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The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Transcript of Dress for Success Memphis' News

  • Dress for Success Memphis NEWS - a year end publication of the Memphis affiliate

    Greetings from the Board Chair

    The holiday season is a time to celebrate with your loved

    ones while reflecting upon the activities of the year.

    Dress for Success Memphis began 2011 with our new

    tagline Going Places. Going Strong. This tagline

    replaced Suits to Self Sufficiency because we are

    much more than a Suit. Whether a woman is giving a suit

    as a donor or receiving a suit as a client, the Suit is a life

    jacket that opens a world of possibilities, creates

    opportunities and builds relationships that will change a life.

    The recent census report revealed that Memphis has the highest poverty rate

    among large metro areas in our nation. And more specifically, the data shows us

    that women and children are the ones most likely to live in poverty. While these

    findings are heartbreaking they remind us that theres more work to be done in

    our community.

    Dress for Success Memphis has effectively provided programming to our clients

    from our office located at 2730 Colony Park Drive but because of our newest

    partner, Walmart. We have had the opportunity to take our programs beyond

    our facility. We started the Going Places Network which helps women to develop

    skills to secure employment. Eight week sessions were held in conjunction with

    Agape Child and Family Services, Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program, the

    Memphis Public Library at the Autumn Ridge Apartments, Capleville United

    Methodist Church and the Benjamin Hooks Central Library. More than 40 clients

    participated in these sessions and have either successfully secured employment,

    enrolled in G.E.D. classes, or other educational/job training programs.

    In the words of Joi Gordon, Dress for Success Worldwide CEO, this is not the time

    to retreat because the women in our community need the services, volunteers

    and donors of Dress for Success Memphis. Our new tagline has set the tone for

    2011 and beyond. We are definitely committed to Going Places. Going


    I along with my fellow board members ask that you join us in making the

    commitment to Going Places. Going Strong. by making a tax deductible

    donation and returning it in the enclosed envelope. Your investment will ensure

    that we continue to change the lives of women and provide programs to impact

    our community.

    Best Regards,

    Miska Clay Bibbs

    Miska Clay Bibbs, Chair

    Dress for Success Memphis Board of Directors

    Become a Perfect 10

    with the New DFS Giving


    Want to be a Perfect 10? Who

    doesnt! Well, its easy to do and it

    doesnt require a fad diet, buying

    expensive makeup or a new haircut.

    To become a Perfect 10 all you have

    to do is join Dress for Success Memphis

    for our Annual Suit and Salad

    Luncheon on Thursday, February 9,

    2012 at 11:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn

    University Memphis.

    Join us for the luncheon and we will

    guarantee that you can become a

    Perfect 10 before you leave. More

    details to follow.

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Miska Clay Bibbs

    Ritche Bowden

    Hazel Burks

    Melanie Burroughs

    Keith Dobbs

    Angelique Gray

    Nika Jackson

    Veronica Jackson-Ratliff

    Brandy Johnson Ward

    Porsia Lipford

    Rholedia Morgan

    Anna Mullins

    Jennifer Sink

  • Wal-Mart: Sponsor of the Dress for

    Success Going Places Network Wal-Mart launched the Going Places Network with more

    than fifty Dress for Success affiliates. This program is

    designed to help women get back into the workforce and

    help them rebuild

    their confidence to

    receive secure

    employment. It also

    gives them skills that

    will prepare them for

    interviews and

    creating resumes.


    representatives have

    worked with DFS to present workshop content and

    introduce clients to other management officials. They are

    committed to ensuring that the participants can gain

    employment within local Wal-Mart businesses.

    Through this sponsorship, DFS worked with three cohorts. The

    first cohort had fifteen participants, ten women were

    employed, one enrolled in a literacy program, two enrolled

    in a GED program and two enrolled in junior college. During

    the second cohort, there were fifteen participants, ten

    were employed, and five graduated from the program.

    Wal-Mart worked closely with the third cohort which had

    twenty-eight participants, six women were employed,

    twenty-two participants graduated from the program.

    This partnership offered DFS the following benefits:

    sponsorship of the DFS Little Black Dress Event, redesign of

    the DFS inventory closet and strengthening of

    referral/community relationships. New partnerships include:

    Agape Child & Family Services, Benjamin Hooks Library,

    CAAPS (Cocaine, Alcohol, Addition Program, and Mobile

    Career Center etc.

    FedEx: Helping to Empower Dress for

    Success Memphis Participants for the


    During this economic downturn, many individuals have

    had to rebrand themselves for a changing workforce.

    Individuals with the same careers for more than ten or

    twenty years are learning the new wave of resume and

    interviewing techniques.

    A FedEx work group decided they wanted to share their

    expertise in resume writing, and behavioral interviewing

    strategies. They presented two workshops to the Dress for

    Success (DFS) Professional Womens Group. They trained the women on techniques to help them enhance their

    cover letters and resumes. They also provided

    interviewing tips, recommendations on creating

    professional email addresses and voice mail messages.

    Each workshop participant received a manual with

    resources that are available to them in the Memphis

    community. They also received several printed copies

    and an electronic copy of their resume on a CD that

    they can use to continue to update their document.

    To expand this program, FedEx employees are

    committed to offering eight more career transition

    workshops to benefit even more DFS participants in 2012.


  • FedEx Executives Host a COINS Event to Benefit Dress for Success Memphis In August, a COINS (Circle of Influence Networking Soiree)event was

    hosted by several FedEx Executives which benefitted Dress for Success

    Memphis (DFS). This networking opportunity gave several executives

    and employees a chance to learn more about the initiatives that the

    agency is providing women in the community.

    The diverse group of event attendees gave contributions, signed up to

    volunteer and made a commitment to donate suits to the DFS career

    clothing closet. Are you interested in throwing a C.O.I.N.S. (Circle of

    Influence Networking Soiree) for Dress for Success Memphis?

    Supporters of Dress for Success Memphis are offered the opportunity to

    host an event at a location of their choice (home, restaurant, church,

    etc). Arrangements may be made for a representative from the

    organization to attend, give information about our programs and

    services and request financial donations. These events are fun and

    exciting! It's a great way to help Dress for Success Memphis!

    For more information, contact us at (901) 363-3100 or email memphis@dressforsuccess.org.

    Support Dress for Success | Donate

    DFS MemphisWishlist There is a waiting list for business suits

    and business attire for ladies sizes 20

    and up.

    Dress for Success relies on the generosity of people like you

    who are committed helping disadvantaged women take

    charge of their lives.

    Give the gift of empowerment and make a difference for

    women around the world!

    More Donation Options

    There are many different ways that you can donate to

    Dress for Success and provide funding to support our vital

    career development programs for disadvantaged women

    around the world.

    Dress for Success would not be able to provide services to

    so many deserving women without your help. If you are

    unable to make a financial contribution, below are ways to

    find out how you, friends, and co-workers can work

    together to help a woman on her journey towards self-


    Donate Suits A woman's first step for a successful interview is

    making a strong and powerful first impression. Play a part in

    helping a woman land that job and start a new career by

    donating a suit or other business-appropriate clothing!

    Donate Product The support of corporations who contribute

    apparel, footwear, and accessories is essential for our

    clients to complete their new look and enter the workforce

    with confidence. Make a corporate donation of product

    to help our women succeed on their journey!

    Contact Us

    2730 Colony Park Drive

    Memphis, TN 38118

    Office 901.363.3100


    Find us on Facebook at Dress for Success Memphis

  • 2011 Little Black Dress Event Little Black Dress Wine Tasting Sponsored by Quality Wine and Liquors

    Dress for Success Memphis hosted the Little B