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1. Visit OurWebsite: www.swiss-watch-retail.com 2. INDEX www.swiss-watch-retail.com 2 Index Page No Dress Watches 3 Cheap Dive Watch 6 Modern Watches 9 Business Watch 11 Trendy Watches 13 3. DRESS WATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 3 Oftentimes the wristband helps determine whether the watch is a dress watch or an every day one. Many of the dress watches have metal wristbands which can come in a variety of styles. There are link expansion bands, gem stone and link bands, mesh, braided metal bands and cuff bands. If your fashion style lends itself to a bold look you might want to consider a cuff wristband made of leather or even tiger eye. 4. Watches have become highly evolved today so that they go way beyond telling time. If you long for a simple watch that tells the time and is stylish you want to purchase a Dress Watch. Watch makers have their own style, so finding one that suits your personality should be the first thing you look for in a dress watch. There will be many materials that your dress watch can be made of as well as colors to choose from. DRESS WATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 4 5. DRESS WATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 5 It's true that if you're a guy, you don't always need to wear dress watches. Most of the time, a good sturdy sport model will do just fine. However, there are times when dress watches for men will make or break your professional look -- which is why having at least one dress watch, if not several dress watches, is essential. The Ladies Dress Watches is today one of the more eloquent, complementary and even crucial accessories for a fashionable woman dressing up for almost any occasion. But wrist watches for women took time, so to speak, to arrive at their sleek and charming designs and to accomplish a certain look as to not overwhelm a woman's wrist as well as being comfortable and functional. 6. CHEAP DIVE WATCH www.swiss-watch-retail.com 6 We are dedicated to providing quality name brand dive watches for divers with all experience levels. Specializing in quality name brand Cheap Dive Watches, she is dedicated to meeting budgetary needs of recreational and professional divers alike. An automatic dive watch is a watch that has been designed to be used for divers looking to dive safely to a deep level. The watch will have some common features, 7. CHEAP DIVE WATCH www.swiss-watch-retail.com 7 Cheap Dive Watches have been around for decades as a tool to assist scuba divers in staying safe and executing proper ascent times when decompressing. They are no longer limited to professional divers and have evolved to the status of a piece of handsome jewelry worn by many that will never set foot in the ocean. If you are looking for an attractive and quality timepiece, a cheap dive watch can be a good selection 8. CHEAP DIVE WATCH www.swiss-watch-retail.com 8 Cheap Dive Watches have been around for decades as a tool to assist scuba divers in staying safe and executing proper ascent times when decompressing. They are no longer limited to professional divers and have evolved to the status of a piece of handsome jewelry worn by many that will never set foot in the ocean. It is important to understand what the phrases "water resistant" and "diver's" watch really mean. You might be surprised by what you learn. 9. MODERNWATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 9 When you look for Modern Watches, probably you know what you are going to purchase, right? Also there are people who do it for the first time, so they will need a hand of help to find their best match. If you want to buy these watches as a gift to somebody, you will need to know what these watches have in store. The watches main function is showing time, of course, but the modern watches have become much more advanced, they have grown in functionality, design, versatility, so it may look a bit hard to choose the one among such diversity.So what to do? 10. MODERN WATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 10 A watch is one of the few items from previous centuries which has not lost it's importance. People wear watches for different purposes, one may just use for seeing the time while others may use it for impressing others. There is no doubt that, since 19th century, stylish and Modern Watches have been attracted people the most. We used to have analogue watches which were considered as an essential item of any man. But as we are technologically progressing and things are changing day by day, so is happening with the watches. Today, we have digital watches instead of the outdated analogue watches which are considered more classic now. These watches are much cheaper than the ordinary watches, not just this but they are far more reliable too. Digital watch has a small screen, on which time and date are displayed, in digital numbers unlike analogue watches which have dial to show the time. 11. BUSINESS WATCH www.swiss-watch-retail.com 11 Nowadays more and more women become business leaders. For women, a reliable Business Watch is first of all a stylish one.The perfect watch should be able to complement more than one outfit, to be reliable and simply suit the personality of the person who wears it. Women watches are usually very diverse in what concerns the bracelet. Many women prefer bracelets made out of precious materials sometimes with precious stones engraved in them. But like in the case of those for men, women watches should also come in a wide variety in what concerns additional features. Only that this time, the complications should be presented with subtlety without disregarding the whole aspect. 12. BUSINESS WATCH www.swiss-watch-retail.com 12 A Business Watch should look perfect. If the person that wears it is keen on traditions, then maybe an analogue one would be more suitable than a digital one. In what concerns the bracelet traditional watches usually have leather ones. A modern watch is definitely one that is digital and has a bracelet made from a resistant material, maybe a precious metal. Overall it has to reflect both contemporaneity and power. Most watches are used only to tell the time. But a strong businessman needs one that can be reliable and have additional functions. Being on time at a business meeting is a proof of respect. This is why knowing exactly what time it is can avoid any misunderstandings. Furthermore they have to have additional functions like telling the date, the lunar phase or they can even indicate directions. These watches are called complicated ones. They can also function as chronometers or even as phones. 13. TRENDY WATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 13 Consumers who buy Trendy Watches may also do so because they want to appear successful. The majority of people in the UK go to work and as they spend a great amount of time at work they want to look good at work. Wearing a trendy watch can certainly help them to look good. Wearing a trendy watch can also enable others at work to think they are doing well for themselves and therefore show more respect towards them. People who wear trendy watches may also wear them because they like the watch itself. There are many different types of watches on the market and choosing a watch that you like best can take a very long time. However, once a person has chosen the watch they like, it can certainly go a long way to making them feel happy and everyone wants to be able to feel happy. 14. TRENDY WATCHES www.swiss-watch-retail.com 14 Wearing a Trendy Watch has many advantages associated with it. Firstly consumers that buy trendy watches tend to buy them because it makes them feel good. Everyone wants to feel good all of the time but it is not always possible to do so. However, wearing a trendy watch can certainly go a long way to making this happen. There are tons of watches sold every day in the UK. This is because the UK market for watches is very popular. Consumers love wearing watches, as watches can look very trendy and consumers always want to look trendy. 15. www.swiss-watch-retail.com 15 Visit OurWebsite: www.swiss-watch-retail.com Follow Us