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This webinar deck provides a primer on DreamFactory's open source REST API platform, including: - Cloud installation options - Configuring an application - Connecting to a SQL database - Setting up role permissions - Performing database queries with the REST API - Making API calls to your database using DreamFactory's mobile SDKs

Transcript of DreamFactory Essentials Webinar

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dreamfactoryBen Busse

Todd Appleton

DreamFactory Essentials

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Mobilize Your Data

DreamFactory provides REST API Services to your


Build apps for phone, tablet,

desktop or device

Install Connect Develop

+ =Install

DreamFactory on cloud or server

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Native SDKs

• User Management• Roles &

Permissions• Enterprise Security• Application



PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL

Automatically provide REST


Hook up any backend system


MongoDB, CouchDBDynamoDB, Azure



S3, Cloud Files,Azure Blob, Local



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Simple Development Paradigm

Client Side REST



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Step 1 – Get DreamFactory

A few options…

1. DreamFactory Hosted Account (Free)2. Bitnami Hosted Account3. Bitnami Installers (Server, VM, or

Cloud)4. GitHub Package (Mac, Linux, Windows)

Details at https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki/Usage-Options

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Step 2 – Register Your App

A few options…

1. App code resides in your DreamFactory instance

2. App code resides on desktop or mobile device

3. App code resides on your own server

Note: App name is your API key

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Step 3 – Connect to SQL

Securely connect…

• Select vendor (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server)

• Specify database connection string• Specify database credentials

Note 1: You can also connect to NoSQL, files, and external REST APIs

Note 2: Oracle and DB2 on 2014 roadmap

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Step 4 – Set up Roles

Specify role permissions…

• Which users belong to this role• Which apps can this role access• Which data can this role access

Note: Users and roles have a REST API (e.g. self-register users from your app)

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Step 5 – Use REST API for SQL

Browse the live Swagger API docs…

• REST API for both SQL records and schema

• CRUD operations on single or multiple records

• API returns SQL data in JSON or XML format

• API supports query filters, limits, order by, related data, and more

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Step 6 – Make API Calls with SDKs

REST API is conveniently exposed with SDKs

• Follow directions in Quickstart tab• Download SDKs in the Apps tab• SDKs for: iOS, Android, Windows,

Titanium, Javascript, AngularJS

Note: SDKs are not mandatory, but should make your life easier

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Demo Time!

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Install On Any Server

Available in many cloud marketplacesSupport for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux

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Connect To Any Database

Connect to any local or remote data sourceSQL, NoSQL, and BLOB Storage

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Develop For Any Device

Client SDK for HTML5 / JavaScriptCode library for native mobile

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Learn More

Blog Postshttps://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki/Blogshttp://blog.dreamfactory.com/add-a-rest-api-to-any-sql-db-in-minutes

http://blog.dreamfactory.com/sql-and-rest-working-with-related-data http://blog.dreamfactory.com/blog/bid/316052/Demo-How-to-Make-Relationship-Queries-with-DreamFactory-s-REST-API



Developer Forumhttp://community.dreamfactory.com/

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DreamFactory Support Plans

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