orange / r.nd// -/ n [C or U] r a round sweet fruit which has a thick orange skin and an orange centre divided into many parts a glass of orange juice 6 7. UNIT 63 Food g__________ 7 8. UNIT 63 Food fruit : grape plural : grapes /grep/ n [C] a small round purple or pale green fruit that you can eat or make into wine black/white/red/green grapes a bunch of grapes seedless grapes grape juice 8 9. UNIT 63 Food p__________ 9 10. UNIT 63 Food fruit : pear /per//per/ n [C or U] a sweet fruit with a lot of juice and a green skin which has a round base and is slightly pointed towards the stem 10 11. UNIT 63 Food b__________ 11 12. UNIT 63 Food fruit : banana /bn .n//-nn. / n [C or U] a long curved fruit with a yellow skin and soft, sweet white flesh inside a bunch of bananas banana milkshake 12 13. UNIT 63 Food p__________ 13 14. UNIT 63 Food fruit : pineapple /panp.l / n [C or U] (the yellow flesh and juice of) a large tropical fruit with a rough orange or brown skin and pointed leaves on top tinned pineapples pineapple juice 14 15. UNIT 63 Food l__________ 15 16. UNIT 63 Food fruit : lemon /lem. n/ n [C or U]an oval fruit which has a thick yellow skin and sourjuiceFor this recipe you need the juice of two lemons.Would you like a slice of lemon in your tea?lemon juice[U] the juice of a lemon or a drink made from thisjuice16 17. UNIT 63 Food r__________ 17 18. UNIT 63 Food fruit : raspberry /r z.br.i//rz.ber n -/ [C or U] a small soft red fruit, or the bush on which it grows raspberries and ice cream raspberry jam 18 19. UNIT 63 Food p__________ 19 20. UNIT 63 Food fruit : plum /plm/ n [C or U] a small round fruit with a thin smooth red, purple or yellow skin, sweet soft flesh, and a single large hard seed plum jam a plum tree 20 21. UNIT 63 Food s__________ 21 22. UNIT 63 Food fruit : strawberry /str.br.i//str ber.i/ n [C] a small juicy red fruit which has small brown seeds on its surface, or the plant with white flowers on which this fruit grows I thought we'd have strawberries and cream for dessert. strawberry jam 22 23. UNIT 63 Food p__________ 23 24. UNIT 63 Food fruit : peach/ /pit n [C or U] a round fruit with sweet yellow flesh that has a lot of juice, a slightly furry red and yellow skin and a large seed in its centre Would you like peaches and cream for dessert? 24 25. UNIT 63 Food ch__________25 26. UNIT 63 Food fruit : cherry plural : cherries /t er.i/ n [C] a small, round, soft red or black fruit with a single hard seed in the middle, or the tree on which the fruit grows26 27. UNIT 63 Food m__________ 27 28. UNIT 63 Food fruit : melon /mel. n/ n [C or U] a large round fruit with hard yellow or green skin, sweet juicy flesh and a lot of seeds 28 29. UNIT 63 Food You normally p__________ oranges and bananas (= remove the skin) before you eat them.29 30. UNIT 63 Food You normally peel oranges and bananas (= remove the skin) before you eat them.30 31. UNIT 63 Food B. Vegetables 31 32. UNIT 63 Food p__________ 32 33. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : potato plural : potatoes /pte.t//-to/ n [C or U] a round vegetable which grows underground and has white flesh with light brown, red or pink skin, or the plant on which these grow boiled/roasted/fried potatoes mashed potato/mashed potatoes33 34. UNIT 63 Food gr__________ b__________34 35. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : green bean plural : green beans /grin/ /bin/ n[C] (UK also French bean) a type of long, green bean that you can eat 35 36. UNIT 63 Food p__________ 36 37. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : pea plural : peas /pi/ n [C] a round green seed, several of which grow in a pod, eaten as a vegetable frozen/dried peas pea soup37 38. UNIT 63 Food o__________ 38 39. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : onion /n.jn/ n [C or U] a vegetable with a strong smell and flavour, made up of several layers surrounding each other tightly in a round shape, usually brown or red on the outside and white inside I always cry when I'm chopping onions. Fry the onion and garlic for about two minutes 39 40. UNIT 63 Food g__________ 40 41. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : garlic /g.l k//g -/ n [U] r a plant of the onion family that has a strong taste and smell and is used in cooking to add flavour For this recipe you need four cloves (= single pieces) of garlic, crushed. a garlic bulb41 42. UNIT 63 Food c__________ 42 43. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : carrot /kr. t//ker n [C or U] -/ a long pointed orange root eaten as a vegetable 43 44. UNIT 63 Food m__________ 44 45. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : mushrooms /m .rum/, / -rm/ n [C] a fungus with a round top and short stem. wild/cultivated mushrooms; button (= very small) mushrooms; dried/grilled/stuffed/sliced mushrooms; cream of mushroom soup; For this recipe choose mushrooms with large caps (= top parts). 