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Drivetrain Technologies

Lower emissions

More performance

Save fuel

Feel good

Getting power to the wheels. With signicant added value.Lowering b oth f uel c onsumption a nd ex haust emissions is the central challenge when developing drive so lutions. Yet m odern d rivetrains m ust a lso meet th e h ighest e xpectations f or a c omfortable, dynamic driving experience. Because the transmission moves the engines power to the wheels, it plays a key role in the vehicles performance and ef ciency. BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems specializes in providing automobile and transmission manufacturers with c omprehensive s upport to d evelop th e d rive concepts of the future. We are not just a s upplier. We are a h igh performance partner that delivers competitive added value. With our comprehensive drivetrain expertise, we develop g enuine in novations in tra nsmission a nd drive technology innovations that give you a technological ad vantage ag ain a nd ag ain. A nd th ats not all. Through optimized collaboration, we provide solutions t o s horten th e tim e-to-market o f y our products while impr oving bo th y our pr oductivity and cost efciency solutions that secure key competitive advantages. Its n o c oincidence th at v irtually a ll m ajor au to manufacturers a nd tra nsmission s pecialists a round the w orld tr ust o ur e xpertise. F ind o ut h ow BorgWarner innovation can drive your success.

Control modules and solenoids

Friction and brake plates

Transfer cases

One way clutches

We dont build transmissions. We make them smooth,As a system supplier, BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems has a l ong track record of comprehensive expertise in an d ar ound t ransmission an d driv e t echnology. Our t echnologies h ave e nabled s ignicant p rogress in the optimization of drivetrains. Whether in passenger or c ommercial v ehicles, o ur re liable, r obust p roducts make an important contribution to reducing fuel consumption a nd l owering e missions, a s w ell a s increasing d ynamic d riving p erformance a nd pa ssenger comfort. We are leaders in: Friction Components: We are a leading global supplier of c omponents a nd syst ems f or au tomatic tra nsmissions, offering wet friction plate modules, friction plates, transmission bands, torsional vibration dampers, oneway clutches and one-way clutch systems. Dual Clutch Technology: Our DualTronic dual clutch modules a re th e w orld m arket l eaders in t erms o f both transmission applications and production volume. They employ state-of-the-art technology and are used

All-wheel drive couplings

DualTronic clutch systems

Transmissions for electric vehicles

dynamic and the leading auto manufacturers in th eir top-of-therange models. Integrated Clutch Control Systems: We supply complete e lectro-hydraulic c ontrol m odules for m odern dual clutch transmissions, traditional automatic transmissions and automated manual transmissions. Alongside these modules, our product portfolio includes low-leak, proportional, dir ect-acting, on -off and pulse -width modulated solenoid valves. Torque M anagement: For torque transfer and torque control, we offer o ur cu stomers a b road s pectrum of transfer c ases a nd ac tively c ontrolled a ll-wheel d rive couplings as well as our electronic control and systems integration c apabilities. W ith focus o n d rives of th e future, we h ave d eveloped h igh e fficiency e lectric drive tra nsmissions f or th e e xpanding h ybrid a nd electric vehicle markets.

Innovation has been driving our success for over 100 years.Ambitious engineering

Fast realization

BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems can look back proudly over its 100-year tradition as a supplier of transmission and all-wheel drive technology. Our expertise is not only re ected in the high performance and reliability of our p roducts, bu t a lso in th e id eas w ith w hich we continually push the performance envelope. BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems developed the dual clutch a nd c ontrol m odules f or th e w orlds f irst series production dual clutch transmission. We call it DualTronic, and it provides the best overall efciency from fuel t o wheel s. Wit h DualTronic te chnology, drivers e njoy a n e xhilarating r ide w ith n o p erceptible power loss during gear changes and the added benets of lower emissions and lower fuel consumption. For th e v ehicle g enerations o f t omorrow, w e a re engineering eGear Drive e lectric d rive tr ansmissions. Adaptable, high-torque, fast-to-market technology, so efcient i t h elps d rivers g et m ore m iles f rom ev ery charge. eGearDrive transmissions are accelerating the g rowth o f e lectric p owertrains f rom r oadsters t o delivery vans. For better traction and stability, our NexTrac all-wheel drive ( AWD) c oupling is a n ac tive o n-demand c lutch system for front-wheel drive vehicles. Instant all-wheel drive, improved stability and traction on every kind of surface. The system employs direct electro-mechanical actuation a nd organic f riction plates, a nd offers e lectronic controls and system integration. The worlds leading manufacturers of automatic transmissions re ly o n our excellent m aterials expertise. We supply f riction p lates c onstructed w ith in novative high-tech friction material and a special grooved design, matched to the individual requirements and properties of each application for smoother gear changes, minimal drag losses and constant friction values.



