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    Aneesa Tuki

2. On this DVD in particular the 2 main aspects of it are the title and the image of the man himself (Cat Stevens) suggesting that both these are important& therefore have the right to be the main focal point.The stern image of the artist portrays to the audience that he is serious about his music and wants to succeed.
The codes & conventions are all in place for instance the DVD logo, this helps the buyer to understand it is a DVD & not a CD.
A strong point of this DVD is that it has a lot of information about the artist, this helps to inform fans.However, too much information can be a down-side. The reality of purchasing a DVD is so that the information can be digested once viewed, it does not need to contain everything which is involved in the DVD. Also, down the spine it has the title and the artists name. So if looked at from a different angle the name and artists would be visible.
In this DVD they have complied with the codes & conventions, and have continued the colour scheme throughout the from and back of the DVD. This is a good strategy as it enables the audience to familiarise themselves with the cover
3. The DVD cover ties in with the codes and conventions and as you can see link in very well. The colour schemes, fonts and layouts compliment each other, and has a strong visual link. They have only used white, black & yellow.
On this DVD they have places the title on the top, but then have placed it again as the main focal point with a guitarist, this is very unusual as most DVDs havejust the title not 2 sets of it.
A strength of this DVD is thatit is simple , it is a musical which is why they wont need a lot of information on it.This makes it pleasant for the eye to look at. In this case simplicity is best.
The slogan is placed at the bottom and everythingis in proportion with everything else on the front.
4. However the breakdown of this DVD, I believe is the fact that they have used black & white for the back. This could be due to the fact they are portraying the past, nevertheless a DVD should continue the colour scheme & theme throughout so that the whole item ahs a sense of belonging.If a buyer was looking at it from a different angle they will not realise that it is the DVD they are after purely because of the colour mismatch.
Down the spine, the DVD logo is visible, with the title & the slogan perhaps it is difficult to read.This will make it clearer as to what it is when viewed from the side . They do keep to keep to the traditional 3 colours which are, black, white & yellow.
There isnt a lot of information concerning the front of this DVD.. On the other hand the logo for the DVD is at the right hand bottom corner, this is very important as it establishes to the purchaser it is indeed a DVD.
The first thing the purchaser will notice is the main focal pointwhich is the artist, he is placed central and takes up nearly all of the front. The image itself has been edited to look thermal and the configuration of it is very effective.The image is obviously from a performance he had done prior, it is very dramatic as it captured him in the essence of his night.
5. This DVD cover again fits previous codes and conventions by using a main image or tour images as their feature on this cover. The image used on this DVD cover have been edited to create a violet, smoke like effect. The colour may be there to represent the femininity of the group, or even female empowerment. The DVD has, three features; The bands name, main photo and DVD title. I think this is a very appealing DVD cover and would appeal ages ranges from 9-16, and also to all genders. For the reason that nowadays both genders are into the same colours and nothing is seen as only feminine. The flow of the purple smoke around the title is very effective
6. I chose this CD cover to analyse as I feel it reflects some of the techniques are quite the opposite of our own DVD cover. Mika is a solo artist that generally tends to produce music that fits into the pop genre This is the genre we have chosen for our music video and our ancillary tasks. The CD cover is vibrant, animated and inviting, mainly because of the great use of colour. It holds a random theme, Nevertheless, it seems to fit very well. The images are in cartoon this relates to the album title - life in cartoon motion. A small image of Mika is included, which is featured in the real world times perhaps suggesting and portraying to the buyer he is who they are purchasing and it is not a cartoon of his tour or life . The colours are different from the rest of the initial CD it allows it to stand out and draws the audiences attention towards it.Furthermore, Mika's name is in large bold white writing that dominates the CD, this is evident throughout all the DVDS whichhave analysed.
The bright and busy image on the DVD also reflect Mika's personally lively image that he's known for.
7. The freebie which is included in this DVD entices the consumer to purchase it as nowadays people love it when they get something in return regardless of whether they are into the music or product it is selling. The barcode is visible. The images on the back of the DVD cover are overlapped something which design wise is practical and effective because it saves space and creates meaning. Again, with the front cover the names of the artist in this case ELVIS is capitalised and in a bold black font which suggests the importance of the name of the artists over the product it is selling.
8. This DVD cover, shows an image taken form the artists featured tour. However, this DVD cover is taken up by the whole image, which is effective and the colour scheme is dark, which reflects on the title 'Good Girl Gone Bad, which is from her single. The cover goes well with the artist's name and title, as they are both a purple and white gradient. I think this DVD would appeal to a lot of people. However, from the look of the picture, the genre looks more rock/gothic than the genre it is supposed to be which is Pop. The image is very clear, and the dress code which the artist is inwould appeal to the male audience even more so because of the clothing. The title is very plain and basic yet very effective and interests me a lot.
9. I think it is original, and defies the conventions and stereotypes of it's genre. For it's genre being pop music, I think it strays off into the rock genre, think this is a mistake because people who do not listen to her music might think it is from the rock genre in return this will send out the wrong messages tot he audience..
The image she has used is very cinematic and has not been taken from a performance on stage. Which in my opinion makes it more appealing to the audience. I feel this album cover is very visually appealing, and would have a lot of people interested in it as it would stand out from the rest on the shelves.
10. The main characters are typically centred in DVD cover
With all the DVD's a unique font is visible so that people can recognise them
On the front there is usually small amount of writing. The information that is included is the title, artist and a strap line.
We would like to ensure the artists name is either centred or exaggerated through the use of font size and the font itself so that it dominates the DVD cover in order to ensure the consumers can recognise the product they are purchasing .