45 46. UNIT 63 Food Br. E. : a_________/Am. E. e_____ p_____46 47. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : aubergine (UK) American English : eggplant / .b.in//o.b-/ n [C] an oval purple vegetable which is white inside and which is usually eaten cooked47 48. UNIT 63 Food Br. E. : c_________/Am. E. : z_________ 48 49. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : courgette /ket//kr-/ n [C] UK American English : zucchini /zki.ni//zu n [C] (plural zucchini-/ or zucchinis) a long thin vegetable with a dark green skin. It is a type of small marrow.49 50. UNIT 63 Food r_________ p_________ 50 51. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : red pepper /pep.r//-/ n [C]a vegetable that is usually green, red or yellow, has a rounded shape and is hollow with seeds in the middle a red/green pepper Peppers are usually cooked with other vegetables or eaten raw in salads. Red peppers are ideal for roasting in the oven. 51 52. UNIT 63 Food ca__________52 53. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : cabbage /kb. d/ n [C or U]a large round vegetable with large green, white or purple leaves, which can be eaten cooked or raw a savoy cabbage /sv kb. d/ n [C] red/white cabbage (coleslaw) 53 54. UNIT 63 Food br__________54 55. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : broccoli /brk.l.i/ n [U] a vegetable with a thick green stem and a tree-like dark green top 55 56. UNIT 63 Food l__________ 56 57. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : leeks /lik/ n [C] a vegetable which looks like a white stick with long green leaves on top and which tastes and smells like an onion 57 58. UNIT 63 Food c__________ 58 59. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : celery /sel. r.i//--/ n [U] a vegetable with long thin whitish or pale green stems which can be eaten raw or cooked a stick of celery59 60. UNIT 63 Food ca__________60 61. UNIT 63 Food vegetables : cauliflower /kl.fla.r /n [C or U] (UK informal cauli) a large round white vegetable which is eaten cooked or raw61 62. UNIT 63 Food I p__________ the potatoes and ch__________ the carrots (= cut into small pieces).62 63. UNIT 63 Food I peeled the potatoes and chopped the carrots (= cut into small pieces). 63 64. UNIT 63 Food C. Salad 64 65. UNIT 63 Food A s__________ is usually a mixture of uncooked vegetables. In Britain it often contains let__________, but may also contain to__________, cu__________, and other things. We often put salad dr__________ (usually a mixture of o__________ and vi__________, or oil and le__________ juice) on salad. 65 66. UNIT 63 Food A salad is usually a mixture of uncooked vegetables. In Britain it often contains lettuce, but may also contain tomato, cucumber, and other things. We often put salad dressing (usually a mixture of oil and vinegar, or oil and lemon juice) on salad.66 67. UNIT 63 Food l__________ 67 68. UNIT 63 Food salad : lettuce /let. s/ n [C or U] a plant with large green leaves, eaten raw in salads 68 69. UNIT 63 Food l__________ 69 70. UNIT 63 Food salad : tomato plural : tomatoes /tm//-me o/ n [C or U] .t .t a round red sharp-tasting fruit with a lot of seeds which is eaten cooked or raw as a savoury food 70 71. UNIT 63 Food cu__________71 72. UNIT 63 Food salad : cucumber /kju.km.br //-b/ n [C or U] a long thin pale-green vegetable with dark green skin, usually eaten uncooked in salads72 73. UNIT 63 Food o__________ and v__________ 73 74. UNIT 63 Food salad : oil and vinegar /l/ n [C or U] a smooth thick liquid produced from plants or animals that is used in cooking olive/corn/vegetable/sunflower oil /vn..gr//-g/ n [U] a sharp-tasting liquid, made especially from sour wine, malt or cider, which is used to add flavour to or to preserve food wine vinegar Would you like oil and vinegar on your salad?74 75. UNIT 63 Food D. Meat (animals), fish and seafood 75 76. UNIT 63 Food D1. Meat 76 77. UNIT 63 Food animal : c__________ meat : b_________77 78. UNIT 63 Food Animal : a cow Meat : beef /bif/ n [U] the flesh of cattle (= cows) which is eaten The spaghetti sauce is made with UK minced/US ground beef. People in England often have roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for lunch on Sundays. He is a beef cattle farmer. 78 79. UNIT 63 Food animal : c__________ meat : v_________79 80. UNIT 63 Food Animal : a calf Meat : veal /vil/ n [U] meat from a very young cow 80 81. UNIT 63 Food card 75 animal : l__________ meat : _________ 81 82. UNIT 63 Food Animal : a lamb Meat : lamb /lm/ n [C or U] a young sheep, or the flesh of a young sheep eaten as meat lamb chops roast lamb 82 83. UNIT 63 Food animal : p__________ meat : p_________83 84. UNIT 63 Food Animal : a pig Meat : pork /pk//p rk/ n [U] meat from a pig, eaten as food a pork chop pork sausages84 85. UNIT 63 Food animal : ch__________ meat