Duchess JavaOne 2011

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Introducing Duchess Globally Connecting Women in Java Technology JavaOne 2011
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Duchess at JavaOne 2011 Globally Connecting Women in Java Technology

Transcript of Duchess JavaOne 2011

  • 1. Introducing Duchess
    Globally Connecting Women in Java Technology
    JavaOne 2011

2. Introducing Duchess
Global network of women in Java technology
Over 400 members in 57 countries
Founded in 2007 in the Netherlands
Strong presence in the Netherlands, France, Sweden
Recent new chapters in Africa and Indonesia
Organize technical and social events
Participate in the greater Java communities (JUGs)
Organize BOF (Bird-of-a-Feature) sessions at various Java conferences all over the world:
3. Duchess Online
Duchess Global (in English)
Duchess France (in French)
Social Media
@jduchess Global
@duchessfr France
@jduchessSE Sweden
4. Our Mission
Globally connect women in Java technology
Give visibility to women in Java technology
Support women in Java technology and their careers
Develop the leadership skills of women in Java technology
Raise awareness of the advantages of gender diversity in the workplace
Enhance the understanding of gender differences and similarities, advance collaboration
Promote positive change in the image of IT by example
Participate in initiatives to increase the influx and retention of talent in technology careers
5. Duchess Chapters
Be the first to make a Duchess logo and
create a Duchess group online for your country!
6. Become Visible
7. Duchess Events
See more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jduchess
8. Get Involved
We welcome all women who work with Java technology
Including developers, architects, testers, business analysts, managers, and others
We believe that women have an essential role to play in the future of IT as it evolves in the global economy
Theme for the year: Become Visible
Participate in existing Java communities
We are looking for Duchess leaders everywhere
Join us at http://jduchess.org
[email protected]