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Grooming and attire at workplace.

Transcript of Dress For Success

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  • First impressions are made by others within the firstthree minutesof meeting you
  • The better you are dressed, the more confidence you will feel and exude
  • How youre dressed sets the tone of the meeting/interaction with colleagues etc

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  • Apparent level of sophistication
  • Color of tie, shoes, dress
  • Well-groomed appearance
  • Overall attractiveness
  • Non-verbal signals
  • Apparent level of self-confidence


  • Your appearance plays a supporting role in any meeting/conference/workplace
  • Your appearance can convey strong feelings of trust to your colleagues and boss
  • Your appearance can convey a sense of self-confidence, dependability and professionalism.
  • Your appearance can determine how people you meet will react to you.


  • Dark to medium range blues
  • Navy Blue respected by all socio-economic levels
  • Gray
  • Camel/Beige
  • Pastel shades
  • Dark Brown
  • Rust


  • Neatly ironed Shirt and Trousers for men/Suits in winters or at official engagements.
  • Salwar Kameez/Saree/Trousers and shirts for women.
  • Minimal jewelry, cologne and makeup
  • Leather shoes for men; closed-toe sandals for women
  • Even if it is a Friday dressing environment, be smart
  • Be fully buttoned (some people leave one more button undone)


  • Hair clean and neat
  • Details no missing buttons, lint or tags
  • Hands clean fingernails
  • Cloth Fit clean, pressed and proper fit
  • Smell little or no cologne; no cigarette odor
  • Breath fresh, clean breath; use a breath mint, if needed, before a meeting and after official lunch/dinners.


  • Shoes never lighter than the hem of your trousers/dress.
  • Belts quality leather, which can hold the cloth in place.
  • Bags Smart Leather bags/haversacks
  • Jewelry minimal; business watch, nothing flashy


  • Dos
  • Make frequent eye contact
  • Smile
  • Take notes
  • Smile
  • Nod frequently
  • Smile
  • Keep you hands out of your pocket
  • Donts
  • Slouch
  • Cross you arms
  • Tap your feet
  • Clear your throat repeatedly
  • Bite your lips or nails


  • Dont be overdressed. See the workplace culture and dress appropriately.
  • Dress appropriately for official engagements and meetings.You convey respect to the person you are meeting.
  • Define your audience clients, senior management, colleagues etc

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