E ball seminar

Presented By, Jomin Mathew 1225920 1 our imaginations dressed into reality Under the guidance of Ms. Deepthi Das


this seminar is all about an upcoming PC technology which is called E-ball

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Presented By,Jomin Mathew



our imaginations dressed into reality

Under the guidance of Ms. Deepthi Das

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CONTENTS • Introduction• Size of E-Ball• Elements of E-Ball• LCD&DLP projectors• Laser keyboard• If there is no wall?• Working of E-Ball • Features of E-Ball • Advantages of E-Ball • Disadvantages • Conclusion 2

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INTRODUCTION• The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest

design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made.

• It’s not going to be like a PDA, it’s going to be a PC with all conventional components namely mouse, keyboard, normal screen.


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Size of E-Ball• E-Ball is very small, it is having only 6 inch diameter sphere.• It is having 120×120mm motherboard.• Created by Apostol Tnokopvski.• Smallest PC ever made.• 160mm round sphere.


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The start of E-ball


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Features of E-Ball:• It contains wireless optical mouse and laser keyboard, and LCD

projector.• It has around 350-600GB of Hard Disk Drive.• It contains 5GB RAM.• It has two 50W speakers.• It has LAN and WLAN card and a Web cam.

• i-tech Virtual keyboard• Dual core processor• Integrated graphics and sound card• LCD projector Paper holder


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Elements of E-Ball


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Working of E-Ball:• Key board :Infrared rays & laser • Mouse: RF receiver & RF transmitter • LCD projector


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Projectors which can be used in E-ball are1. LCD projectors •DLP projectors


2. DLP projectors

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LCD projector.


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Contd…• Metal halide lamp is emitting the light.

• Series of di-chroic filters are separates light.

• 3 polysillicon panels placed in red, blue, green color's

• These primary color's are making the image.

• Metal halide lamps are output an ideal color temperature.

• LCD technology is used by many manufactures such as Epson, Hitachi, and NEC.


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Advantages of LCD• LCD is generally more light efficient than DLP.• 3LCD projectors can project bright, vivid images with a low

output lamp.• 1000 lumen LCD is more preferred than 1200 lumen DLP .• LCD trends to produce a sharper image.• More accurate color.• Sharper image• More light efficient.


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Disadvantages • More bulky as there are more internal components.• Dead Pixels.• LCD panel can fail• Screen door effect.• Contrast.• Portability.• Image degradation.


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DLP projectors.• DLP-Digital Light Processing.

• Worlds only all-digital display solution.

• DLP technology is based on semiconductors called DMD chips.

• Invented in 1987 by Texas.

• DMD chips made up of many tiny mirrors.

• Current DMD chip can produce 1024 shades of grey.

• Found in projectors manufacturers of BenQ,InFocus and Optoma.14

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Advantages• Portability.• Higher contrast.• Reduced pixilation.• Reliability.• Sealed optics this makes it better for use in dusty

environment.• Less screen door effect.


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Disadvantages• Rainbow effect.

• Light leakage.

• High cost.


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Laser keyboard (virtual keyboard)• A Virtual Keyboard is a projection keyboard that is

projected and touched on any surface

• User operates by typing on or within a wireless or optical -detectable surface or area rather than by depressing physical keys.

• Proved nightmare for users

• Way to eliminate finger cramping 19

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What Actually it is:-

• Keyboard that a user operates by typing (moving fingers) on or within a wireless or optical-detectable surface or area rather than by depressing physical keys.


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Technologies used:-• In one technology, the keyboard is projected optically on

a flat surface and, as the user touches the image of a key, the optical device detects the stroke and sends it to the computer.

• In another technology, the keyboard is projected on an area and selected keys are transmitted as wireless signals using the short-range Bluetooth technology.

• With either approach, a virtual keyboard makes it possible for the user of a very small smart phone or a wearable computer to have full keyboard capability.

• Theoretically, with either approach, the keyboard can be in space and the user can type by moving fingers through the air! 21

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Reasons to use the virtual keyboard.• When connected to your handheld computer it is more

convenient to carry around than your laptop.

• It takes up less desk space than a conventional keyboard.

• You could use it with your desktop, laptop or handheld computer.


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Advantages:-• Portability

• Accuracy

• Speed of text entry

• Lack of need for flat or large typing surface

• Ability to minimize the risk for repetitive strain injuries

• Flexibility

• Keyboard layouts can be changed by software allowing for foreign or Alternative keyboard layouts. 23

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If there is no wall?

• When we are working in an open place we can make use of a paper sheet as a screen.

• paper sheet holder is placed at the back panel of this computer.

• The holder can be opened by pressing it in the lower part


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Scenarios of use


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The software interface


The software interface of E-Ball concept pc is highly stylized with icons that can be remembered easily that support all type of windows operating system.

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Advantages of E-Ball:

• It is portable.

• E-Ball has large memory.

• Useful for making video presentations.

• These have greater speed.

• Supports user-defined keyboard layouts


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Disadvantages of E-Ball:

• Normal OS can’t work in these computers.

• Cost of E-Ball is very high.

• It is difficult to understand if any problems occur in hardware components.


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Conclusion• As years passes, the computer size is becoming smaller.

• Today’s technology is at its peak point beyond what we could ever imagine.

• New inventions and innovations are emerging on daily basis.

• Our imaginations have dressed into reality and today it has become possible to have a whole computer in our pocket all the time. This ball computer has taken the computer technology to new horizons.


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