It is a g reat fe eling w hen y our s uppliers k now th eir business. It is even better when they also know your business. W e u nderstand th e c hallenges y ou m ust overcome in global competition. We also know how to support you most effectively, save time and reduce costs. We make promising technologies available as early as possible by continually investing in r esearch and

development. Like an extension of your own technical center, w e k now w hat y ou n eed o ften b efore y ou ask for it. We accelerate product development through close collaboration with our customers and cross-functional project teams for fast-to-market implementation. We incorporate design, simulation, software development, manufacturing, q uality m anagement, pu rchasing a nd

Thinking farther ahead, thinking outside the box. To drive your success in global competition.

other d isciplines f rom a v ery e arly p hase o f d evelopment. Our comprehensive approach continues through development of manufacturing processes a nd quality systems. We strive for smooth product launches that meet productivity and quality goals from the very start. Our p eople a re o ur stre ngth. H ighly q ualied, tra ined and m otivated, o ur t eams w ork in a n e nvironment where in novation a nd p erformance a re e ncouraged

and recognized: Where training, process improvement and the drive for the next big idea motivate, where inventors are inspired to create the next innovation to help drivers around the world feel good about driving.



Global collaboration, local support. Delivering uncompromising quality.BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems reputation for product innovation and quality is re cognized globally. Our transmission and torque management technologies are found in the products of almost every vehicle manufacturer in the world. We bring our global presence to you. Literally. Our resident engineers will work at y our site, b ringing o ur c onsiderable g lobal re sources a nd ta lent t o y ou w herever y ou a re, tailored to your ind ividual n eeds a nd m arkets. We u nderstand th at c lose c ollaboration results in s horter im plementation tim es a nd l ower c osts, c ritical ad vantages in t odays competitive marketplace. We also supply uncompromisingly quality. Using the latest production methods, we produce tra nsmission a nd t orque m anagement syst ems a nd c omponents th at d eliver world-class r eliability a nd dura bility. Ind ustry c ertications at ev ery B orgWarner fac ility and o ur integrated q uality m anagement systems e nsure th e h igh q uality p roducts you expect. Our reputation was and is built on it.

America BorgWarner Drivetrain Systems 3800 Automation Avenue Auburn Hills, MI 48326/USA Phone: +1 248 754 -9600 BorgWarner Transmission Systems Inc. 1350 North Greenbriar Drive, Suite B Addison, IL 60101/USA Phone: +1 630 261-9980 BorgWarner Transmission Systems Inc. 700 South 25th Avenue Bellwood, IL 60104/USA Phone: +1 708 547-2600 BorgWarner Transmission Systems Inc. 300 South Maple Street Frankfort, IL 60423/USA Phone: +1 815 469-2721 BorgWarner Powdered Metals Inc. 32059 Schoolcraft Livonia, MI 48150/USA Phone: +1 734 261-5322 BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems Inc. 11230 FM 349 Longview, TX 75603/USA Phone: +1 903 643-7991 BorgWarner Drivetrain De Mexico S.A. de C.V. Blvd. Kappa No. 1125 Parque Industrial Santa Mara Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila C.P. 25903/Mexico Phone: +52 844 866-0200 BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems Inc. 15545 Wells Highway Seneca, SC 29678/USA Phone: +1 864 985-0568 BorgWarner Emissions Systems Inc. 600 State Highway 32 East PO Box 727 Water Valley, MS 38965-0727/USA Phone: +1 662 473-3100

Europe BorgWarner Transmission Systems GmbH Hockenheimer Str. 165167 68775 Ketsch/Germany Phone: +49 (0) 6202 601-0 BorgWarner Transmission Systems GmbH Kurpfalzring 69123 Heidelberg/Germany Phone: +49(0) 6221 708-0 BorgWarner Transmission Systems Arnstadt GmbH August-Broemel-Str. 4 99310 Arnstadt/Germany Phone: +49(0) 3628 583-0 BorgWarner Transmission Systems Tulle S.A.S. ZAC de la Montane Est 1 Impasse Albert Cochery 19800 Eyrein/France Phone: +33 (555) 274 -100 BorgWarner Transmission Systems Monaco S.A.M. 17 Avenue Albert II 98000 Monaco/Monaco Phone: +377 (93) 1005-00

Asia BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems Beijing Co., Ltd.