Dynamic business training….. ensuring the theory lives!!

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  • Dynamic business training.. ensuring the theory lives!!
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  • SBC is all still in its infancy as a network but TAFE SA has been using simulated business pedagogy since 1996, operating multiple simulated businesses across the state and many years of experienced lecturers which has all contributed to a very strong national reputation.
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  • The Certificate 1 in Business program at Kadina is running very successfully as disengaged students respond to the style of methodology we deliver. These students train in Certificate I and II in Education Skills and Development embedding Certificate I in Business units. On completion the aim is to move these students in to Certificate II in Business. The C1 Division was created as another department/division of Yorke Getaways Simulated Business (SB) to facilitate and support these students. The students, or rather staff of C1, work closely with the Administration Department of Yorke Getaways Simulated Business students who sell short term holidays on Yorke Peninsula. YGSB incorporates a variety of online, text based and actual hands on experiences in training for these students who respond to the mixed mode and variety of tasks keeping them engaged and motivated. Recently the C1 Division participated in their very first video conferencing meeting (some didnt know this facility existed) linking simulated business students from across the state. It was fantastic to see the response and enthusiasm of the students who became very keen to participate more fully. As a lecturer it is extremely rewarding to see this growth of engaging students.
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  • simbuscommunity.com.au SBC is about to enhance the website with explanatory videos and more resources, however I would like the opportunity to take you on a tour of the site, especially the simulated trading platform where students learn how to: Create their simulated business profiles (web shop) Load their products/services ready for sale Sell their products/services Buy/purchase from other simulated businesses Bank online
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  • Students in simulated businesses adopt the theory they have learnt and put this in to practice either straight away or the learning is embedded, by rotating through the various departments and conducting the business required there. Each SB is set up as complex or simply as required, but commonly include: Administration Department (reception, office equipment, records management, sustainability) Sales Department (accounts receivable, marketing) Purchasing Department (accounts payable, petty cash) HR Department (WHS, payroll, personnel)
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  • Qualifications??? A variety of programs can be delivered using SB methodology. Many SBs deliver Business Administration, Retail and Tourism programs through a simulated business. Simulated Businesses would be great for running an office for programs such as automotive, carpentry, building, etc, where the elective units which are commonly Business, embed these units in to the Simulated Business. Management and Marketing programs are fabulous for adding another level of operational sophistication or depth to a Simulated Business! Diploma and higher level qualification students are great in Simulated Businesses to act as team leaders or supervisors or managers!
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  • There are currently 45 simulated businesses in SBC who trade in a variety of products/services. These include: Veterinary Services, pets Holidays Conference Services Office Furniture Perfumery Medical lines Leisure and Aquatics Tourism services Jewellery Caf and so on.many more! There are a variety of simulated business names including: Bleating Mad, Fremantle Lobsters, Refit @ Resource, The Country Club, Cuppas Coffee, Diamonds, Pearls and Bangles, Indulge @ Barossas, Reflective Records, Simply Amazing, Taffys, Time Team, Raw Health, Yorke Getaways, Country Pride, The Star Radio, Simply the Best Sports, The VET, FIF, Digi Pics, Star Events Dome, Micronesian Magic (Kiribati)..and many more. Quite imaginative arent they all created by students and their facilitators!
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  • INDUSTRY MENTORS Each simulated business is mentored by an Industry Mentor (IM) who provides a variety of opportunities including sharing business insight, sharing of business skills an knowledge ensuring current industry trends are shared. Industry Mentors include IKEA, LJ Hooker Real Estate, Regional Development Australia, The Barossa Farm (Maggie Beer), Travelscene, McDonalds, SA Museum, SA Tourism and many more. In return simulated business staff may prepare research reports or build databases and help market/promote the IM. Some partnerships are strong and interactive while others are quite docile.it really doesnt matter, it is up to each SB and IM to agree to the level of involvement, however, SBC encourages strong partnerships where time permits.
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  • Join us today .register your interest on simbuscommunity.com.au or contact us for more information.